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  1. I got my factory second by emailing [email protected] after recommendation from @labgolf and other users on here. He then sent me a sheet to fill in. It was quick and accurate and the putter is in perfect shape.
  2. That Sounds interesting! Will try it just out of curiousity
  3. The sand at my club gets really firm at times as well. I am a very decent bunker player and use my 5* bounce (wide sole with heel relief) from both normal and firm sand conditions. When its firm, i just open the club up a little bit less and when the sand is really soft, I use my SW (14* bounce). I would look into a wedge with low-ish bounce with a not too narrow sole and some heel relief (so the heel has no problem getting into the sand). So something like Callaway C grind, Vokey M grind or something similar should to. If you are very shallow or steep, that might vary a little. I am shal
  4. There is a new putter in town. Only had about an hour on a sanded and aerified green but like it so far. I did write down my first thoughts in the LAB Golf thread. I will post my findings after I get on course with it and will also take some more pictures when the weather/light is a bit nicer. The DF 2.1 is off to a good start but actually my putting cant get much worse at this point so the bar is quite low
  5. I get what he means in terms of ball position. (see below) I was on the practice green for about an hour with my new DF 2.1 and would like to share some thoughts. 1. Look and weight Looks is a clear winner. Everything from the build quality over the absolutely beautiful blue finish and the gorgeous headcover just oozes confidence for me. As you can see in my previous post, the heel-toe length is not that much longer than my Bettinardi was. The putter is heavier than my previous blade (330g) and I was worried that the heavier weight might ruin my lag putting. It did not. I
  6. My putter is finally here! Will take pictures as soon as I get outside with it. First impression is really insanely good. I agree that the shaft going "backwards" looks absolutely weird at first, BUT I love the look of the blue and alignment #16 (company logo) and the size is a non-factor. It's not nearly as big as I thought it would be after all the comments about size. Stroke feels really nice but I cant comment on feel so far (no carpet in the flat), but it is insane how stable it is through the stroke. I compared it back to back to my blade putter (60° toe hang) and the ab
  7. I am also looking at those Irons, particularly 921 forged vs Apex/Apex Pro and Apex Combo set (probably the most similar set to 921F). Most important factor is spin as I am a low spin player
  8. I love how he is not that much slower than Bryson without swinging out of his shoes. Amazing golf swing
  9. I would strongly recommend to try out armlocking first, before spending big money on it. Go into a store and roll a few putts with one or buy one cheap on the internet. I loved the idea of armlocking but it took me only 30min on a practice green to realize: it's not for me. I was really happy that I tried it with a putter from a fellow member and did not buy a putter. That being said, if you like armlocking, the DF makes a lot of sense as the build it very intelligently (shaft forward vs just adding loft).
  10. I dont think someone will beat Rose's 65 this year if the course stays as it was yesterday. Incredible display of golf by him. Also really nice to see Jordan bounce back after the triple. My money still is on him.
  11. I second the LAB golf putters. I strongly suggest giving this thread a read: You do not have to read through all 51 pages though Some real gems in there. I was hesitating a long time before dropping that amount of money on a putter I have never tried myself but finally pulled the trigger. Have not received the putter yet, but you will find a lot of experience from different users in that thread (and that seems to be what you are looking for).
  12. I totally feel that. It took me two months to decide on color and sightline
  13. Not really a lot to see of the stroke and everything but it for sure is a DF Easier to spot than the old white headed drivers from TM https://www.pgatour.com/video/2021/04/01/kevin-stadler-nearly-aces-no--3-in-round-1-at-valero.html
  14. Offset is not the trouble as you say. Its just the sharp transition. There is lots of irons that have quite some offset but look nice because it is a smooth transition (e.g. older AP2 irons) and some others just look ugly although the offset in reality is quite little. Visuals are so important in this, its crazy.
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