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  1. It is called a leverage block. I have only needed it with older threaded hosels, but I have one.
  2. Here are a few: #1 I was playing a local course back in Memphis with some work friends. One of them, a rather heavyset fellow named Mike, decides to walk out into the drained pond mud to collect golf balls. He is ecstatic and telling us to come get some. We just chuckle and keep playing. I get to the green and hear him yelling as he is knee deep in mud. Looked like Dorf on golf. He finally gets it in 4 wheel drive and gets out of there. He gets up to the green and you just hear him coming "clomp, clomp, clomp" as each shoe must have weighed 5 pounds. A few holes later, he sees a la
  3. I travel to Magnolia, AR a few times a year (pre COVID) and got bvb to play Mystic. I played it from the back and it ate my lunch. What a great track.
  4. I would try both. The one issue with playing the back tees can be forced carry distances off the tee. If you have to carry one 235 from the back tee and your best shot is 244, that may not happen often. As others have said, sometimes it puts more strain on both the long game and short game, but can also be mentally draining if you have a 450 to 470 yard par 4, where it would take 2 perfectly struck shots to get near the green, and you arent doing it. I would try both and mix the tees you play up and try to learn different things from each experiment.
  5. I use Golfworks almost exclusively. High quality and original designs, not knock offs.
  6. Congrats! Funny how you say you have a driver you can trust but only hit 2 fairways. But, I know that feeling well because I think I hit 3 when shooting 71 earlier this year, but was never close to in trouble. Sometimes, fairways hit are just overrated. But, all things being equal, it is usually easier to control the ball into the green out of the short stuff.
  7. I agree. My 5i through GW have similar lofts to the 4i through PW that I played years ago. To me, the number on the bottom means less than if I have a club for every situation. But, it does stroke my ego when I hit a "7 iron" 175 or 180 yards. It is really a 6i loft, with a 1/2" shorter shaft. But, I do like the new technology. I am playing Maltby TS1 irons and I love the feel and flight.
  8. So, I am a bit odd. I have been a low single digit guy (at least by estimation, but just started carrying an official handicap). I have scored in the 70s pretty consistently for 35 years. I have never broken 70. I am playing at scratch (slightly plus side) right now. I have several 71s, a 70, and several 73s on good courses (73/74 - 135 plus slope). Before this year, I had one 71, a few 72s, and a few 73s in 38 years. After a 2 year layoff and returning in May, i have had a 70, 3 71s, and 4 73s. Before this year, my most number of birdies was 4. I have had 5 several times, and 7 on
  9. I am locking the topic. Enough of you believe that I am in the wrong and I am man enough to just admit that and move on, regardless of what my intent was. Thanks for all of the replies everyone.
  10. Well, I am also the club builder in this instance. Actually, John has told me way more than Din, so maybe I misconstrued that.
  11. Thanks for taking so much of what I said out of context. So helpful. I do appreciate your opinion, but just wished some of the context stayed, because it actually matters.
  12. When I was starting out in my business, it was literally the only way to get someone to trust me enough to pay me. I have a customer now that I am doing work for who almost 3 years ago, I gave several hours of advice to over time. He then let me bid a project and ended up giving it to the biggest name in what I do. I lost touch for 2 plus years, but he stayed on my email list. A few months ago, he emailed me out of the blue because he reread a blog post I had done a while back and told me I could help him. He remembered the free advice I gave him, plus all of the educating I have done with
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