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  1. I’ve tried all 3 and will add another that’s similar and that’s the evenflow. But, for me the Ventus and evenflow were almost identical in feel. The F3 and Hzrdus for me felt very whippy which I liked a lot. Fit my swing, tempo extremely well. The odd outcome from the F3 and Hzrdus was that my flight was lower, with my tempo I was a shift and have my hands in a forward position where the dynamic loft stayed low. I sold it before this season started for some dumb reason and I now I want it back.
  2. Tmag - I can take it off and add something else if I have it
  3. Premium shafts i have had that over time i began to use as experiments mostly dabbling with shortening my sticks and playing them shorter in length. Very interested in a trade for: Tour Ad XC Tour AD HD Tour AD IZ Tour AD DI Tour AD TP in either 5s or 5x *Willing to be very forgiving on my end I will ship via fedex ground, tracking included and can ship starting tomorrow. For the goods - $60 a shaft for woods, $45 a shaft for hybrids. Pricing includes shipping and will absolutely negotiate for multiples. SOLD
  4. Three sets of iron shafts. Will ship via fedex ground with tracking #. modus 130 stiff kbs Tours 120 stiff DG s300 I would say neither plays like one or the other. To me the DG plays like a mid stiff shaft with a boring flight and mid spin. The Modus 130 plays stiff with a higher flight and awesome control. The KBS to me felt smooth, not much effort needed to get the ball going. In terms of spin KBS spun the most with modus and s300 I had no difference. Distance was same I didn’t see a drop off or increase with either. I could go hard with the modus and still fe
  5. Go buy a graffaloy pro launch blue in sr flex for $29 and you’ll feel the same thing! All joking aside - I would love to try the autoflexx I tend to hit my longest drives with “whippy” shafts but like mentioned with these type of shafts my dispersion is crap. I just recently switched from a TOUR AD DJ to a evenflow black LOL. Far better at finding the fairways now.
  6. The whole copy cat thing is the most obvious statement with equipment. Everyone has copied everyone - can we be done with that whole notion now? At least until 8am...
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