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  1. ah I think you're right. I had these irons too (the cb/mb combo). then i realized i suck and bought the forgedtec.
  2. Edit: I was wrong lol I'm surprised no one identified the exact iron already, but the black one appears to be the 2019 ForgedTec, I know (or think I know) because I have them. https://www.cobragolf.com/king-forged-tec-black-irons They are great irons, but they are pretty chunky. Can't imagine anyone playing blades (esp. Rickie's blades) and switching to these, except maybe in long irons. Dramatic change would be an understatement. But whatever you gotta do I guess. Hope to see they guy play some better golf soon either way.
  3. strange use case here, but what sunday bag (if any) would fit inside the pocket of a Titleist Mid Staff bag? I'd like to have it for the rare times I end up walking, and don't want extra clutter in my trunk.
  4. I went through TM’s warranty support and they responded the next day saying they will ship me a new driver. Expected ship date 5/22........ -_-;;;
  5. Price is shipped CONUS via USPS within 2-3 days of payment. No trades at this time please. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions. Head Titleist 917 F3 3-wood 15 degrees $sold Will include original headcover in excellent condition Shafts Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw White 75X TM adapter, 44.00” grip to adapter tip, Lamkin Players Cord Standard-Plus (+2 wraps), $sold Mitsubishi Diamana D+ LTD 7X TM adapter, 43.5” grip to adapter tip, Lamkin Players Cord standard (+2 wraps), $sold Mitsubishi Diama
  6. Dpavs, great review! I'm thinking about the 6-way...couple questions... size-wise, is this close in roomy-ness to a staff bag? (I barely ever walk, but do now and then. Looking to replace my current hoofer with something a little bigger) is the smallest section for a putter? I assume it is, but wonder otherwise if I could use the umbrella holder for my putter (probably not a since I have a superstroke fatso) thanks!
  7. Dangit, I just bought one of feeBay- much much better deal here. These things are great.
  8. I'll take all 4 Lululemon shorts. Please DM you paypal. Thanks.
  9. Beside a tiger, I think I have all that I need in life, but thank you ?
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