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  1. The worst quality putters from major companies is the TM Spider. I have 2, love them, but they are easily the worst quality golf clubs I've ever owned. The silver paint flakes off if you look at it wrong. But I've never putted better. Kinda hoping Toulon makes a fully machined non-painted spider style. I think the only current machined Spider style is the SIK FLO.
  2. thezinfan

    Vokey SM8

    Just got an email from Vokey WedgeWorks. ProjectX shafts are causing additional delays, so they upgraded me to 2-day shipping for free. Waiting on a Raw 56-12D
  3. Thanks!!!!!! Hit the TS3 hybrid yesterday. You saved me $50.
  4. The courses are set up quite a bit different for the US Am than for the tourists. They are pretty easy tracks from the normal tees, of course its all wind/weather dependent
  5. If you like CTaper, how about CTaper Lite?
  6. Vokey makes high bounce wide sole wedges, in addition to their highly sculpted, low bounce wedges. I use a 56F/14 and a 60K/12. Plenty of bounce and sole.
  7. I ordered personalized Prov1's on 4/20/2020 or so from Puetz Golf in Seattle. Was told in early June that it was going to be a 2-3 month delay, so they gave me the option to switch to non-personalized and get them much sooner. I switched to non-personalized....and then received my personalized balls a week ago. Weird.
  8. Hi, My local clubfitter is trying to change the shaft on my TaylorMade Spider Tour Diamond Silver putter. He called me and said he's having real issues removing the OEM bend shaft. Is there a trick he should know? Thanks.
  9. Carnoustie is in no way "ready to go". They keep the heather pretty short there normally. Great course but you wouldn't recognize 17/18 on a normal day vs Open conditions.
  10. I got the Mizunos right before xmas, so only a few rounds in. Not sure about the forgiveness so to speak, but distance control is much better.
  11. Not sure how flexible you are in 2021, but you should check out The Carnegie Shield tourney they run every year (open to non-members). Incredible bargain and a pretty awesome time. It is in mid-August though.https://royaldornoch.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Carnegie-Shield-Entry-Form-2020.pdf
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