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  1. All the prices below are fair but I am willing to listen to offers and trades 1) Cobra S3 Pro CB irons. 3-PW and will throw in disassembled 2 iron head and shaft with ferrule. S300 all standard, brand new Royal Cord Grips. $250 shipped 2) Titleist 905S 8.5 degree with Grafalloy Blue S shaft. $65 shipped 3) Titleist 980F 3 wood with Alidla NV fairway 75S shaft. $45 shipped...Take both for $100 4) Cleveland Huntington Putter #1 34 inches. Face is excellent. $50 shipped 5) Ping Eye2 XG (conforming) Sand wedge S300 shaft. $45 shipped 6) Callaway Mac Daddy 4, 50
  2. 1. City, State? - Nashua, New Hampshire 2. Handicap? 10 3. Current driver? Titleist 905S 8.5 4. Why do you want to test the C721 driver? Time to upgrade to modern Tech. Enjoyed demoing the ESX220. 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes, in a weekly league 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  3. Cleveland TA3 non-form forged Cleveland TA7 tour
  4. OMG, a simple question was asked... any of the last several years Wilson players irons will do what you are looking for V4, V6, new CB (I don’t think it follows suit as in V8) under rated clubs. You will find a nice set of the later models for your price point.
  5. I am super Old School, by today’s standards: Driver: Titleist 905S 8.5 degrees with Grafalloy Blue stiff shaft 3 Wood: Titleist 980F 15 degree with Aldila NV 75 fairway. 2 iron: Cobra S3 Pro with S300
  6. Some well maintained Old Schoolers. Don’t be afraid to throw out numbers or ask for bundle deal 1) R510TP with Fujikura 757 Stiff 8.5 degrees. Very good Shape. $70 OBO. 2) Callaway SteelHead III 3 wood, with Graphite Design YS7. $45 3) Cobra Baffler Pro 18degree with a UST V2 stiff shaft 75grams. $45
  7. Anyone still rock one of these or can give a quick review of the head. I am really partial to small deep faced woods. The courses I play really only call for higher lofted woods for tee shots not approaches. Seems most fairway woods are shallow faced and deep from front to back which is "no bueno" for me (stupid mental issue).
  8. I posted this yesterday forgetting to take down an older post. I hope this stays and won't get in trouble. Great head for feel and sound, great flight. This is the most traditional looking head I have seen and at that still doesn't fit my old school neurotic eye. Specs: 9.5 degree Stiff Tensei Orange shaft (60ish grams) Headcover No tool- Club set to all neutral. (star head adapter so pretty common) Price WAS$315 NOW $250 shipped in US OBO Trade for a current/modern low lofted driving iron 16-18 degree. Stiff shaft.
  9. 1) Cobra S3 Pro CB irons 3-PW and will throw in the 2 iron head that has hit 5 balls. S300 shafts and GP MC +4 grips in excellent shape. $235 shipped. (This is the last model made by Acushnet) 2) R510TP. 8.5 degrees with Fujikura Speeder 757 Stiff shaft. Really nice shape. Great club for a retro bag $40 3) Srixon ZF45 3 wood. 15 degrees with stock Kuro Kage Stiff shaft. I believe I have the tool which is super specific. Sold 4) Bridgestone/Precept Airmuscle 2 iron. S300 shaft Traded 5) Vokey SM5 wedge. Black head, 52 degree Sold 6) Mizun
  10. I am super interested in the TE driver. I am on the east coast and off to bed. Please let me know where you are and what is a good time to finish this conversation. It is a 9.5 correct? If it sells over night shame on me for going to sleep. Again if it does not I would love to work something out.
  11. Done with chasing distance and what is semi-modern. This is a great club with a beautiful shape. I just like the old school tall face and pear shape. Club is in excellent condition. 8.5 degree with All black Fuji ATMOS stiff shaft. $150 shipped. Will consider driver trades at 9 degrees or lower.
  12. Pulled the trigger on a 15 degree for the tee. $30 shipped. My have to change the shaft. Should be a fun experiment. I hope I can keep this as my only winter club change. I am committed to not messing around so much.
  13. Thank you. I hit it high naturally so the MD may be the way to go.
  14. Any one still rocking one of these classics? I just literally hate fairway woods. My home course has 2-3 shots that really call for it. My 2 iron is just a hair short for these tee shots and driver not perfectly curved means auto bogey. I saw a MD in 15 degree loft. I am open to other hybrids in 15 or 16 degree as well. let me know your thoughts.
  15. If your highest lofted iron / only wedge is a 56 degree, what grind are you using or what bounce. Also what wedge are you using.
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