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  1. I had my first round with the Silencer this weekend and I have to say I am a big fan. The bag is nice and wide compared to the Bennington WFO bag I moved from, and all the clubs have plenty of space to get them in and out. The silencer feature is great and really worked to perfection in keeping my clubs quiet on my Clicgear 8 cart. In all, I would highly recommend the cart version of this bag, especially if you can still get it on sale. I believe Rock Bottom Golf is still running their 20% off sale today and I was able to get the bag there at a steal of a price.
  2. [quote name='timbo08' timestamp='1439597436' post='12139668'] [quote name='ckay' timestamp='1439157279' post='12106670'] On sale at RBG for $129.99 [/quote] 20% off w/ coupon code PGA..... [/quote] Came to post the same thing, RBG has the bag for less than $105 before shipping. Can't wait to have my first round with it this weekend!
  3. [quote name='drifliboy' timestamp='1438868528' post='12088908'] I liked my bag very well also. I think they could probably spend $5 more dollars on construction materials or design and it wouldn't be a problem. Not quite the level of quality that I have associated with Bennington over the years. Good luck with the Sun Mountain or whatever you decide on. [/quote] Thanks! I have to figure out what has the best combination of reduced bag chatter and push cart usability. I am leaning towards the Sync, but will test out as many as I can in a store.
  4. [quote name='drifliboy' timestamp='1438868528' post='12088908'] I have always liked Bennington bags, but I think I would stay with the QC models. I just recently replaced one of their WFO models that I was less than satisfied with. I used the bag less than two years and had several issues. After less than a year of use, the stitching around two of the pockets separated. Bennington repaired the bag at no charge and was very good about taking care of the problem, but it still was a hassle. Now the club dividers are tearing loose, no easy fix and a pain to deal with while playing. Most of th
  5. OP, I wish I saw this post yesterday. I hope you were able to grab the bag linked above by KYMAR as RBG had it on sale for $13. I purchased and will let you know how it is when it arrives. I bought it mainly to use at the range or pitch and putt courses when it really isn't feasible to bring my heavy cart bag.
  6. Trying to send you a direct message but it is failing. I was wondering if you would be interested in a trade of the 588tt's for a set of Taylormade Burner 2.0, 4-AW in great condition? I am based out of central NJ so it would be an easy swap for us. Let me know, I can send you some pictures if you are interested. If not, no worries. Thanks! -Erik.
  7. These are on the front page of the parent site now! GLWS, can't believe they lasted this long!
  8. If I had any interest at all in a scorecard holder I would be all over that 'Merica one. GLWS!
  9. Very nice of you! Any wedge shafts in there by chance?
  10. If you are willing to split up the Cleveland heads, I would be interested in the 48*. Please let me know! Thanks, Erik.
  11. I second the G6. I've played 3 rounds with it so far and both the GPS and scorecard features are spot on and easy to use. I got an attachment for my hand cart and can check the yardage as I walk up to the ball. Very convenient.
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