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  1. Fitness, driver, 3w and long irons off tee, and putter for me. I have been hitting irons and wedges well this year. Spent a lot of time on my AOA. I'm a bit hesitant to hit off of mats right now.
  2. What's up with the 2021 ZX forged blade on that list? Did I miss something?
  3. The leading edge bevel in the third pic looks a little inconsistent. But I agree; welding the weights and text in and regrinding flush is quite a bit of work. The epoxy sticking out of the hosel bothers me the most, haha!
  4. The new bottom looks fantastic. Unfortunately, this ensures that getting additional weights for the old models will only be getting even more difficult. I'm assuming the variable lighter milling will improve feedback and not just be aesthetic?
  5. I think the Las Vegas is perfect at address. Easily the best version of this shape out there.
  6. The newer cotton blends are the best, IMO. They hold their shape, dry quickly and move like poly, but they actually look good. The problem I have with poly is the sheen and they way it drapes. It doesn't look good unless you are in perfect shape and even then it looks out of place in a professional environment(People never look good at work wearing them). They also hold odor after they dry. Shirts like Peter Millar Natural touch are Poly blends, but eliminate most of the issue of 100% Poly.
  7. That isn't his most flattering pic. He's got an article in GQ. https://www.gq.com/story/keith-mitchell-sid-mashburn-golf-style I like the natural fabrics as well. Poly looks terrible.
  8. What a ridiculous statement. These irons are terrible. The burner 2.0 were better. SLDR/RSI2/PSI etc left these in the dust and they all suck compared to what they have put now.
  9. The 2 yards of dispersion has more to do with the increased loft than the head itself. Hit the x7 side by side with T100s for a better loft comparison. If you were hitting stock, I think Srixon is a degree flatter. Interesting you said the Zx7 was more forgiving? I haven't seen the new t100 in person yet, but I know the zx7 is a slightly bigger head, but would assume it would be the other way around.
  10. I like hearing this as I've wanted to try the ZX for a while. I play the U45 23 over my z745 4i most of the time. It's great off the tee and a decent lie. My two gripes with it are the wide sole and height. Some of this is shaft related, as I have the NS Pro 1050 in it, but it isn't the easiest to knock down and If I go after it, it can balloon. I do like hearing the forgiveness is still high. The U45 is hot all over the face so I'm willing to give up some playability. It's the club I use when I absolutely need to hit a fairway and my swing is off.
  11. Sounds like donnygolf is about to make the world a better place.
  12. I use a 46* PW. I would never play a set stronger than that. I have been using 50-8/56-10/60-6. I've been wanting to switch to 54/60 or drop a wedge and go 52/58 to add a club at top of bag.
  13. I was fitted for the 9.0 TSI3 with AV White in May. I had been gaming the 16 M2 9.5 for the last 5 years. Nothing wrong with it, just wanted the Tsi3. Love everything about it. It looks, feel and sounds better than any driver I have hit. The M2 is a little more forgiving and center strikes are pretty close. M2 also launches higher, but I was gaming the Kuro Kage Silver Tini in mine and I wanted a more penetrating flight. I hit primarily a high draw with M2. My miss was a block or a snap hook. Was able to drastically reduce snap hook with Tsi3 setup and hit more of a slight cut which is what I wanted. I recently had a couple bad rounds off the tee and just switched back to my M2(I almost put it up for sale) and had two of the best driving rounds yet this year. Another thing to note is that my M2 is about 7/8" shorter. Going to find another shaft and trim it, add a little weight to the TSI3 and give it another try, but M2 is just such a good driver. I might just keep playing it and sell the Tsi3.
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