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  1. I had a 14g front weight and 17g backweight as options. I had been playing with the weight in the heel. My last iteration had the 14g up front slid to the heel, and clicked up to standard or just 1 click higher (versus, the 1 click up from lower). I was trying to shut the face some without me manipulating it as much. I have the TSI3 (8 degree) set at D3 (upright and 0.75 deg up) and the weight all the way in the heel at H2. Pretty freaking amazing difference. Can turn it over gently, which I struggled to do with the SIM. It either was straight/slide face, or violently curving left. Now, one thing you need to know, I have generally played a hold off fade for most of my 39 years playing this game. I am trying to work it one way and prefer a draw with everything but the driver, until now. my go to shot with short irons is a flighted trap draw. For whatever reason, I just hit it way more solid when drawing it.
  2. I am seriously trying to stop sucking at golf man, seriously I am. LOL.
  3. I went through a driver fitting yesterday on GC Quad. My SIM cracked in the weight track and TM is sending me a SIM2. I am trying to fly a draw ball flight and have been fighting the hell out of SIM to do it with any kind of consistency (even lofting it back up and moving the weight to the heel). The fitter and I worked on trying to find a way to make SIM2 work for the ball flight I wanted since that was my replacement, but when I swung a perfect draw swing (4 degrees in-out, 2 degrees closed to path), and the ball still faded, I knew then I was fighting a losing battle. The SIM stuff just isn't build to draw. Even Rory talked about this struggle. If he can't turn a SIM over consistently, I have no chance. Seems like they figured out something with his SIM2 as he is playing better. I bet we tried 15 shafts and I couldn't get any of them to get me to turn it over consistently. The fitter felt like the CG bias on the SIM products make it tough to hit a draw. I would agree. Certainly for the right player, they are great sticks. Both are long as hell. I was able to turn the G425LST and the TSI3 over relatively easily (as easily as you can turn a big head over) and ended up buying a TSI3. The feel and look is fantastic. Ball speeds were really high across the face (low to mid 160s with the TSI3, high 150s to Low 160s with G425LST, which also felt great) Great first session on the range with the TSI3 this morning and had no trouble hitting a tight draw. I concur with the subject of this thread. Felt like I have been fighting SIM too much. Guess I need to update my sig now....
  4. Just for reference, my G425 lst 3w was going right for me too often when I first got it. The shaft was trimmed at maybe 42 3/4" (cant remember exactly, but slightly under 43"). I played around with hosel settings to see if I could get it to go right less, but ultimately, I felt like it was playing too flat in the lie angle. Pings are known for being very flat anyway. I put an extension in it to get it to 43 1/2" to get it to play more upright. I haven't been losing many right since. Some of it was me, but did feel like the lie being so flat was affecting me negatively. Could have been mental, but it helped.
  5. Spalding Tour Edition. Never understood how Greg Norman played that spinny sponge of a ball.
  6. I am 5'8". I have played 43.5 to 45 for many years. Switched to 45.75 a few months back. Dispersion is the same, and I am longer. This is such an individual decision and there is no one answer. Experiment and see what works for you.
  7. I am scratch and play with several people in my ability range and better. Probably the best player I know, I have played with since maybe June. He has: 1. Reshafted an older driver (G400) at least once. 2. Changed to a TSI3 driver 3. Reshafted/changed out his irons 4. Played at least 5 or 6 putters. Don't think I have ever seen him shoot over 71. He just shot 32 from the back tees on the front 9 at a 7,000 yard course and lipped out 2 short putts Wednesday. Another plus cap hasn't changed out squat in the same time frame, but is thinking if changing his driver. Another guy who is scratch hasnt changed anything. Me: 1. Two new 3 woods, with several different shafts 2. New driving iron shafts 3. New driver (2017 M2 to SIM) and different shafts/lengths. I have changed weights/settings a lot. 4. Swapped iron shafts Some people like to tinker and others don't. I build my own stuff. So, part of my enjoyment is playing around with new equipment and configurations. Sometimes, I am struggling with a certain part of the game and want to see if equipment can help. It happens at all levels.
