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  1. Did you notice much of a difference in the added bounce compared to the regular T100?
  2. I find them VERY forgiving. My miss is toe and with my old blades I would frequently be a club short and right. That rarely happens now.
  3. After a year and a half I'm still playing and loving the irons. The way they feel, the way they move through the ground, the forgiveness. To put it in perspective, in 2019 I went through at least 7 sets of irons cause I'm a whore.
  4. Forgot to mention that I didn't have access to testing the various HB shafts as fitting is pretty limited up here so never tried the HB 10x. Yes, I have no problem getting height on my 4 iron or 3 iron (before I switched to the p770). I fly my 4 iron ~205-210 for reference.
  5. I've got some similarities to you, driver SS, 3 iron 19* at 40", used to play the Tensei PO in driver (and now have the black 6x) and x100 in irons. I've probably have had 2 rounds with the iron and 2 range sessions so far and really liking the feel and weight of the 9x. Great height for hitting off the tee but maybe a touch too low for hitting into par 5's.
  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release a spiked version of these
  7. I guess we should define the measuring device as I think (I could be wrong for sure) it makes a difference. Ie. GC2/Quad vs TM/Flightscope. I assume at 58 Jack wasn't playing or practicing a ton and definitely not doing overspeed training of any kind and I find 118 CHS on Trackman (which wasn't around in 1998?) hard to believe. Can someone confirm or correct me if I'm wrong as this is one of my other assumptions. If a person is measured at 175 ball speed on both TM and GCQ, TM will say your CHS is 116.7mph (assuming 1.5 smash) and Quad will say 123.2mph (assuming 1.42 smash).
  8. Oh for sure! I'm old enough to know he was one of the longest hitters but I still don't buy 118 CHS at that age. I question the device he measured himself on.
  9. I just can't believe the fact that Jack at 58 had a CHS of 118. Not a chance (IMHO)...
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Mind you it's only one angle but they look a lot less pointy.
  11. lhahn

    AK in 2021

    That's fair. I usually don't pay much attention to the AK sightings but as I've mentioned, the caption piqued my interest as it seemed to suggest "big things" for AK in 2021 and came from a reputable source (his long time coach). Anyway, I'm probably making much ado about nothing.
  12. lhahn

    AK in 2021

    Not sure why I'm pulling for him actually. Good question. Might be partly as a fellow Korean, I want to see him do well. Partly because he was a character, fun to watch and had some personality that came through the camera.
  13. lhahn

    AK in 2021

    I know the pot gets stirred every 6 months or so and it's an even bigger longshot than Tiger's comeback but why would a respectable teacher like Adam post such an obviously cryptic caption like that. He could've said something like...happy new year! Or good catching up with old friends. Anything else really...
  14. lhahn

    AK in 2021

    Is this just an innocent caption or is it actually a (not so) cryptic message from Mr. Schriber? A whole lotta nothing? I hope it means something personally, though I know it's a long shot. But man AK looks like he's aged a hundred years...
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