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  1. Well done, 20putts. I have had days where I had over 20 putts just on the front 9
  2. Could be how you soled the club on freshly cut grass. During the stroke a putter doesn’t contact the ground. I wouldn’t adjust unless I went to a fitting or put impact tape and a vertical marker line on the ball to know exactly what my putter is doing at impact.
  3. A good putter isn’t necessary....but a putter that you enjoy using is essential
  4. I pace it off for longer putts and judge shorter ones just by eye. I always find a read from behind the hole the most informative so I’m already there anyways. Add or subtract distance for uphill or downhill slope.
  5. Hmm....are you sure that’s not a swing trainer or warm up weight? Some people throw weighted rings down the shaft to the club head to warm up...maybe this was a patent design that never caught popularity
  6. The Las Vegas H7 has been in my bag for all 2020 and all 2021 so far. Longest run for a putter in the bag for me. Bought and sold over 50 putters and keep trying more but non has beat it out so far
  7. I think it would be easier to use a putter you’re comfortable with on fast greens and adapt rather than change putters. Pace out say a 30footer and think about how hard you would hit say a 50footer. Something along those lines...
  8. Picked up a Odyssey Back Series Tour Design 1W 34” with a new P2 React grip on kijiji for $100CAD. Got this to try out the grip. Seems very heavy, steadies hands and decreases swingweight. Putter is in great shape. Might be a backup
  9. I had this one. Game a Toulon Las Vegas H7. Both equally great and it came down to feel preference
  10. This or pure oxi clean in hot water
  11. You are off 1 digit minimum. Some estimates say it would go for 30-50mil, maybe more. 75k seems way too high. His backup sold for 150k at auction. It was never gamed in a PGA tour event, but it was probably used and actually held by Tiger in practice and non competitive rounds.
  12. Cutting it that short will bring swingweight low. Might need lighter grip or add weight to head.
  13. My favourite is the odyssey 7s style and for 1.5 seasons the Toulon Las Vegas H7 has been in the bag. I’m pretty sure I would have similar results with your 3 putters. Question....did you pick Cactus Jack after the movie The Villian where Kirk Douglas played Cactus Jack Slade and Arnold Schwarzenegger was the sheriff with a 7 shot 6shooter? Lol. Love that movie.
  14. My hybrid is a Adam Ti 20*. Oldest club it the bag. It's not what I think of as a scoring club, and could probably replace it with a 7w or 3i without any change to my score. It has been my club of choice if im in the trees from 100-200 out and need to keep a shot very low to roll up on the green (or get close enough to scramble).
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