  8. I am gaming the TS-1 and have for over a year now. Best feeling irons I have owned. Ordered the PF-1 and PF-2 to test side by side. I think all 3 are winners. Ball flight was similar. PF-1 highest and softest of the two New Level irons. I preferred the look and feel of it over the PF2. Maltby probably closer to PF2. To me, the Maltby irons feel softer. I think it is the forged construction with the foam fill. I noticed that when moving on from my Snake Eyes 675B blades that I had for 12 years. I actually have switched out my shafts to soft stepped Modus 120X in the Maltbys, so I threw my x100 sensicore shafts back in the 675Bs. So, I actually hit these combos: TS1 Modus 120x soft stepped once (6i shaft in the 7i) 675B x100 sensicore PF1 and 2 S300 (X100 without sensicore feel too harsh to me) The softest feeling were that Maltby. Turf interaction was similar with all of them. 675B and PF irons felt similar. Typical forged blade feel. Maltby TS1's just have a unique feel that I like a lot. In the end, I would have no issue playing the NL irons. I personally would do PF2 4-6, PF1 7-PW. However, they aren't enough to kick the Maltby irons out of my bag. I have excellent distance control with them and just enough forgiveness. Workability was similar on all of them. I honestly am not sure if you gave me each of them with a shaft I liked and asked me to alternate all year between the TS1, PF1, and PF2, I am not sure I would notice a performance difference. I still would prefer the Maltby feel, but I bet all of them would perform similar. So, it will come down to look and feel for you as well, I bet. You can't go wrong with any of them. Pf1,pf2,ts1 top to bottom Pf1,pf2,675b top to bottom
  9. I also have my best differentials on harder courses with higher ratings. I am much more apt to shoot 71-81 on a harder course, maybe 70-76 on an easier one. When trying to break 70 for the 1st time, I kept playing up. Sometimes, I played very aggressively, and it was easier to blow it through fairways and get into trouble that might be farther down the fairway. If I played more conservative, then I had an easier tee shot, but the rest of the course played the same. Playing the forward tees, I might hit a 3 wood or iron, and driver from the back tees, to essentially the same spot.
  10. actually it was 31. Missed a hole on the front. I will still take it!
  11. Thanks and I appreciate everyone saying congrats. Means a lot. You made me think I should have kept the ball. I will fish the one I think it is out of my bag and mark it. Will go right next to the bowling pin I took from the rack when I shot 814 in bowling in 1995.
  12. So here has been a typical round. Miss an 8 footer on 1 for birdie. Bogey 2 and 4. Then get it to 1 under on 11. Thinking of going deep. Playing the blue tees at a resort course. Pull driver (shouldn't have, bad decision) on 12, just miss my line right. Into thick trees/palmetto bushes. 2 chips to get out. Miss green with 4th. Chip on and 1 putt. Fan it right on the next hole. OB. Hit 4 from the fairway. Double. Now I am pissed. Bogey the next 2. But, determined to get back on track. Miss 4 footer for birdie on 16, 20 footer for birdie on 17, make birdie on 18. That should have been 66, not 76.
  13. Yes it can be. I was trying to review everything after every round. Decisions, execution, etc. Many tines, a poor decision at the wrong time would knock me off track. Maybe next time it would be a poorly executed shot that I would compound into additional errors. Just keep reviewing and practice your weaknesses.
  14. You know, that is EXACTLY why I was telling myself to take it one shot at a time. I knew so much could go wrong. I knew getting ahead and thinking about how great it would be would distract me. Thanks for sharing that story. Very kool one and glad you finally broke 70!
  15. I actually had 31 putts. There was a hole on the front 9 where I didn't record my putts. 31 putts on 16 greens is still pretty good...
  16. Lol. Yes, I didn't miss a green until 13. Last year, I shot 70 and had 13 fw and 12 gir on a windy day and a tight course. Like I said, poor putting an short game, a temper, being able to compound errors with the best of them, and there is your formula for never doing it. Lol.
  17. Used to be a horrible wedge player until I started using that Pelz system. Even when not playing much, I can reliably use this system to be close to the distances I want. My pw is 44° (135/101/68 yds) Gw is 50° (120/90/60 yds) SW is 54° (110/83/55 yds) LW is 58 (100/75/50 yds) I rarely hit pw on partial shots. I also choke down and have a 10 o'clock swing I use to knock 10 yards off my full shots. I will also choke down on a lw and use my 9 o'clock swing for 70 yds.
  18. I carry an 18 and 22 degree hybrid at times for that very reason. I would rather hit my 2 driving iron and 4 iron, but sometimes, I am just not hitting it good enough. In go the hybrids when that happens. I have a course I play a lot with 2 long par 3s and sometimes, the hybrids are what I need. As some have suggested, a more forgiving 5i could also fill that spot. I was playing some old Snake Eyes blades before I built my current set, and it was the 5i that made me switch. Needed some help on my long irons without giving up control on my short irons.
