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  1. 1. Overland Park, KS2. 133. Callaway apex4. RH5. Searching for the right iron and I have always been more interested i. boutique, small company iron set 6. Absolutely agree to test, provide feedback and pictures. Whatever is needed.
  2. 1. Kansas City, KS2. 143. Rangefinder and App (18birdies)4. Bushnell Jolt V35. Yes, absolutely
  3. I have this same combo but a 6s and it’s an absolute chick magnet. While it’s a pricey two piece meal it’s well worth the burp and sh!ts afterwards. GLWS
  4. I've hit both and regret selling both... Looking to bring them back. Both feel very similar. They both felt extremely good at impact, both felt stout for graphite but not beyond it's flex. I played stiff and it felt accurate in relation. My ball was longer with the Steelfiber and flew lower. The MMT spun more and was much higher in flight. My 7i with the steelfiber was an average 173, with the MMT it was a 166. Loved either one... the difference wasn't enough to be picky in my opinion.
  5. 8* might make it worse to be honest, you’re hitting slightly down which is increasing the spin. Lowering loft will only exasperate the problem.
  6. My fourth round with it this morning. I think I got too comfortable with it that I started going after it and way too much arms which resulted in pushes. Last two holes “turned” on them more and two back to back 260+ drives. My SS is 102 avg. very happy with this thing. Just soo easy.
  7. At 45” that thing is going to feel like a hammer. At 43.75” it already feels head heavy so I can’t imagine what it’ll feel like at 45.
  8. Forgiveness sucks, spin sucks, cog sucks, moi sucks ???
  9. Super interesting, I did tip my velo blue 1” to your point. I have a 7s shaft I could easily try if your results are good so please do keep us posted.
  10. I actually disagree with a heavier shaft idea, I went lighter because of the “control” it offers so I can swing faster. I’m using a 6s velo blue and it’s the first tee wood I have used where I can expect a 10 yard variance from aiming spot left or right. To me that’s the best accuracy I have played with. So bring on the distance….
  11. I have a ventus blue 6s tipped 1” and played about 43.25” in a m5 3 wood I would trade for the red?
  12. So the same thing, but if ball strike isn’t the best the 300 is slightly better…
  13. Long time addi user in woods and hybrids. I tried the evenflow blue last year on a whim and actually liked it more. Sold the ADDI and bought the club. This year, I tried the ping tour 90s and that was even better. Accuracy and distance both improved. Feel wise it does feel just a tad stouter though. The evenflow blue and addi just have a magical feeling to them.
  14. Can you tell what sort of distance difference you’re seeing between them?
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