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  1. Never owned a launch monitor and with this new mevo+ I'm ready (wife game me the ok) to pick this up. Questions about using this for outdoor range sessions. I know setup is really important for indoor use, but what about outdoor? Can I just estimate the distance from the hitting area or should I bring a tape measure? How much flexibility is there with the hitting area? Obviously there will be divots, will I have to keep moving the unit to account for that or is there a wide cone area? What about target line, will it have to be perfectly aligned to my target and if it's off will that affect
  2. TOUR V-R TIGHT DISPERSION. LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN. The KBS TOUR-V is a lightweight product that features larger outer diameters, resulting in a stable tip section and tight shot dispersion. For players that prefer a lighter weight shaft and less ball spin, the KBS TOUR-V is the ideal shaft option. The TOUR-V is the newest addition to the KBS line.
  3. Thanks for the responses. On course performance is better than previous driver (mainly on misses/dispersion), based on small sample from game golf. But I also have improved my swing quite a bit. That's what has me so confused as why one would say I should never be fitted with regular even with the differences between manufactures stiffness ratings. I know there are many factors/variables involved, it was just concerning to me to hear the one say that about the driver shaft I was fitted with from another fitter. Since I'm not an expert I have no way of knowing who is right or wrong. I als
  4. King F8+ Color: Black Hand: Right Shaft Flex: Graphite Stiff Shaft: Aldila NV 2KXV Green 65 Shaft Length: -1/2 inch Grip Type: Standard (Cobra Connect not included) Grip: Cobra - Lamkin - Crossline ACE - Blue Grip Options: +1 wrap Thanks!!
  5. I was recently fitted at a Big box Store and was fitted with a G400 with Rogue Black 60 regular. At the fitting my swing speed was measuring avg 99 and avg 140 ball speed with only a smash of 1.42 and spin avg 2016 on their Quad GC. I ended up going to another golf store to get fitted for a 3 wood and they had a trackman. Since I didn't have a current 3 wood in my bag he had me hit my driver to warm up. After seeing the numbers on trackman (only 95 mph swing speed and I believe ball speed was around 130 not sure on the rest of the numbers I think spin was in the 3,000's) he asked to see th
  6. BBZero with intricately engraved Honeycomb on the sole of this putter. Black anodized Micro Honeycomb Aluminum insert and identical face milling. Maybe some sole stamping and paint fills.
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