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  1. I will see if I can offer some perspective, is my in-laws have lived in Tellico Village for 20+ years, and my Wife and I, with two kids currently aged 16 and 13 lived in Nashville for 10 years prior to moving to the New England area a year ago (job opportunity). Starting off, hard to argue with the Nashville area, but it is growing fast which could be a bit of a downside. As previously mentioned, the Brentwood and Franklin area - where we lived, has great schools, both private and especially public, and you will have a wide variety of clubs to choose from. Southern Williamson County
  2. Not a bad idea - was thinking of doing that prior to seeing this thread. Being in different sport related business, I can tell you the supply chain issues right now are really proving to be a challenge to conduct business with any sense of normalcy.
  3. cubuffs

    Denver Golf

    So just doing quick look, fossil trace seems to be right at 30 minutes out in Golden (not sure where your staying in Denver, did this from 16th St. mall). Take a look at the website, a bit contrived but definitely a very unique experience if you only get one round.
  4. cubuffs

    Denver Golf

    Has been asked prior - but how far are you willing to go? If you are willing to go 30 minutes, you have lots of great options: Green Valley Ranch Fox Hollow Fossil Trace Common Ground Riverdale Dunes Walnut Creek Legacy Ridge just to name a few. Of course some of this is traffic dependent, but I would stretch. Lots of great public tracks and golf at elevation is a trip.
  5. It is pricey - but it is worth it. Play the Plantation Course. My 12YO Son 4 years ago... But to your question as someone who has played both that you ask about. Wailea is not on the water and up the "mountain" with only views of the ocean. Kapalua Bay has 2 holes on the water but the rest of the course is inland without any views. Both of what you ask about are great resort courses - Kapalua Plantation is a destination course - I have played it multiple times and it is better each round!
  6. Just providing an update as I have been a big supporter of the Sun Mountain 2.5+ and now that our club is open and the season is back in full swing here in New England I still continue to be. Had a chance to pick up one of the limited edition Ping Man Hoofer Lite models from our club and passed (had been a previous Ping bag user for 20+ years). As I continue to make the commitment to walking 95% of my rounds at our club, I can't see a reason why I would ever go back to a heavier bag. The SM2.5+ continues to be almost everything I could want - super light, enough room, no club tangle. I hav
  7. Excited to jump into the conversation, have a Ventus Blue 9X coming in a Callaway 18 UT in the next 2 weeks. More to come.
  8. Watched with my Son - really love that GC continues to televise some of the bigger events and only wish they would pick up more. As someone who has been following some of these players on the junior golf circuit over the last few years, fun to watch the progression (i.e. the freshman that Stanford have).
  9. So I am only two weeks in and still very much in the honeymoon phase, but couldn't agree more with your assessment. Just playing the stock MMT but have a few other shafts that tested well and gave similar numbers. So much more forgiving than the Epic Flash Sub Zero that I am coming from - and perhaps because of that - more consistently longer.
  10. Will be very interested to hear how you like the move back to graphite. I got my Pros with the Tour V and they have been a great combo so far.
  11. so I’ve had a chance to have three range sessions, and 2, 9 hole rounds in with the Apex Pros. Coming from a set of P790s, and having played forged players cavity backs previously, I’m very impressed so far. While the feel is not is good as my son’s X Forged CB (and wasn’t expecting it to be), it is definitely good enough and the distance and consistency has been impressive so far. I don’t feel I’m giving up much distance which has been nice - perhaps half a club, but I’ve yet to experience the one or two shots that go 10 to 15 yards farther than expected. The most pleasant surprise has be
  12. I will say for KBS, got my set with Tour V with no problem. With that said, did have to change my golf pride grip choice up as those were back ordered and it sounds like components change on a daily basis. Again, best advice is to call customer service and check as I made a grip change that completely opened up an expedited my Apex pros
  13. Figured I would give my take as I used to play MP-64s, and I have a set of Pros on order and my son has played the XFCB since they were released in November. I think it depends on what you are looking for - if you are wanting to keep some of similar feel/profile I think the XFCB will be a much easier transition than the Pros. When I have hit his set, it seems like the XFCB has good (although not quite MP level) feel, consistent spin numbers, and are longer than what we were first thinking (we are both coming from P790s). The Pros from my demo and fitting seemed to be bit longer, launched hi
  14. I did just, called and checked if the shaft and grips were available. It changes quite frequently, but my initial choice, tour velvet midsize, were out of stock so I went with the new decade midsize grip which cleared up the issue. Unfortunately, I have now done that twice as the first set delivered on Friday, the shafts were not hard stepped so I sent them back and have another set on order. Told they would expedite and that it should take about a week and a half to two weeks total.
  15. Nothing standard - KBS Tour V + 1.75” with golf pride grips.
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