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  1. Thanks all... I turned golf on early and caught the Dubai Irish and was amazed at how good the announcing was. I'm definitely going to start watching more of the European tour.
  2. ...at the Dubai duty free irish open? Thanks!
  3. Outpost31

    2020 US Open

    WTG Bryson! Awesome win!
  4. Hi, can you post a picture of your wrist at address please? "I’m right handed. At address of the ball, I hold my right wrist/hand toward the ground." Thanks!
  5. Seems like there was 15 minutes of Andy North talking and no golf. Rickie & Bryson on 3 now.
  6. I remember this... It was designed by some guy who's a musician or something. Let us know how it rolls and info on where you found it and how much? Enjoy.
  7. Is she a player, instructor? Golf magazine August 2020.
  8. This guy sounds really miserable. Good luck and I hope you're able to hook up with some good guys and start to enjoy your golf a bit more.
  9. Why wouldn't you just tell the guy you're done playing with him vs leaving your club? That just seems extreme.
  10. A couple of beginners playing golf by holing every shot in a 4 hr round? Where's the problem here? I understand the 1' putt for sure, but when did a 4 hr round by a 4 some become taboo?
  11. My 4 some is thinking of playing in a 1 club scramble which is something we've never done. It's explained like this: "Each picks a club and no sharing between teammates your club the entire round every shot other then that standard scramble rules apply." [sic] Has anyone played this type format? Any strategy tips? Obviously this is for fun, but would like to have some type of game plan going in. Thanks in advance.
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