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  1. City and state? Chattanooga, Tennessee Handicap? 0.8 Current ball? TP5X What entices you to try a new brand or model golf ball? Titleist has always been my gamer until recently, I know they make the best products across the board and would like to see the results of their newest release. Your important performance category in a golf ball? Feel around the greens and carry distance Do you use a line or alignment arrow on your ball? No I don't, Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Absolutely.
  2. Councilfire is the cheapest to join at $3500 initiation. Also the best maintained greens out of all the courses in the city. Black creek is a tribute to Raynor so you see lots of template holes including a huge Biarritz, Redan, short, eden and an awesome punchbowl. Councilfire also has a ton of new members and a new GM who is great. Honors also requires caddies for all round regardless of walking or cart and they’re closing for a more extended period next year as Gil Hanse is coming in to help with a renovation. But normally they close earlier December and open early March. Lookout is a Raynor
  3. Beautiful set of Scott SG-03 blades. They’re +1/2 and 2up. Precision shafts, Golf Pride Align grips. These are $2,000 new. $500 shipped will also consider partial trades. Also have custom BBF&Co ferrules.
  4. Basically new PXG Mini Gunboat with headcover and “Two Thumbs” grip. $350 Odyssey 7H putter $50 Titleist 910 with AD-DIx 105 shaft. SOLD Open to trades as well. Iron sets, rangefinders, fw Woods, putters.... or whatever else you might have.
  5. When I lived in Atlanta (Midtown) I would drive up to Barnsley any chance I could. For the price and conditions, it's the best you'll find in town (public). Also, the hour drive was justified by it never being crowded so you could always play in 4 hours, unlike most ATL area courses. The Greens are always really good, they are Bermuda so not sure on the punch schedule, but I would definitely recommend making the drive.
  6. Cherokee Run in Conyers just east of Atlanta has good Zoysia as well. Always fun to have those tee'd up lies.
  7. Haven't seen anyone suggest it yet, but if I were you I would drive up to Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville. It's never crowded and it's as nice or nicer than any courses mentioned so far. I would 100% avoid Heritage, especially on a Saturday. Also the RTJ courses in Auburn are only an hour or so west of ATL another good option if you want something really good. One of the courses there hosted the Barbasol PGA event a couple years.
  8. By lead hip do you mean right hip for a right handed golfer or left?
  9. Good info, went to the range last night and focused on weight shift in the right toe going back and the left heel coming down. Really helped me turn and was amazed how well I hit my irons. Feeling like I was pushing the right knee toward the ball instead of away was a pretty helpful thought as well.
  10. Hey folks, Really need help clearing my hips. After watching this video I realize my hips are completely square at impact and I really have trouble staying in my posture which doesn't give me room to swing. Also leads to shanks occasionally. Any advice on clearing hips or working to do that? Will I need to stand closer to the ball if I do properly clear the hips, maybe that would help my posture. Any help would be appreciated.
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