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  1. Drops. $Tapers from 250 to 215 Stroke Lab from 70 to 50 Nikes from 50 to 40 All prices shipped.
  2. No trades, thanks. Apparently moving to SoCal is expensive, and I need proper currency. Will ship USPS from Oregon. 1) Set of 7 $-taper lites in stiff/.370. Pulled from a very gently-used set of Cobra King Forged Tec 20s. Lamkin UTX Standard grips in great condition. Start at 37.5” and down to 34.5”, with two of those gaps an extra 1/8th shorter. KBS wants $70 each for these, and the UTX grips are money, pardon the pun, if you like corded. $175 shipped dropped 4/27 2nd drop 5/3 2) Odyssey StrokeLab Double Bend plays to 35” in like new condition, almost positive it’s.370 but will confirm if needed. Pulled from a mint Las Vegas that was never rolled. Stroke Lab Jumbo grip. $40 shipped, dropped 4/27. 3) 2 pairs of Nike Janoski skate-inspired golf shoes size 9.5. Wife has lodged a formal complaint regarding the amount of golf shoes I own. These are sweet, but the toe box is just a touch narrower than I prefer. I got these from here, and they’re unworn by me. Grey might have one round on them. Black looks unworn to me. $SOLD shipped for both pairs. 4/27 drop. Thanks for your interest. PM me with any questions.
  3. Couldn’t some of this be the Sheep Ranch honeymoon and covid? I know I’ve tried to dial up ten different excuses to get down there just to play it. Not saying the place will empty out later, but it might be a perfect storm. It’s not like BD was a secret before the Am. Anyone who was into golf and has the means tot ask trips in the US already knew about it, and likely had it on the radar for their next one. Or maybe they’ll have to just build a new course?!? Another inland sister to Trails, perhaps, if the land is there. And totally agree on the muzak, bros. I didn’t fire up the speaker for my recent round at Chambers, and couldn’t hear anyone else doing so. Would be annoying to have to put up with Florida Georgia Line, Little Wayne, or the effin Eagles, man.
  4. Yesterday was just about as perfect a day for golf as it gets up here in the PNW. Just stunning, as the past few weeks have been, and very conflicting for this kid also raised in Tennessee who’s considering moving down to SoCal for ‘better’ weather. Never having spent much time in the Sound region, outside of Seattle proper, the drive into University Place was staggering in its beauty. I was not prepared for the snowcapped Olympic Mountains to be hovering in the distance over the water, for the blue of that water to be a perfect blue in the sunlight, and for the little town to appear so laid back and chill. Wanted to relocate instantly, and it’s not hard to see why folks love it up there. Plenty has been said about the scale, the walk, and the terrain. I’ll just re-confirm all that. It seemed like a massive amphitheater built specifically for golf, which I suppose it kind of is. It is stunning. The conditions were *almost* perfect. The fairways were very firm, rolling, and in fantastic shape. The greens were too, with one exception. The 6th green had several patches that were little better than bare sand, almost gravel. That was the only blemish on the course I saw. Greens rolled very true for putts, but not as fast as you’d guess. But if you landed your approach (or green side chip, even) in the wrong spot, they quickly ushered your ball away from the cup into waiting bunkers or collection areas. Overall, the turf was a 9.5/10. I haven’t played a lot of super-firm links golf (mainly Bandon in winter), and it was awesome. The only knock I have on the day was pace of play. We turned in 3 hours, and we were all over the group in front of us. I think they were stacked up too, and a guy at the turn who had just finished was grousing about his 5 hour round. We were lucky to finish, but played 18 essentially in the dark, and the group behind us had the sprinklers pop on if they tried to get home. We never saw a marshall. Overall, my main takeaway was Gratitude. I am floored I got to play that course on that day. I am gobsmacked that it is a municipal. I almost cannot believe the rate I paid. I am confounded that is closer and cheaper than Bandon or Pronghorn. I am numbed with glee that I sent my 5i pin-high on the 9th hole from the high tees and rolled in the five footer for par. If you can, go play it. Just be prepared for a long march and an amazing day.
  5. Played it 4/3. Green were not all the way back from the punch, but close. Fairways were firm, no soft spots that I saw. Rough was short and as manageable as I’ve ever seen it. I bet it’s just about perfect now.
  6. Playing this Saturday for the first time. Will report back on how far my topped drives roll!
  7. Stone Creek usually has grass open if it’s dry. Think I’ve seen it as The Reserve and Pumpkin as well. Tualatin Island Greens, too.
  8. Buying a Planemate and the first week protocols really helped me. Worth a look, for sure.
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