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  1. Will give you my thoughts from watching my son (high level junior player) spend time with each. Right now, his gamer is the Mavrik SubZero 9 degree head with Aldila 130 MSI Xstiff shaft. He has gamed this club for the last year after a fitting with a regional Callaway rep at the end of 2020. The same rep had him hit both the Epic Speed, and Max LS (both with his gamer shaft and all of his fitting shafts including LA Golf Tronos and Fuji Ventus Blue and Black) multiple sessions (March, August, September) and my son still has the Mavrik in the bag. He is a high swing player (averages 115 swing speed) and he just doesn't want to give it up. I do think it is a bit more "wild" due to lower spin, but he has hit some super long drives withit. I believe from what I have seen, the Epic Speed line is a bit higher spin and therefore a bit more consistent (I have played the Max LS and now the Max LS TD), but the Mavrik is a bit longer due to that lower spin.
  2. couldn't have said it better about the hoodies. I have 2, far exceeded my expectations!
  3. 2 pair for my Son arrived yesterday and they were as pictured - white with black swoosh.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! My son has played in these for the last two years and they have been impossible to find on eBay and other sites. Just took advantage and order two pairs which should cover him for the foreseeable future.
  5. So define better? I will use an example for drivers in that I currently play a Epic Speed TD LS driver that fits me very well. That said, love the new matte finish of the Rogue LS and if that gives me a bit more confidence that could be called "better". Will I realistically see any performance benefits from one year to the next - given consistent swings most likely not. Golf is so mental, sometimes little things make a big difference.
  6. Like Warrick - I have the True Lux Sport and they are my new favorite shoe. Have played in wet conditions and no issues with slipping.
  7. Has been a warmer than normal Nov and Dec in Middle TN hasn’t it ? Can’t wait to get back there as of January!
  8. As a big Callaway fan, like the look (as well as my Son). I currently play the TD LS and my son a SZ Mavrik. Glad to see Callaway did a color scheme to match my alumni preference… . Like the matte finish, will have to see it first hand, but have to admit the stealth, as ugly as it looks has me pretty intrigued as well
  9. I am thinking we are referring the most obvious choice (and I live near Portland Maine) It has been quite a bit of time since I was last there (Oregon) but Pumpkin Ridge was a memorable round of golf.
  10. Making improvements to the outside pool area and putting in a large outdoor bar and entertainment area. For my Wife and I and hosting social/business events, this will be another nice to have.
  11. Coming back to the topic. So here is the latest that I have found... Nashville Golf - not worth it, long wait list that has several back doors, but not for former members unless... Course is not in good shape, having played it, too many members not taking care of the course. As a former member, this one hurts... Legends - waitlist is now closed, but may be opening in early 2022 Natchez - Open and willing to accommodate situations. Good membership and membership director. Would love to be a member but location for us doesn't exactly work. Governors Club - based on where we are living - most likely our option. Small waiting list, and club making improvements that fit what we need.
  12. I own 5 pairs of the boardwalker pants - have been lucky enough to find size and color available during the sales in the past. As mentioned, they fit pretty true to size in the waist - perhaps a bit small, run pretty narrow in the leg and the fabric has a bit of stretch. Have found variances with the inseam as I am normally a 34" and 3 pairs are perfect, with 2 that I have had to have altered as they were longer (funny enough, both of these were the stone color). They are a great option, lightweight for the summer, but wear them year round.
  13. Can only comment on the Epic speed as I grabbed one off CPO with a Graphite Design HD7 during one of their promotions. It replaced a Epic Flash subzero and is a definite upgrade in my mind. As you mentioned, I like the lower profile and it allows me to be able to hit it from both the turf as well as the tee. I’m a big fan of the shaft, so the fact that it’s a bonded hosel doesn’t impact me, but I do know for some that is a no go.
  14. So after 3 range sessions, and 2, 9 hold rounds - the UW is going to win out. Just to easy to hit so many different shots with it and the feel is really good. Second would go to the UT, as I have always loved a driving iron. Will most likely to keep for times when it is dry and the fairways dry out, but just can't get enough loft to allow it to stop on greens like the UW will.
  15. Should be a fun test to see if the UW can earn a spot in the bag…
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