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  1. Man, the play-by-play (shot tracker) on the official webseite is poor. No ball trails, no pin positions. Just text. What a shame! Maybe they could use some of the 98 millions of the TV deal to present a shot tracker of the same quality the PGA Tour has.
  2. Pretty deep look into Martin Kaymers thinking - on the golf course and off: http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2019/tournamentid=2019052/news/newsid=371360.html?fbclid=IwAR1xWjwVpZMeiTvzlGG95nhyo9cqNw9s8QLA9hPjplkgB35u6S9-fafyopM Player Blog on the website of the European Tour. Pretty interesting although i really think that Kaymer sometimes .... really thinks a bit too much ;) . Should just put the ball into the hole :D
  3. I am German. So I support my man Martin Kaymer. Showed signs of life in Muirfield. But other than that he played horribly the last two years. He probably is going to miss the cut....... Or he wins by 8 strokes. You never know with Kaymer.
  4. > @Moxley said: > Shame Kaymer couldn't close it this time, he was excellent for ~65 holes Yeah, 12 and 13 killed him. He normally is very good out of bunkers and the wedge from the 13th really was a bummer (although he said that the ball was in a compression and that he had something on the ball). He missed a 4-footer early in the round as well. But his short game looked really, really good. That was his biggest weakness in the last 3,4 years: chipping, pitching, putting. Looked good the last 4 days. Ballstriking never was a real problem.
  5. Is he picking strawberries after a possible win again.....?
  6. Who is going to win .........? Not the World series ...... The Ryder Cup!!!!! Europe 14 1/2 US 13 1/2
  7. Seves silhouette/celebration after sinking the winning putt at the Open (the fist pump). It still looked great on the bags of the European Ryder Cup Team a few decades later.
  8. As far as I know he hasn't attributed his drop in the ranking to the fault of the caddy. Parting ways doesn't mean he is blaming the caddy. I agree that he will find a bag quickly, Casey hired quickly the last time. Yeah, Kaymer didn't blame Craig at all (he is way too classy for that). It was more a general question: Can a caddy-change help your game when you are in a real big slump. I mean, the caddy isn't hitting the shots.
  9. As they did 2012. Before the KLM Open in the Netherlands, Martin Kaymer declared that he isn't working with Connelly anymore. Kaymer is in a real crisis and slipped to No. 146 in the world. Is the caddie really the reason for that? I don't think so. I think that Connelly is a very good caddy. He will have a bag very soon. Which player needs a guy like Connelly?
  10. Kaymer just posted yesterday that he will be a full member on the PGA Tour this year - after 2 years sitting out. He said, that he will move his practice residence from Arizona to Florida and will play quite a few tournaments in the US in preparation for the Masters. His struggles: First of all, i think, that he isn't the most talented guy. His swing is good, but around the greens (chipping, pitching) his game always was kind of mechanical - he just doesn't have the touch like an Spieth, Fowler or Garcia. In his successful years he was a Top 10 ballstriker and an clearly above average putt
  11. No play-by-play or shot link really sucks. How in the world can the Open not have this? European Tour doesn't have it in general. How do you want to be a quality tour if you do not offer your fans that in the year 2017? pga.com is great with that. You can follow you favorite players around the golf course and although you cannot watch the shot, you are informed exactly how things go shot by shot.
  12. Will there be play-by-play (shot tracker) on the USGA site or at PGA.com? I don't see anything on the scoring site of the USGA that looks like it will be there. Without shot tracker we are dependant on TV to follow the players and how they play.
  13. Should the average Joe be forced to use a ball that flies shorter? NO!! Should the Tour players play a ball that flies shorter? YES!!! Longer distances in the Pro game lead to some courses being irrelevant and to other courses don't being played, how the designer wanted it to be played. Sand traps should be there to punish bad shots. If all players fly these fairway bunkers with ease ... the hole lost its dynamic. Courses lose their character and the players aren't challenged as it was intended. On Top of that: Driver wedge, Driver wedge ..... it's just dull. A good golfer is supposed to
  14. This! From the first 100 players in the World Ranking .... how many players would exchange their career with Martin Kaymers within a minute?? Ask Lee Westwood or even Ricky Fowler. There are maybe 10 guys in the Top 100 that had a better career so far (Big tournament wins count if all is said and done). Maybe 10. Kaymers game isn't as consistent as that of others. But he seems to have some peak years (2010/2011/2014). In these years he is dangerous in the big tournaments. He is 32. I would think he has maybe another Major in his tank - maybe there is another "Pinehurst week" - who knows.
  15. A friend of mine had the chance to meet Martin Kaymer a few times (professional circumstances). Although these meetings weren't private but business related he showed a very classy behaviour. He took way more time as was needed and my friend had quite a long conversation about his game, his life and so on with him. My friend told me, that he is a very humble person. The total opposite of arrogant. His "stardom" is in a way stress for him. He likes it low key in private life. P.S.: His demeanor on the course might not suggest it .... but he is quite a funny guy with lots of humor.
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