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  1. Playing forged distance game improvement irons
  2. I doubt he weakened them, at least much anyway. He's always strengthened the lofts on his irons. Not quite that strong but it would be a natural progression for a soon to be 50 year old obsessed with distance
  3. A 12.5 degree driving iron is absolute madness. I know a guy who should buy one but it's still absolute madness
  4. My Frankenstein Combo Set I used this year. Built around a stock set of Apex 19 6-PW Elevate 95 stiff. Mack Daddy 4 48 degree S Grind wedge. DG TI S200. Epic CF17 5 iron LZ 95 5.5 shaft. Rogue 4 hybrid 21 degree with Kuro Kage black 80 stiff hybrid shaft. All clubs are in very good condition I would sell the entire 4-GW set for $899 shipped. If I am piecing this out: I would sell the 6-PW for $649 The MD4 wedge for $99 The Rogue 4 Hybrid for $99 The Epic 5 iron for $75.
  5. Phil has literally had the exact same golf swing his entire career. It's incredibly flawed from a fundamental standpoint and requires freakish talent and perfect timing to pull off. When he's on hes nearly unbeatable and when he's off he literally hits the ball both ways off the planet. Add in age, health issues, etc and there's going to be way more awful than great. Phil ramping up a focus on distance is just making inaccuracy worse. For all the senior tour talk get real. There's no way in hell Phil is going to the senior tour anytime soon. He's far too competitive and too talented t
  6. No mention of David "Golf Nostradamus" Duval picking himself to win and starting Birdie Birdie Par?
  7. No driver, 3 deep only at Portrush. Phil wins. Rides off into the rain clouds
  8. They set this tournament up to give Phil Mickelson the best possible chance of winning. I like it. Good work USGA.
  9. Callaway Apex / Apex Pro Taylormade P790 Ping I500 JPX 919 Forged or Hot Metal Pro Pretty much my top picks in order unless you're specifically looking for an extreme players or extreme game improvement iron. That's pretty much the list of my favorite middle of the road clubs that have looks but some help to appeal to better players. I'm a mid to high single digit and I played P790s last year and have the CF19 Apex for this year.
  10. > @agolf1 said: > > @"Dan Drake" said: > > So, “three” wood out, 2nd driver in is what it looks like? A straight swap, at least for Phil. > > He claims the 2nd driver is only this week though, which seems kind of strange. > https://www.golfchannel.com/news/phil-mickelson-70-playing-two-drivers-good-start-memorial > > I know he played Merion well with just the 3 Deep. But that was also 6 years ago when relatively speaking he had more distance vs a lot of the top players. If anything, almost seems like he could play Pebble with the 2/3 wood and long
  11. > @QuigleyDU said: > I see the T1100 haz. What is the second driver shaft? Isn't it the RIP proto? That's what he had in at Quail hollow and looked the same this week
  12. PXG Irons sold Price is firm on the Cameron and can email more (slightly better but dealing with a bad camera) pics if interested.
  13. > @grm24 said: > > @nosedive32 said: > > > @QuigleyDU said: > > > > @nosedive32 said: > > > > 40% of Phil Mickelson's major championship victories occurred without the traditional 1 driver set up. He had 2 for his win at the 06 Masters and 0 for his win at the 13 Open. > > > > > > I think it was only one day that he didnt play with a driver in 13. I may be wrong though. > > > > Phil played the entire US Open, Scottish Open, and British Open without a driver in 2013. He finished 2nd 1st 1st > > Also Phi
  14. 1. PXG 0311X 21 Degree 4 and 24 degree 5 utility irons. Fujikura Pro 2.0 Hybrid shafts 86 gram in stiff flex. PXG Lamkin Z5 grips. 1 Degree upright. Ordered from PXG and gamed 3 or 4 rounds. Doubt I've hit 10 shots with either. Asking $300 for the pair or $175 each. 2. Titleist Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Midslant. I've owned a few over the years and condition has definitely held up well on this one. 34 inches. Fresh blue Iomic midsize grip to replace the warn out original. Includes cover. I have 4 1/2 by length of the putter strips of lead tape on the bottom. It's recent so should re
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