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  1. who wants to come down here and crash straka's wedding at shoal creek with me?
  2. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/07/28/pga-tour-deny-stars-permission-to-play-controversial-saudi-international/ The PGA Tour will refuse to allow some of its biggest stars to play in the controversial Saudi International tournament next year, Golfweek has learned. PGA Tour members must obtain a waiver to compete on other circuits and the Tour has signaled to managers that permission will not be granted because the Saudi event is no longer sanctioned by the European Tour, which also plans to deny permits for its members to compete. The move will be seen as an escalation in a
  3. i won't be retiring there, but given the quality and significance of the course(s), it would be very interesting to know the particulars of property membership/statistics on how many/etc that are associated with the 'quasi' membership there, and access to courses ... #2 is enough in and of itself, but #4 and a few of the others is/are very good and certainly worth making a 'home' base if you've the income ...
  4. that's gorgeous ... i'm not gonna spend that much money on a putter, but if i were going to, i'd buy that putter ...
  5. also not draft dodging because the government/people have allowed it ...
  6. well water, at that ... grew up with it ... but i saw him do it live ... thought the same thing myself ... man, don't do that ...
  7. i can see why he'd want to quit ... and not because bryson's doing something horrible ... life of a tour caddie ain't easy ... and there's little control you have over it ... he made some money and decided on a good bet, cruising people to and from bandon ...
  8. i would hate it ... despise it ... refuse to speak of it ... but i would respect it ...
  9. i'd be more inclined to buy a better prize for the winners, if the trophy is the only thing ... as you said, the losers get something that it seems is at least somewhat "useful", despite the appearance of the item ... the losers of Alabama's ADay game get hot dogs for dinner while the winners get a steak ... so maybe something along those lines - the night's bottle that losers have to drink is a cheap one vs a good one for the winners (tho not everybody drinks) ... maybe make the losers from the previous year have to play with pink balls, or something, during the current contest ... outside of
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