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  1. I was surprised at the weight - was expecting well below 4lbs and it was about 4.25 lbs. Not sure you can feel the difference in .25 lbs once it's loaded up but its a selling point.... Will weigh my other bags unloaded out of curiosity sake. I'm leaning toward expecting them to be above manufacturers listed weight.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I've been able to use the bag a bit more after typing this review - I had to delay the upload as some pics (not included) were coming up as sideways on the uploader ... frustrating! I've used the bag the last few weekends practicing at the dome and its worked like a charm. Some tangles every now and then and some instability if pulling tangled clubs but for the most part, problem free and a nice upgrade. Definitely recommend it for those using less than 14 club setup and want a minimalist bag with some nice features. I haven't seen the swift x in person but perhaps t
  3. This is a good option, and is mentioned in the Hireko article. This is the method I've used 4 times. Works like a charm. I recommend taping the area with masking tape and marking your cut line with a sharpie. Have noticed it prevents cracking/fraying and offers more friction and stability than cutting right on the shaft material itself.
  4. review is up. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1607424-2018-titleist-stadry-4-up-review/
  5. I'll second it being a three 5 model clone. I had an all white version and it was un-badged with few logos if I recall. It was a decent bag and pretty solid quality.
  6. Titleist 2018 Stadry 4 Up (S4U) Review First things first, some background: I purchased this bag to fill a spot in my golfing experience that was lacking with my current “gamer” bag. Until recently, I used a 2015 Sun Mountain Three 5 for all of my golf sessions. For the most part it goes above and beyond what I need out of a round of golf every couple weeks when my schedule allows and recommend it as a great all around bag. I lived in Milwaukee for a few years during and after law school, and moved back to Chicago last summer. Needless to say, with Midwest winters, golfing is somewhat limite
  7. 2018 Titleist Stadry 4Up bag Full review and more pics to follow in separate post
  8. I'm going to test it out this weekend, but may not buy it right away. I'll over analyze forever. Let us know when you post your review either way. will do.
  9. Just got the Stadry 4Up. I really like it and it's probably a great bag depending on how you use it. I have to disagree about the ease of using all 14 clubs with built up grips. I can get all of them in without issue, after a while, for the most part, but the tangle and friction in removing and re-inserting clubs was noticeable in my experience. I plan to use it mostly for going to the range or the short par 3 course by me that only requires a handful of clubs. In this setup, last weekend, it worked perfectly (Driver/Hyb/Putter on top, 2 irons in each side slot, and 3 wedges in the bottom slot
  10. Nice pic. Ordered mine as well - should be here Thursday. Plan to do a write up too. I'm bit concerned about the buckle/clip attachment for the carry straps as I sometimes carry a full load but purchased this bag mainly as a lightweight setup for when going to the range or local par-3 course when a limited number of clubs will suffice. Will try to load up the bag fully and put it through its paces this weekend at the indoor dome.
  11. I happened to be hitting balls out at White Pines GC Dome in Bensenville, IL a couple winters ago and noticed this young dude with a bag full of only drivers. Kid was swinging ungodly fast, if a little uncontrolled. Staff took him over to a simulator bay off to the side and he was putting up some ridiculous numbers. Turns out it was Nick Kiefer. Seeing these guys in person moving the club is something else
  12. My folks will be attending their first tour event next week at the BMW Championship and will go to a practice day and on the weekend. They are interested in seeking out an autograph or two on the practice day and a question popped into my head. With all the control of branding and sponsorships in mind, Is it against protocol, for example, for a Titleist player to sign on a Callaway hat, A TaylorMade sponsored player to sign a Bridgestone visor, etc? Never really considered it but was curious as to whether they are obligated to only sign gear from the company paying their bills.
  13. Nope - I concur. Kinda pricey but I've found mine to be quite durable. And at least one style goes up to 3XL for those with massive bear claws for hands.
  14. Wisconsin inspired - (note: the health minded may be challenged to finish their dinner...) Starter(s) - fried cheese curds Soup/Salad - Beer Cheese Soup w/ Bacon (not sure about salad....) Main - Beer Brats w/ Sauerkraut and butter burger sliders Dessert - Frozen Custard w/ Cream Puffs
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