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  1. These just don’t go with my new haircut scotty worn a few times then hand washed. $40 shipped OBO. GFores are new. Prefer to sell as a lot. The GFore’s were $45 before tax, and are discontinued.
  2. added this must be before i washed them- there's no longer a goose dropping clinger on there. i've had them around for while, just too lazy to shoot new pics. actually more recent pics are on my ebay listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/265438025948
  3. Titleist Mid Staff - $125 $now 80 SOLD!! (local pickup only, Newport Beach, CA) -slight fading, most noticeable on the strap -cart wear around the valuables pouch messed up the zipper (snags on one side, could still use) -otherwise looks pretty good, plenty of life left just went back to carry bag Miura Wedges - $$SOLD for both (shipped CONUS) -"New Wedge" line -55, 59 deg -GolfPride New Decade MCC in good shape on 55, mint on 59 Nike Air Max 90 - $115 $90 (shipped CONUS) -Size 11 -Worn for 5 or less rounds then handwashed -these pictures are before I washed them. look in my comment below for better pictures Thanks for looking- any questions please ask.
  4. @Stuart_G I have Nippon Modus 105s that I like well enough but I've been fit into Modus 120, Px 6.0 and Oban CT 115S over the last three years though never pulled the trigger... I need to do a regrip anyway so I was thinking about, to getting the desired effect (more mass to help keep my transition decent), maybe putting some lead tape in the handle AND on the club head. I'm sure the answer is to test, but approximately how much tape should I add to the grip and head (to keep SW more or less the same)? Hoping for just a ball park idea. If I put the tape on the butt of the grip, maybe with a little glue to hold it in place for a round or two, and apply the same amount to the cavity of the iron head- is that a good way to test? Thank you for all your help (in this thread and others!)
  5. Worn only for a few rounds (<5) - and I've handwashed them before putting them up here. They look great, Nike's are just too narrow for me. Asking $120 OBO shipped CONUS.
  6. So much good info- thanks all! I've decided against buying shaft pulls, better to try out and get exactly what I need. Since I do like the feel of the current Modus3 105S pretty well and numbers are decent, I'm now thinking perhaps just go heavier in 8-GW irons to give a little bit more control. Should I try maybe 125S? It seems to be the heavier version of 105S. It's over a 20 gram jump in weight, wonder if that's too much.
  7. thanks @Stuart_G!! Rather than BBGM, could I not just measure grip to hosel of currently installed shaft and add some factor for the part that goes into the hosel? Then compare to the grip to tip length that the seller tells me? (don't most shafts go into the iron head about 1" and some change?).. the seller just got back to me and told me they are out of "standard" Srixon zx7's. He did not give me a measurement though I asked. also, I forgot to mention that I did well with a 120S at a TM demo day, did not get to try the X-flex. I can get all the shafts for about $150 and install price is not a factor (it's cheap and I have a lot of store credit at the shop).
  8. Anyone have any updates on Sandpiper? We're set to play late September, but I'm a bit worried. Thanks. @drewski24 can you report on wherever you played? I might need a backup or two. Thanks!
  9. I live right down the street from Pelican and used to play it a lot before pandemic enabled rack rate pricing (good for golf industry, bad for middle class SoCal golfers, it's bad here guys!) Both Pelican courses are great. Usually in great condition, resort golf, awesome views and ambiance. Oak Quarry is a good track, signature hole is memorable, but the conditioning is pretty crappy since the pandemic. The bunkers are awful. Pelican should be 2 to 2.5 times the price, I think it's easily worth 2x (it's also not in the boonies like Oak Quarry if you want to do stuff near the coast/beach cities). I've played Trump around 10x with deals on UnderPar. It's a place I take visitors because the views are great and the price is right with the vouchers. Very tough course though, nowhere to bail out on drives, and the greens are very hard to read IMO. I would maybe pay for those green reading apps if I were to play again.
  10. Hi all- I'm thinking to try a different shaft in my beloved 2018 Cobra ForgedTec irons. Current shafts are Modus3 105S +1/4". I recently went in for a fitting, was spec'd for Mizuno 921 Forged w/Project X 6.0. I've had these exact shafts in the past and they felt a little too stiff, but it was years ago and I have picked up some swing speed recently. On the write up, the fitter said my 7 iron club head speed was 91-94mph and carry was 170/175. 120-124mph ballspeed, 17-19 launch, 6000 spin. Image shows some of my fitting stats. I really like the Cobra heads, like the modus feel over the harsher project X. Thinking to pick up a set of shaft pulls 4-PW 120X and throw them into my 5-GW - so they would be soft-stepped once. I like the idea of 120X (120g) over 120S (114g) because I want to actually feel some weight difference compared to current 105S shafts (106.5g). Edit: Forgot to add that during a separate TM demo day, they found me pretty well in the 120S (I don't think we tried 120X). Why am I doing this? I'd like a little more weight, take away hooking miss, and hit the ball a higher (probably a little more spin would be good?). Questions: 1. I know there are no universal standard lengths, but I hope to play close to 'standard' specs or 1/4" long. What length info should I ask the seller? 2. Looks like Modus 105/120's are all .355 so I should be ok there right? 3. Overall does this make sense? I'll try in a 7 iron to see if I like it before doing all the clubs. Thanks in advance!
  11. hi guys, all I can say about the 59 deg shaft is that it's ACCRA SP. I never planned to use the shaft so never was concern to me. If you're planning to keep the shaft, there's probably some info about them on golfwrx forums. thanks.
  12. For your consideration 1. Miura wedges (the series is called New Wedge) - sourced these as backup for my current wedges but I'm going a different direction - I've realized I need more bounce on a lob wedge and my ocd-a$s requires matching haha- here's a site that lists the specs of New Wedge series). I had the 53 made for me from an authorized dealer, never touched a ball. I asked them to build +0.25. KBS Tour 120 S shaft. Grip is Lamkin, std. The 59 I sourced from eBay, appears to be in excellent condition, I've never hit a ball with it. ACCRA SP shaft, I don't know much about the shaft as I was planning to throw another KBS shaft in, and a Miura grip. Not looking to split at the moment, just trying to get some money back. SOLD 2. Garmin Approach G80 Bought refurbished via a seller on eBay and used under 10 times. I hate practicing. Really perfect except for a blemish is on the back cover where I removed my name/ph number using a dry erase marker, so there is a little blue smear. Does not affect anything obviously and you'll probably be covering the back with the case (included) as I did. SOLD and going to Hawaii @TJGolf55 Thanks for looking.
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