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  1. I do agree but I think the S series was burried when the iBlade succeeded the S55
  2. I'd say the headcovers are 'well experienced'! I am currently searching custom headcovers for 3wood and hybrid, as they are not going to leave the bag anytime soon. Driver is about to be replaced some time this summer and I might stay with the stock headcover depending on what brand I go for. Putter is really nice and the pics dont do the blue any justice
  3. Check out Henrik Stensons Brand, they have some models that might suit you. Not cheap though
  4. If that is doable (in terms of gapping, it might make i59 a serious contender for my fitting that I plan to do at the end of the season. I doubt i59 will be the right club for me in the 5i and 4i slot
  5. Thats exactly what I was thinking. An iBlade successor with Blueprint "technology"
  6. General update on my L.A.B. journey: On the course, I tend to fall back into old habits when some pressure is on the line. Namely my grip pressure on long putts gets too tense as my previous putter required that (and a bit of a "hit") on longer putts while the DF 2.1 hates any "force" and needs me to just make a longer stroke. Its hard to change habits that developed over 12-13 years or however long I used my old putter. Short and medium length putts however are freakin' awesome. As it gets on the intended line e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e t-i-m-e I can focus on speed and break whi
  7. Looks a little like the old Nike grooves or what some Callaways Staffer (e.g. Phil) use right now. I think Phil called them "Spin Grooves" in a WITB video recently and referred to them to being less prone to produce flyers from the rough. I am all in for that
  8. This, its a great shape! Sadly these will very likely be out of reach for me in terms of playability
  9. Lush spring rough adds at least half a club in the air for me, sometimes more. Add in some morning due and I can get a few shockers. Players clubs do get affected less, but they still can get a flyer from the rough, when the spin drops off
  10. True story. From the brands I hit, only Srixon comes somewhat close and Miura is equally as good - some may say better - feeling but its more dense and solid than soft.
  11. Callaway really is going razy with tour only stuff at the moment. Seems like we cant buy most clubs the guys play on tour. But I think they will eventually release some of that because the e.g. just signed John Rahm and I am not sure if there is a single retail club in his bag LOL
  12. This. His iron "set" is as crazy as it gets. Bernhard Langer WITB
  13. Oh wow, my bag might be retired by now lol Driver 910D2 - bought in 2011, 10 yo Fairway and hybrid (RBZ gen 1) - both bought in 2012, 2x9yo MP 52 - bought in 2011, 10yo MP T11 wedges (52, 60) both bought in 2012, 2x 9yo Wilson Staff PMP 56 - 0.5yo L.A.B. Golf DF 2.1 is a month old and does not count, it retired my BC1 Bettinardi/Mizuno after 13 years 56.5 year old bag, a month ago it would have been almost 70.
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