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  1. You might end up getting kicked from WRX for this statement. I agree with you thou, I do also believe that a certain continuity in your clubs is doing more good than the latest tech, as you can see in my sig
  2. Not a veteran, but in theory, the face should not need to be squared! It should be and stay square from the get go
  3. Great bag and great wife Always enjoy looking at the older Cut Muscle MP irons. MP 67 might still be the best feeling sweet spot I have ever hit.
  4. Cant compare the weight of a „full swing club“ with a putter. Good luck hitting a driver with a 34“ 130g shaft with a 5.0 Super Stroke on it. putt Is a stroke, wedge Is a Swing
  5. Actually only a summary of some TXG content and the site that shall not be named;)
  6. +1 They usually do a "live" testing and a real fitting for Matt in two seperate videos anyway! I too think that a right handed Mattyboy was 1. pretty impressive and 2. reflects how freakin' forgiving those drivers are. I do sometimes wish they had a more "mortal" guy on the test, and mirroring Matt to right handed seems to work =D
  7. I think it depends on the company. Cobra is low CG on all costs, PING is high MOI, Callaway goes for max ballspeed and consistency of speed over the face, Taylormade chases high launch, low spin.
  8. Two ball has still got to be one of the nicest putter shapes there are. I am quite suprised they almost vanished from the PGA Tour, while its still very popular with the ladies. Somehow, the longer I look into Tour WITB, the more I recognize how much more interesting the LPGA and LET bags are than the mens bags.
  9. Interested in that one as well. Previous versions were really bulky and also spun very low, which might or might not be a good thing. At least these ones look cleaner but I would have prefered the finish of the G425 irons over the black
  10. I do have an MP 30 6 iron for practice, great feeling and looking club. Its bent severely upright (3*) vs 1* flat in my MP52s as I have been fighting a shallowish plane with ugly hooks for years. My pro gave me that club with the words: Try to make that thing fade and your plane might correct itself. It worked to some degree ;)
  11. I've been a member on here for quite a while now but never did a WITB so far. As I have always enjoyed this section and am planning to change a couple of things in my bag and game during/after the 2021 season, this is kind of a diary for my 2021 golf journey. First, a couple of words about me: I am a 28 years old german and have been playing for about 15 years now. However, I did not play alot from 2013-2019 due to University and not being able to spend as much time (and money) on golf as I would have liked to. This is also why most of my clubs are somewhat "experienc
  12. They kind of are a little bit like Mizuno with irons and Titleist with their whole range. You know what youre gonna get and there are never any bad surprises. I like that about those manufacturers.
  13. Maybe they stay unchanged given how hot they are right now. Several months of backorder isnt bad for club that i about two years old. COVID might slow production but it seems the i210 never was hotter than today
  14. I believe PING always states cut weight. At least they do for irons, check it out.
  15. I would still bet on the pic to be non-authentic, that would explain the non-happening takedown. They sit in Scottsdale, AZ and have a good laugh
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