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  1. Why are they showing 1st round? Is play suspended?
  2. What are the two screws toe/heel for? Are they adjustable? Thanks.
  3. I just tuned in... Why aren't the announcers talking?
  4. Bryson lives rent free in poser brooksy head. #BrooksKoepkaIsAPunk
  5. Brooks is a beta male punk. I hope Bryson kicks his a** the way Phil & Tiger did.
  6. Just got done ordering some grips. Thank you so much for the information.
  7. You may be right. I might be thinking of Cobra golf. Looking for the ID-8 grips and thought ping sold them.
  8. I've looked but can't find any. Tried to call them but after 25 minutes I just hung up.
  9. Is anyone rolling this? Does the technology work? Any reviews from someone who owns one is most welcomed. Ty
  10. I tried the search but couldn't find the thread about the longest ball to use for a scramble. What's the one ball that goes the longest off the driver? TIA
  11. Looking for Bridgestone Tour B RXS balls and haven't seen any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals... has anyone seen any?
  12. Thanks all... I turned golf on early and caught the Dubai Irish and was amazed at how good the announcing was. I'm definitely going to start watching more of the European tour.
  13. ...at the Dubai duty free irish open? Thanks!
  14. Outpost31

    2020 US Open

    WTG Bryson! Awesome win!
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