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  1. Nothing standard - KBS Tour V + 1.75” with golf pride grips.
  2. I ordered a set 2 weeks ago, the site had them coming 4 weeks out, and they were just delivered last night. Seems they are definitely padding estimates right now, so hopefully you will experience the same. One tip, I did call customer service to check on each of the components and changed my grip preference up as that was the only piece they didn’t have in stock currently.
  3. Will be great to hear more once you get a chance to hit on the course. I was fit by a Callaway Master Fitter and we were taking the plastic off the Pros at that time. Coming from a set of P790s and was debating about ordering a UT 23 (my son has been playing the XFCB and experimenting with a 18 and 21 UT). Hit 5 or 6 with the 4 iron (Stock elevate shaft) and had no concerns on forgiveness off that small sample size. I am was a X100 player for the longest time but giving the KBS Tour V a try initially, early March delivery date.
  4. Looks like 4-W? What shaft did you end up ordering? How is forgiveness in the 4, was able to hit the stock club and it was great. I have the exact setup on order, but with the Pro AW as I like to keep it consistent with the main set.
  5. My son has been playing the XFCB since they came out in the fall. He is a 16 year old +1 handicap and we were looking for a club with consistency around distance control, so far this has been fantastic in the time he has been able to play them. He is a high swing speed player, driver speed around 115, so distance was not a concern. I just got to fit and have an order for a set of the Apex pros. I am 5 and benefit from a little extra distance trying to keep up with the boy. While the feel is not nearly as good as the XFCB, Distance control has always been good and I believe the tr
  6. Loved Ian's comments from TXG around the Pro - something to the point that if you looked at P770 and thought it was a hair too large, the Apex Pro is your club. Will be testing these as soon as I can.
  7. have to admit, I am with you. My son has the XForged CB in the bag, and having seen more pictures of the TCB, I will take a satin more squared version any day - just my 2 cents.
  8. Have been watching this thread and was a big fan and participant in the previous thread around fitting taller golfers. I am 6'4 but have a 39.5 inch wrist to floor measurement and was fit by a highly regarded fitter in TN 5 years ago into +2 irons. I am on my third set and have played them well (at least to my standards) as I have lowered my handicap since the switch. To the point on shafts, although my driver swing speed is 106-110, I have played Xstiff shafts (Dynamic Golf Tour Issue currently) to make up for the extra length, so that is absolutely a consideration.
  9. I am sure any credit he had is only applicable in the Continental US. Probably had to pull his wallet out and pay premium Kapalua prices!
  10. Very interested to hear the feedback around the ongoing quality - as a long time Ping bag user (20+ years) who wanted a super lightweight bag - went with Sun Mountain 2.5+ and have been impressed so far. Was looking Hoofer CEL before a member at my club who had one told me all of the problems he had only 2.5 months in.
  11. After my 15YO son converted his bag almost completely to Callaway over the last year (currently playing the X Forged CB irons), really interested to see what the 21 Apex Pros are about. We are both coming from P790s.
  12. I am very intrigued by this thought and wonder how they would combo. My son has a full set of the XFCBs and we initially thought about a combo with the APEX MB. Curious on how what adjustments would need to be made - hope we will have specs and pics in the next week.
  13. In true WRXer fashion - the things I noticed about the video when posted yesterday: 1. New Callaway Epic driver - but is that speed or LS? 2. GC Quad and Trackman 3. Oh, there is Phil....
  14. No, still have the Bushnell cover attached up high. Use the new zipper pocket for tees and a divot tool.
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