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  1. Toulon is the best value out there for a premium milled putter.
  2. Feel is subjective, and the ball makes a big difference; but I like that you really know when you catch it perfect with Toulon. It is stable enough without being huge to still keep its line and distance when slightly off, but has good feedback when you miss it. I hope they don't ever change the size of the LV, although I kinda wish the Atlanta was a little bigger.
  3. Those grips aren't bad, kinda in between the PP58 and Deep etch shape wise from what I remember trying the 7S and Rossie S in the store. But yeah my favorite putter grips are iomic 75g and Lamkin Deep etch. Prefer the feel of IOmic and the shape of Deep Etch. My dream would be a collaboration between the two like they did with the iLine grips. I went on a grip journey last year and tried every size iomic, pp58 cord, SS GT tour, GP pro only red/green, GP snsr 75g and 110, both grey and red, and still the 75g Iomic and Deep Etch were still my favorite.
  4. Yeah I'm certain Odyssey had a say on those grips. The deep etch on the originals was perfect and they had to go in and f it up. The shape isn't terrible, but they feel and look god awful. How many times do you need to brand your name on a putter? That is my biggest, and really my only, knock on the toulon putters.
  5. I love the sight dot. Might have to pick one up! I put the CT Tour shaft in my backup this winter and am one the fence on which i like better. It is by far my favorite mallet head of all time. It just looks fantastic by the ball and I feel my aim with this head is always more assured vs other designs which leads me to a better stroke.
  6. Srixon is a direct competitor with the JPX line. Am excited to see their new MB whenever it comes out. I wish they would have kept those in same line though.
  7. Yeah I was excited for that iron until I saw it in person. It is too chunky. They should learn from an iron like p770. Kinda like they streamlined the MMC from 18 to 20.
  8. Forgiveness is WAY overrated. For every shot it may give you, it takes away the same; if not more. Unless you are is desperate need of distance, play what feels and looks good to you.
  9. Leonard Cohen Harry Nilsson Mary Weiss(Shangri-La's) Kurt Cobain John Prine
  10. My favorite UTX were the distressed blue and the Srixon solid red that came on the 745/945 series. All others seemed subpar. The Srixon red grips were unreal. They were .60R, when all other lamkin utx are .58R. They were like velcro and lasted forever. They would get super tacky again with a good scrubbing, even after a couple seasons. I only cut them off after 3 seasons after wanting a thicker bottom hand(Still going strong, but unsavable). The original distressed blue were close, but wore a little quicker. It seems like the grip has progressively gotten less aggressive which is unfortunate.
  11. Are the zx7 longer heel to toe than the z745? What about topline? I compared the z forged next to z745 and the have a thinner toplie and sole, but are longer, which surprised me.
  12. That's what I have with the z745/u45 and what I plan on with the zx7/zx. I like the thinner soles. Will make the zx much more playable from the turf. I always felt I needed a pretty clean lie with the u45, but it is fantastic off the tee.
  13. I try to avoid looking like a pro golfer. I prefer solid or striped polos I could wear for any occasion; void of imposing logos. Prefer cotton blend. I am not a fan of cheaper technical fabric. The newer blends are much nicer than 100% poly. Same with shorts. I have a few pair of Linksoul bamboo chino-style shorts that I wear most often. I only wear pants when it's below 60 and I usually wear chinos. Linksoul is my most owned golf brand.
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