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  1. Probably D, F or K, depending on how much versatility you want/need. I think D has the highes measured bounce, but the others have more width
  2. Still could/should be more. Ladies WITBs are so much more fun and relatable then the men ones
  3. Thank you for saving my score in the worst season of ball striking in a loooong time. I ended my year on a 10.1 (started at 14.7), while I couldnt hit a ball straight to save my life
  4. Great comparison, thank you! I‘ll Stick with my DF for the Time being
  5. @labgolf can we get a comparison pic of B.2, DF 2.1 and Mezz.1? I'd love to see how much smaller those two are compared to mine
  6. Its super easy with the DF I think the "notch" in the bag of the "horseshoe" is intended for that purpuse and it works just as well as an Anser style putter (which I had before). I'd be super disappointed if it didn't. Nothing better than to leave yourself a gimme fom 20+ ft and scoop it up. If I suck, I better look good while doing it
  7. Its only a matter of getting used to it. Lag putting has always been the best part of my putting. It sucked for a short time when I had to get used to how far the ball goes, but now its better than ever. I hardly ever have more than 3 feet left after a lag putt. if you get used to how far you have to take it back for a certain speed, this thing is automatic: 1. Direction is handled by the absence of torque (every. single. putt. starts. on. line). 2. The thing is so forgiving, it gets the ball to the hole even if you severely miss it
  8. Its not an update or upgrade. Its a driver to compliment ST-Z to cater for different golfers. Only reason to "upgrade" is, if you wish your ST-Z tp spin less or have some adjustability
  9. I can 100% second these findings, except for the fact that I struggled with shorter putts pre-L.A.B. but was good on long putts. The DF 2.1 did cure my almost-Yips (inside 5ft), kept my lag putting great (after some time of getting used to the putter, and midrange putts from 8-15ft do drop WAY more often than they used to. Three putts only happen when I really misread one. If I read the putt correctly, the second one is usually a tap in. No matter how far it was
  10. I know it sounds weird, but I prefer the DF shape. I kinda love the uniqueness and how it stands out
  11. Its a really great shape! I will have to try it, but will quite likely settle at something a little more forgiving
  12. The DF 2.1 from @labgolf shaved around 5 strokes off my handicap this season. To be honest, it's probably more than that, as my ballstriking went down south in the mean time. Truth be told, I am not sure how much is the putter and how much is the fit, as I have used my previous putter for 12 years and never got fit for it. I am a big believer in the technology though and think it plays a BIG role. I also see a big difference in wedge shafts, I particularly do not like the KBS High Rev for full shots but love it around the greens
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