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  1. I call it a “dinner do-over” during my twilight rounds.
  2. Respeck to PGA Tour Live providing good coverage for this event. Here’s hoping Spieth-Reed is a good match!!!
  3. Hi all, My wife and I are returning to the Lone Star State after spending a year in middle Tennessee. We love it here, but can't wait to be back closer to family and friends. We'll be in the Cypress/Tomball area and I'm curious as to any leagues that are around there. Anyone have any recommendations as to courses to play or practice areas? We're both teachers, so private is out of my price range. But I'll have my summer vacation mostly free and would love to find a regular group of guys to play with. I'm nothing special (~17 cap), but enjoy playing and try not to take myself too seriously. TIA for the help! Ryan
  4. Well, here’s hoping there’s a CPGATATTPBPA code for this weeks tourney! Still kicking myself for not jumping on it...
  5. Lol at Kuch on 17 “Goll-y Matty! What a d***head!”
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    You can really make do taking 2 or 3 clubs. I take a wedge, mid-iron, and long iron/hybrid. No need for woods. Don’t be that guy awkwardly standing around with his full bag for two hours while waiting for a bay to open up.
  7. I’m four lessons in right now. I was gifted a five lesson package. I’ll echo everyone else here by saying the instructor makes the difference. During my swing eval, my pro told me exactly what Monte noticed when I sent him some video earlier this year. That helped me trust that the Golftec pro knew what he was talking about. Since then, we’ve slowly worked on fixing the takeaway then creating more hip turn on the backswing. Currently focused on getting rid of my slide in the downswing but I’ve already noticed more consistency overall with the changes we’ve made. I recommend at least checking it out!
  8. Shipping delayed! Noooooooooo! Oh, well. Guess I'll have to wait until next weekend to lose these.
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