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  1. What’s a guy gotta do to get a look at this thing?
  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I'm going to give the Aldila Tour Green a run. Won't know much until spring unfortunately. My final round of the season is Friday :(. Snow is here and coming.
  3. Hey guys, I have an old Callaway X2 Hot 3 Hybrid with an Aldila Blue NXT (I’m guessing) shaft... it’s the OEM shaft the hybrids were shipped with. the ball flight when tee’d up is ridiculously high. We play at a course that has a lot of wind, and on some of the longer par 3’s the ball gets toss around when it’s up in the stratosphere. I’m looking to reshaft with a hybrid shaft that helps promote a lower ball flight. Not too low, as I still want drop and stop out of it... but not to the moon and back. I also don’t want to spend $250 Cad. I’ve been look
  4. Those X Forged CB’s at address give me the tingles. OMG - from the back they’re kinda ugly, but at address they’re amazing.
  5. These discounts kinda go out the window when ordering with different shafts, other than what they send out to the retailers - correct?
  6. Thanks so much, guys! Good to hear your real world experiences with a cavity back wedge. Great to know I haven’t lost my mind
  7. This is very encouraging. I’m playing Nike Vapor Pro Combo Forged irons. I’m trying to check my ego at the door and game wedges that will help me play, not make me look “like a pro” if you know what I mean. I think that 54 CBX2 wedge will be physically larger than the Vapor Pro Combo Gap wedge in the bag... but maybe that will inspire confidence? I did read on one of these threads that the RTX is significantly more forgiving than a Vokey SM8 as an example. The CBX is sounding like a real contender
  8. Am I out of my mind for considering the Cleveland CBX2 sand (54) and lob (58)? Im a 10 handicap currently using older Nike VR Forged wedges. I have a fairly steep angle of attack and when it comes to full 110 yard sand wedge shots from the fairway I struggle with the thin sole on my Nike wedge. Tbh, I hit it terribly. Every review of the CBX2 talks about forgiveness and high handicappers, but Cleveland’s website advertises them for mid/low handicappers. I realize none of this should matter, and just play what works for you, so with that - are there any mid/l
  9. I would say it’s happening. I tried to order a Phanton X 5 on Thursday. The retailer told me the 35” was out of stock and titleist Canada is not bringing anymore in. They did have a 34” still available - which I ordered. I’m sure new models are incoming for 2021.
  10. Hey gang. Tried to order a Phantom X 5 today from a local golf shop, Titleist is out of stock and are not bringing anymore into Canada. Tells me replacements are incoming. Anyone have any insight?
  11. Hey guys, I have a set of Nike Pro Combo Forged irons from 4-AW that I'm going to re-shaft with Project X's. I was a "club fitter" (I use the term loosely) at my family golf store for years, but that was almost 20 years ago. I was about to order the epoxy, ferrule's, shafts, grips, tape, etc...when it sprung on me "what kind of ferrule's do I need?". Are the Nike VPC iron heads prepped for a collared ferrule, or just a standard ferrule? I realize this question is a bit of a long shot, but was hoping someone might have some insight? Thanks!
  12. thanks! Eager to get them dialed in for 2021 ? I think Custom orders are sitting around four or five weeks right now. That’ll put us into some pretty chilly weather up here. ?
  13. Mizuno does not have the standard PX shaft listed as a custom option on their website.... not in Canada anyhow? That’s why I think it’s the case. I have not been fitted before. This is my first time even being in a launch monitor. Or speaking/hitting with a fitter. Just hoping to get dialed in with a ln ideal setup. I have a long term plan for this next set of irons
  14. The more I think about it, you guys might be right. The lead tape (and a substantial amount of it) is definitely not going to help the cause... now to determine if the shaft selection is viable, minus the lead tape? The other catch I've realized is that the PX6.5 shaft I was fitted for isn't available form Muzino. They offer the Project X LZ, but not the standard Project X - not sure how much they differ? I guess I still have a lot of questions that need to be answered... I'm warming up to the MMC irons more and more - due to the positive comments here for "like golfers" opinio
  15. This is a good question, and one I left with the fitter this evening. Waiting to hear back on this. I don’t, but hope they will be sent over via email, as per my conversation with him.
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