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  1. Yeah I just looked at the forecast. Started to question the decision to drive 2 hours from Austin to play 36 holes in 103 heat then drive back.....
  2. > @texasdave said: > Be careful with the Palmer, I think JBrid said the greens and bunkers were in rough shape. I played the Resort about a month ago and the greens weren’t in great shape there either. Thanks! We went ahead and booked on the Canyons then. That will be easier anyways playing 36 in August!
  3. Heading down to SA this weekend, we have a morning tee time at TPC Oaks on Saturday and looking for an afternoon round. Thinking of staying there and playing the Canyons course or hopping on over to the Palmer. Has anyone played the Canyon's lately? I haven't played it in a couple of years. I think I like Palmer better, but just thinking maybe out of convenience since we wouldn't have to drive.
  4. Course Name: Apple Valley Golf Club City, State: Howard, OH Price Range: $29-45 Weekday vs Weekend Course Website: https://www.applevalleygolfcourse.com/ A brief description of why you think it's a hidden gem (and please include a photo if you have one!): The course condition compared to cost is just crazy. Perfect bent fairways and greens. Always in incredible shape, smooth fast greens.
  5. Thanks for the confirmation! Do you have any opinion about the membership there? Would you say it’s fairly unpretentious? We toured the facility a couple weeks ago but it’s hard to get a feel for the membership on a brief visit. To be perfectly honest I've only played there I think 3 or 4 times. The times that I did go, it did seem pretty laid back for a super pricey club. After one round we were hanging out in one of the men's 19th hole bar/grill area, it was a lot smaller and more intimate than I would've thought it was. Pretty soon George Strait and his foursome walk in and sit dow
  6. JMG_02


    If you are driving that far and want excellent conditions I would say head to Pine Dunes. Played there last week and it was in incredible shape. Greens were perfect.
  7. My uncle lives in Cordillera. Flat out amazing golf course and gorgeous area. Clubhouse is amazing, and you might just hang out with George Strait (regular golfer) or Jimmy Walker. I have no clue about initiation or annual dues, but I would imagine they are stiff. One of my favorite courses ever.
  8. Damn. That would've been so cool. I'm pretty sure if Monte qualified, we'd have a caravan of GolfWrxers dressed in cargo pants making a trek to Colorado Springs as one helluva cheering section.
  9. How he hits it so far with such a leisurely looking swing beats hell outta me. It's gotta be those bear-sized hands. Or juiced up balls. It really is something. I mean, a 267 yard carry 1-iron. You almost needed ear and eye protection in there. It was like a gun going off, plus the tee was flying backwards and almost taking out eyes. Not to mention, he has a higher swing speed off of his knees than I do standing up, plus he's got about 15 years on me.
  10. It certainly was a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure when Hal was talking about Monte and how he could tell that Monte cares about his students, I'm fairly certain saw I saw Monte's eyes get a little red and watery. It was a great time for sure. Chase was a pleasure to get to know and Monte was as great as ever! Glad I finally got to see him really swing it, at the Fort Worth clinic he was injured. So that was just nuts to watch him swing it on the Trackman.
  11. Even reading this thread gives me anxiety. I was this close to quitting the game altogether a few years ago. I've detailed it on threads here and there. Long story short, the driver yips are just cruel. Completely separating golf from "real life", it is miserable. On a grand scheme of things (job, health, family, etc.) its obviously insignificant. However, for a golf fan, it's just horrid. I couldn't even complete 18 holes. I would go on golf trips with a group of guys, and my yips were a topic of conversation, mostly while i was away. "How's he doing? How's he hitting them? Man t
  12. I played about a month ago, so my response might not be relevant. It was in great shape then and it was right after the deluge of rain we had. That course can handle the water like none other.
  13. Echoing North Texas. The heat will be serious, but nothing unlike what you'll have in OKC. The "condos" are nothing to write home about. I haven't stayed in them, just judging by the outside. Same with the restaurant, decent but again nothing out of this world. Go there for the golf and only the golf. If you are looking for a little more of a nicer experience, you might check out the Links at Land's End. Still a really good golf course on the lake, but I think nicer accommodations and restaurant.
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