  19. I had nerves, but not too bad. A little bit of nerves started on 16. 200y par 3 into a 1 club wind. Pin on the left side near a bunker. Picked out a spot 20 ft right of the flag. Hit a 4i slightly off the toe, drew just left of the flag. Ended up 20 feet away. Blew my birdie putt past by 4 ft. Made it in the center. That gave me confidence. Knew I needed a birdie on 17. Par 5, DL right, into wind on the approach. Piped the drive. Drove a 3w in low on my approach to exactly the gap between bunkers I was looking at. Chipped to 8 ft and drained the putt. Knew I needed that. Kept trying to swing aggressively at conservative targets. Focused on my routine for every shot, and light grip pressure on my putts. On 18, 385y DL left, into wind off the tee. Pulled 3w immediately. Picked out a spot and wanted to hit a little draw. Swung aggressively and turned hard through it (I have hit the odd pull/hook before when I needed it, because I was tentative). Piped it. Playing partners had all pulled driver. Never thought twice about it. Needed par and didn't care. 142 R to L wind, pin left. Talked to myself about what to hit. That is a stock choke down trap draw with my 9i. But asked myself if I was too pumped for that and should hit wedge. Nope, wasn't overly jacked, so picked a spot right of the flag and again swung aggressively. 15 feet left/behind the pin. Knew then it was happening, but told myself to finish the job. I was very aware, but not really nervous, just tried to focus on my targets, how I wanted the ball to fly, and swung aggressively. I could deal with the results. Hit every ball on the last 3 holes where I wanted.
  20. Congrats! Tgat is a great round! First time I broke 80, I shot 78 in a tournament as a teenager. First time I broke par, I shot 71. Yesterday, I broke 70 for the first time with 69. So, to beat a goal by that much is huge. Now, it will be about managing expectations. Keep up the good work!
  21. Right handed and left handed? That is serious talent right there! Here were the things I made sure of: 1. Figure out the holes in your game and work on them: better tee ball (in play), solid short game, dialed in equipment, one shot at a time mentality (regardless of score), better game management. 2. Play with better players regularly. Two ex mini tour guys helped me when I asked them what was holding me back. They were brutally honest. They had played with me enough to see my flaws. 3. Play from forward tees (6000 yards or so) and maybe start there. Yesterday was from 6700 yards, but I played up a lot in the last year. 4. Get your body strong and flexible. A herniated disc in my neck had me out from mid November last year through mid February this year. So, I work out with weights several days a week, do pilates twice a week, and stretch several times a week. Helps especially when you get older, as I am 50 now. 5. Get to where you consider yourself a good putter. Just keep trying to hit good putts, regardless of whether they fall or not. Be convinced they will eventually start going in. 6. See a pro to clean up any technique issues. My swing is much more consistent, which gives me more opportunities, and more confidence in my swing. 7. You have to practice. No substitute for this. Played with a guy yesterday who is normally a plus cap, but now plays twice a month and doesn't practice a lot. He struggled. He may go out and shoot 68 next round, but will struggle to be consistent.
  22. So, I have been playing on and off for 39 years. I have been capable of shooting in the 70s for probably 36 of them. I used to be a terrible putter, had a terrible temper, and really struggled to shoot below 75. About 15 years ago, I decided to get my short game better and get my temper under control. I finally broke par for the first time in 2009 (39-32-71). Now, at age 50, I regularly shoot under 75. My quest for the last year plus has been to finally break 70. I have had a 70, numerous 71s, 72s, and 73s. Everyone I played with was shocked I had never broken 70. I have had all the pieces physically, but for whatever reason, I just couldn't get over the hump (mentally). I just couldn't put it all together. Until....today. I finally did it. I easily could have shot 67, as I lipped out short putts on 9 and 10. Recently, I had several rounds where I was rolling along through 11 or 12 holes and then would fall apart. I bobbled today on 13 and 14, but kept going. I hit one fat out of a fairway bunker on 14, then knocked it 6 inches away for par from 50 yards. I think I knew then, it might be the day. I actually missed a 15 footer for birdie on 18 just right for 68. Best thing was, it was in a friendly money game and I finished T2 (paid top 2 spots), and won a skin. So stoked!
  23. When I first got into club building 19 years ago, I bought a set of Staff blades (don't remember the model, but probably FG-17) and they had the threaded hosel. Broke probably 4 of them and had to send them to Golfsmith to be drilled out. I bought a wooden leverage block after that that I have never had to use since. Major PITA.
  24. Look at the rapid taper series from Xcaliber. I would have suggested the i9 from them, but the 120 is a unique profile and the RT may be a great fit. They may be willing to work with you on getting a demo shaft to try.
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