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  1. The difference is Xander has been struggling to get it done on Sunday in regular events and has admitted as much. Since you mentioned Mickelson, Xander Schauffele Wins Money list ranking First 5 full years on tour (played 2 events in 2016) 2017 2 Wins 12th Money 2018 0 Wins 18th Money 2019 2 Wins 6th Money 2020 0 Wins 11th Money 2021 0 Wins 3rd Money (current) Phil Mickelson (Won as an Amateur in 1991, Turned pro mid 1992) 1993 2 Wins 22nd Money 1994 1 Win 15th money 1995 1 Win 28th money 1996 4 Wins 2nd money 19
  2. 88 Players were in the field at the Masters. Obviously its really limited. You have a handful of past champions and amateurs in that 88 that weren't eligible for the Players. Still 50 and ties make the cut at Augusta and you'd expect the majority to be top guys who were in both fields. Less than half of the players who made the cut at Augusta had also made the cut at The Players. I remembered the old CBS Sports site tracking the summative slam every year (leaderboard for players who made the cut at all 4 majors total). While I don't feel like the Players is really the 5th major (there are 4.
  3. I'm gonna try to win widest differential between best and worst rounds of the year since it's early for a lot of you guys. Best - 75 Worst - 96
  4. The Sim 2 Max is a slightly larger headsize. I prefer the color scheme and lines on the Sim 2 Max. I can't really give a direct comparison in performance because I'm actually playing them both now in different lofts (Sim Rocket - Sim 2 HL) because I like to have a strong 3 wood for par 5 approaches and as a driver alternative getting max total distance. The 4 wood is a high soft approach club. I can say in the rocket head the Sim was pretty much identical to the m6 so loft for loft I'm going to assume the Sim Max and Sim 2 Max are probably pretty similar ou
  5. If DJ and Rory wanted to use something else for a club or two I'm sure they have the freedom to do so. At least they should. They are plenty of small fish staffers with the odd club or two (sometimes more) from outside of home base. Maybe not though. Perhaps Phil Mickelson is unique in that he was able to be a mega money face of brand guy and still play whatever he wanted when he felt he needed too. There always seems to be an odd club in Phil's bag that isn't from Callaway. Hell at the 2013 Presidents Cup he had 3 - SLDR Driver, Ping Anser Hybrid, Ping Eye
  6. The last time I saw a bald eagle was when I had two fly out in front of my new truck. I did not have time to stop. One got hit going about 30-35.... And survived. You can't kill America.
  7. I would have had a hard time not fighting the guy or at minimum not launching into a profanity laced tirade. So well done by you.
  8. Freddy isn't using the squareway anymore? This is just weird.
  9. Custom Mavrik Hybrids I ordered from Callaway. Decided to play a 7 Wood instead of a strong lofted hybrid or driving iron for easy of launch and (surprisingly) versatility / workability and I've loved it. Thought I would mess around with 23 and 26 degree hybrids as well instead of playing my 5 and 6 iron (ball striking with woods and short irons has been really good, 5 and 6 iron have been trash)
  10. Ping allows ordering irons in 3 loft configurations so adjusting loft doesn't compromise other aspects of design. If you went I210 here are your loft options for 4-6 iron compared to standard loft for I Blade. I Blade 4=23.5 5=27 6=30.5 7=34 I210 Std 4=22.5 5=26 6=29.5 I210 Retro 4=24.5 5=28 6=31.5 So your two options come down to 1 degree stronger or weaker without further adjustment to alter offset bounce etc.
  11. I played an 82 gram D+ in a Mizuno MP H4 2 iron once and I had no problem hitting high cuts off the deck when I need to.
  12. They can call 5.5 "R+" and 6.0 "S" all they want. The chart illustrates that the truth is that 5.5 is pretty stiff and 6.0 is approaching X territory. If you are just looking to drop 5 grams of weight and get a different feel go to a 5.5 and the stiffness should match your KBS S. If you want some softer as well go for the 5.0 and it will still play stiffer than the KBS R. I haven't played PX in a while but did play 5.5 at a few different points when my Driver swing speed was both just over and just under 100 MPH. I think I've hit a 5.0 once or twice when s
  13. From experience I would say yes and no. There are some shafts I have liked in hybrids / driving irons over the years I did not enjoy in fairways and drivers. Other shafts I have really enjoyed in both the wood and hybrid versions. Some random examples through the years. - I like the Ventus blue in the Taylormade fairways but tried a hybrid with it and didn't feel the same way. I like the Diamana D+ in a driving iron but never got along with it in a driver. Other Shafts like Kuro Kage Silver and Black as well as Diamana S+ I liked in both woods and hybrids.
  14. I haven't touched an Apex 21 anything but I have played previous models. I played the 14s in 5-PW with a Pro AW. I had the 16s in a 4-AW combo set. I had the 19s 6-PW The 16 set was my favorite of the bunch. If you order a designed combo set from Callaway they have the specs of the pro irons (8-AW unless the newer models are different which I don't think they are) made up to match the specs of the standard irons. That should pretty much take care of any of the concerns you might have if you tried to put together a combo set from adjusting specs of irons not de
  15. Lowest career scoring average at the Masters minimum 25 rounds - Jordan Spieth Finishes at the Masters T2 WIN T2 T11 3 T21 T46 Since February 2021 - T3 T4 T15 T4 T48 T9 WIN Only week he didn't contend he still made the cut and finished under par at Sawgrass. Jordan is the favorite. He's easily been the most consistent player in the world the last 2 months and his record at Augusta is pretty unparalled at this point in his career. Compare his first 7 Masters to legends who won numerous green jackets Nicklaus - MC T13 T7 T15
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