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  1. I placed an order for a Tour Length 9* White driver at the start of February and mine is supposedly going to ship on March 10th.
  2. Do you know if Denny made it over to the Southridge store? I always had luck with him working on my clubs. I am not familiar with Chris, but the times I have been in the store since they moved to Southridge have left me unimpressed with their golf department staff. Hey Chris here, Denny is most at the Brookfield store now. He comes in only on Tuesdays to the Southridge location but we aren't sure how much longer he's going to be doing that because he isn't thrilled about the whole Dick's/GG combo with all the non-golfers messing around on our side. I'm off today and tomorrow. I'm in from
  3. Heating the hosel didn't do much and with a needle nose I couldn't pull it out. With permission from the customer, I heated directly into the hosel and that allowed the epoxy to break and let me pull it out.
  4. Thanks. I'll give it a try. Just wasn't sure if drilling it would ruin it any further.
  5. A customer brought some PXG 0311T irons and wants them re epoxied. The one iron that is off looks like they tried to drill out the shim or something but its stuck way down in the head. All of the other irons I pulled and got the shims out with a needle nose pliers no problem. Any advice on how to get this shim out? Any help is appreciated.
  6. Couldn't agree more. I personally wouldn't play them but a regular golfing buddy of mine has the 3 wood and the wedges and they perform well. The wedges hop and stop if you put the right swing on it. Doesn't feel particularly amazing but they're tolerable. The 3 wood goes long and straight if you hit it right. They're a good budget option and perform really well for the price but I personally would not use them.
  7. Do you guys use a different amount of wraps under your grip when regripping an iron with .600 shaft vs say a wood with .615 butt diameter or do you just add 3 wraps to everything regardless of what shaft diameter it is?
  8. I'm good friend's with the guys at the GG's near me and I swear I'm teaching them stuff when I come in rather than the other way around. I really wish I had something nicer like a PGA SS or something like an Edwin Watts/Roger Dunn around here.
  9. The Rogue Black that's in the Black LTD is a 95 MSI, not the tour issue 110 MSI. In all of the stores in person that I've seen, they were 95's. I doubt they would be different for online orders but I could be wrong. I haven't seen any all black 110's from the black LTD's though. You won't notice much a difference between the 95 MSI and the 110 MSI anyways. The 110 is the tour issue so it will typically have a lower torque value making it "feel" a little tighter and it will tend to "feel" smoother vs a 95 MSI rogue black. They should perform relatively the same and you should get the same fle
  10. What are you going to shaft it up with? Sticking with the Chrome in your sig?
  11. I'll have to give the EF black a try. Hopefully I can get the Cobra for just over cost from my buddy who is a pro at my course. It would make the upcharge on something like the EF black or some other shaft a little more tolerable.
  12. I've tried a Black in a fairway and Yellow in a driver but not the red. I wanted an Even Flow to work out because I really liked the feel I got from it. I'll definitely check out the HZRDUS line in the driver.
  13. I wish the black was a free shaft option. Thanks for the info.
  14. The milled face looks great in person IMO but from the product pages and advertisements I thought it would be deeper (I suppose that's the whole point of the ads). Putter milling is deeper than the milling on the driver. This is more like the micro milling you'd see between wedge grooves.
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