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  1. I have seen them available for sale at both Golfgalaxy and PGAtour-all grinds. In Houston
  2. Perfect, like new items that I need to move- PRICE DROP ON TRIPLE DIAMOND AND FORZA-NEED TO MOVE THEM OUT-THANKS Epic Speed Triple Diamond 10.5 with your choice of shaft-either Ventus 5-S Velocore w Lamkin Sonar Tour or Speeder 569 Evolution IV SR flex w CP2 Wrap 45.5 length- $700 w headcover NOW $475 SOLD-THANKS SUPADUPACHALUPA Piretti Forza 35" w Superstroke Pistol GT Tour grip (first one sold has the option on the headcover)-$325 NOW $275 SOLD -Thanks STEELIED Piretti Cuvio 35" w Superstroke Pistol GT Tour grip -$325 SOLD-THANKS BRETT-RED HC GONE All in excellent shape, I just have picked up too many new things over the last month. I know it is Golfwrx, but my wife thinks 5 drivers and 5 putters are a few too many. More pictures available. Have a great weekend!
  3. They are no longer at the airport, and have a nice shop-a candy store of awesome stuff. Bill has helped me quite a bit with a perfect fit on 2 of the new midnight 303 models, a Forza and a Cuvio, and has been awesome to work with. Just my experience-have a great day-steve
  4. Yep-ready too. Have a great Sunday!
  5. I have not had any issues with glare on the course. I did think it would be an issue but it has not been at all. Steve
  6. The rain won't stop down here in SE Texas but I have been able to get out a few more times with the Supernova. I do really like it. Yes the sound is a little different, but for me the sound and feel is always different with an insert putter. this is not too soft and not too hard. There are also different sounds and feels with milled putters. What I do know, is this putter puts a really good roll on it. The course I played last weekend had a lot of rain and had not mowed the greens so they were a little slower. I was able to adjust to the speed and the Supernova gave me very consistent results. In the past, I would have had a bunch of putts coming up even shorter than normal-a function of my stroke too-but that was not the case. Looks like only 20% rain tomorrow so I hopeful to be able to review with closer to normal greens. Play well this weekend!!!
  7. Oh, and I forgot the Callaway full face in there too-
  8. Good morning! I stopped by GG yesterday and their release schedule shows these to be coming out in August. Followed by the new 790, some new Cleveland product, and then a Cobra Air product in September. Have a great day!
  9. FOR SALE APEX 21 IRONS- 4-PW, standard specs, Elevate 95 VSS R-flex shaft, MCC+4 Deep Red/White grips logo down, Excellent shape with one picture that shows the club with the most wear-not a lot. $875 Cobra RAD Driver 10.5 with HZDRUS Blue RDX Smoke 6.0 Stiff, Peacoat blue/red/white, with standard Arccos grip. Like new with headcover $375 I have accumulated a few too many items and need to reduce inventory before my wife really starts to look. More pics available. Thanks very much and have a great day!
  10. Both items sold-thanks Joe and Clayton-Have a great Sunday!
  11. For Sale-Exotic C721 Irons and Driver Irons 5-A wedge-standard specs, New Decade MCC +4 Deep Red and White grips logo down on all but A wedge, Stiff Elevate VSS 95 shafts, only played with 5 times. It is time to go to regular shafts in everything. The A wedge is still in plastic and I will put on the same grip to buyer. Very nice, solid clubs-I just need to change shafts-$575 Driver C721 10.5 w/ Red Ventus 6S standard spec with New Decade MCC black white, Logo Down. Looks like new-$275 with headcover Thanks very much-all in excellent shape. More pics available- Steve
  12. SUPERNOVA REVIEW I was able to get in 18 yesterday but it was a challenge. The entire front nine was played in the rain so on about #6 keeping the rain drops from not falling on the ball when addressing a putt-a challenge. Normally, my putter selections tend to be more conservative and more blade than mallets. From SAM lab testing my pick should be a moderate toe hang. I also tend to finish very much to the inside, so trying a face balanced mallet was a little out of the norm for me. Putting has gotten more difficult over the years with age, and inconsistent delivery of the face to the ball with the correct loft has been a challenge. Consequently I normally finish short and low on my putts, so I was very excited to try this technology. LOOKS I had taken a look at these when they first arrived at GG and PGA. With the lights and the plastic, they looked pretty bold and big. However, when I received mine and set it down compared to the Pings and Pirettis I have, it did not look completely out of place. The shape is similar to some of the other popular head shapes on the market. I do really like the way the alignments are set up and the contrast of finishes on the top of the club. As mentioned in one of the previous reviews, I did have a concern regarding the silver finish on the top. The sun did come out yesterday and it was not an issue. I do like the CT shaft in the putter, and seeing a premium quality product grip like the Lamkin they are using. Sometimes manufacturers will recycle the same grip from model to model, and my first reaction is to change it out. The headcover to me is the right mix of tradition with the stitching and the pop with the colors. It also looks to be of high quality. FEEL AND PERFORMANCE For me this putter works. It does have a little louder click, and the weight may be a little heavier. I was concerned at first with the construction of the face but it works very well. The ball comes off the face and stays on the ground. I did try Pro V1 '21, Wilson Staff and Srixon XV '21 balls as well to see if there was a difference or feel coming off the face. The Lamkin grip is one of the few that i would decide to keep. The few misses I had did get to the hole and ended up on the high side. The Cobra/SIK technology works for me and even poor strokes had a much better chance of going in. OVERALL I really like this putter a lot. It works very well for me and I appreciate the technology in the design of the SIK face and the more precise way to effect COG and MOI with the Cobra 3D. It will be interesting to see where manufacturers go with product design as we go forward. Cobra is using quality manufacturers so I don't feel the need to change something out. Staying in the bag!!!!!!!! If there are any questions, please contact me and I will put an update up as I get more time with the Supernova-if it will ever stop raining! Thanks again Cobra and GolfWRX!!! Steve
  13. Thanks to GolfWrx and Cobra for making me a part of the testing! Early quick impressions-it looks much better out of the plastic and I believe has a very quality, look and feel. Just back in town from vacation so I plan on taking out this weekend for a couple of rounds -weather permitting. We have been getting a lot of rain around Houston while I was gone with more coming. I did play 18 on Saturday before I left, and the greens were still showing the effects of being punched. Made the first putt I attempted on 1 -15 footer, and a few more around that distance. Unfortunately I was hitting it so bad, I was more concerned about my swing. I did notice my tendencies to come up short when I add loft to my putts did not happen. Looking forward to a thorough test. Normally I use a heel shafted or flow neck type of putter, so the face balance is a little different. It felt very solid and I know some of the putts that I mishit had a much better result than my typical miss.
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