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  1. My shop is telling me it will be a 4-6 week lead time if I order now. Crazy how long Ping's wait time is with their clubs right now. Or I could go to Dick's and buy off the shelf, no thanks.
  2. Ping i500 Power Spec 4 thru UW DG120 Stiff Black Dot Standard Length Lamkin Sonar Grips (logo down) Purchased used in October, sent away to Ping to be refinished and bent to Black Dot specs. Played only from March until now, still in excellent condition. Only flaw is the 4 has a few digs on the toe, the club was like this when I bought them, and Ping couldn’t do anything about them. $SOLD I'll take offers, trying to avoid Ebay.
  3. There's no real reason why I need to do this other than I like to tinker, I might look at finding another 3T on ebay to play with so I don't mess up my gamer. Thanks for the advice.
  4. I’m gaming an Odyssey O-works 3T but want to try a stroke lab shaft. Anyone swap shafts in the 3T model, any suggestions/recommendations? There is a shaft for sale in the classifieds, is it really worth the spend?
  5. Ryder cup style match, got paired up with a kid that had all hybrids, 25yr old with a 75yr old bag set up. He couldn't drive it more than 225yrs but he was down the middle every time and man oh man could he putt! I think it was a mind game because standing on the first tee and even a few holes in I thought this would be an easy match just based on the bag set up. Well he took me 17 holes and closed me out with a 25ft birdie but after hitting a 5 hybrid 165yds. Waiting for a rematch this year!!
  6. Worst round of the year so far... yesterday. It snowed in NY, didn't keep score because I was putting through snow but it was by far the worst so far.
  7. Honestly, who cares what ball Gary plays.. it's an OnCore. Pretty sure people didn't run right out and buy a dozen.
  8. I haven't tried the iron grips but all my putters are gripped with Iomics mid sized. I've thought about trying the iron grips but I'm so stuck on Lamkin Sonars that I can't pull the trigger and make a switch.
  9. But why?? How can a club designer present that to Tony and Tony say yup, that’s the one!
  10. What groups do you belong to on FB? I'm only in club junkies but haven't tried selling anything there yet.
  11. Can the picture be reposted here on page 24? We all want a peak at this thing.
  12. It's the end of the season here in NY, time to unload the bag and look ahead to next season. All prices are negotiable and include shipping. No trades. Paypal only. Extra pictures available if needed. Ping G410 Driver - 10.5 degree, standard length, Hazrdus 76g 6.0 Stiff Flex shaft, Lamkin Sonar grip, headcover included. $SOLD Ping G400 3 Wood - 14.5 degree, standard length, ping alta shaft stiff flex. Lamkin Sonar grip, No headcover. $SOLD Ping i210 4-UW - Black dot, Standard L/L/L, DG120 S300 shafts, Lamkin Sonar grips. $SOLD Callaway GBB Epic Driver - 9 degre
  13. PVC.. never would think to use this. Great idea, actually have a shaft listed on eBay right now so I may have to ship it this way. Thanks for the idea.
  14. Ha, I'm just the opposite of most of you. I played i210's all summer and 3 weeks ago purchased i500's and actually enjoy the 500's better. However, the 210's sit right next to the 500's in the basement waiting for the call to duty. I gained distance and got the ball flight I like to play with the 500's, 210's I couldn't keep the flight down consistently, always ballooned up on me. I'm going to a fitter next week so we'll see which set is really meant for me.
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