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  1. Gosh. Just found this thread. Really wish the borders were back open =(
  2. My white/white pair were my main shoe last summer and I find that the spikes are holding up well. I don't use them on range matts anymore though since hearing that the spikes are more prone to snapping off. Happened to two people I know.
  3. Damn those are nice, esp with the filled in swoosh
  4. Please please please release those to the public. Pretty please
  5. I think the link to the post in at the bottom of page 27. I think Angelus brand paints are what I've heard people use and I've seen that brand when Googling "painting Nike shoes" I keep buying old Roshe Tours though so I may never get to this project =p
  6. Oh for sure. I think it'll be a little less nuts than last year but prob not by much. I've been fortunate though so I can't complain.
  7. The winter rates in Van are bat **** crazy
  8. Is it just me or did the CBs feel really harsh? Almost like a cast club. I was 99% certain I was going to get the CBs but ended up with the T100's as they felt nicer to me.
  9. Nike Tour Premieres in Hot Punch colorway, size 10.5. They were the last pair on Carl's GL and I took a chance they would fit as I read everywhere they fit a size up but unfortunately they do not. Worn twice but my feet move around just a bit too much when swinging. $225 SOLD CONUS & Canada only. PP. OBO. Some Nike polos I just don't wear anymore from a non-smoking home. Mix of smalls and mediums as some of the polos fit a bit large but all fit the same. $SOLD
  10. I'm going to try and paint mine in when I order the infrareds. Will update with results if people interested.
  11. That's kind of where I stand as well. They're not bad, but why would I buy a pair of plain foot joys look-a-likes with a Nike swoosh on them.
  12. Funny, I sent mine back in January cause of the yellowing as well but I didn't order the 2021 version as I like the swoosh and the grey toe box a lot less. Hopefully my all white ZIT NRG's don't stain yellow *crossed fingers*
  13. That I don't know. Usually their online CS chat is pretty quick. Couldn't hurt to ask them.
  14. In my experience in dealing with their CS would say they will do a refund. I don't wear these when practicing on synthetic turf matts because I've heard the spikes break after repeated use. There's just not enough give on matts but I have heard of no issues on real grass.
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