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  1. Looks like there's less rubber at the bottom - I'll bet it's in the 70-75g range.
  2. get your hands on one now boys before this becomes the next scotty lawsuit red x
  3. I found this on The Golf Wire: OBAN’s Tour Reserve line, available spring 2019, enhances the brilliance of the iconic Devotion, Revenge, Kiyoshi Purple and Oi-Series shafts with a stunning ion-plated finish. Uniquely refined, these time-honored shaft profiles are fashioned for players with a passion for performance and style. So is it just new ion colors?
  4. Saw this on Jamie Lovemark's WITB: Also saw that the only place available online to buy this or even has it on a website is Fairway Jockey. Does anyone know anything about it?!
  5. > @gioguy21 said: > ah yes...Mr. Anderson... This will be the most underrated comment in this thread.
  6. Sorry for the title... it's only Tuesday. Just one Scotty for sale, no trades please. Mint Futura 6m - 35" - 3* loft, 71* lie - Super Stroke Traxion GT 1.0 Black (used twice). Comes with stock headcover. - **$OLD**
  7. **$75** each - if you know, you know. New in packaging. I'll do deals for more than 1. No trades. Selling 2 with the newer graphics in white/black: Selling 1 with the older graphics in white/black:
  8. Also I think that's a piece of dirt between the weight and the putter sole on the Golo - definitely not a ding.
  9. 1. Scotty Futura 6M – 35”, standard loft/lie – I have two of these, don’t ask why. Still in great shape. Stock Matador Medium. Comes with stock headcover. **$OLD** 2. Scotty Golo 5 – Silver Mist – 35”, 71* lie/2.5* loft with Garsen Tour Only Smooth Quad Tour grip. Comes with stock headcover. Still in excellent shape. **$OLD**
  10. wow 1.0p with Taylormade graphics
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