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  1. Interesting to know. I guess he designed it but TM owns the rights. Change one thing a little bit and it’s not copying anyways and patents run out fast. Everyday when Odyssey puts out Facebook posts how many people are quick to jump on and say “spider copy”
  2. You are familiar with the o works and ordered a new o works? IMO the o works was the bottom of the line on their offerings. Since then the wh Microhinge, Microhinge star and original wh are all better were released. The stroke lab many people swear by and now they added a more stable shaft. Toulon has many milled head options and lots of finishes to choose from. They do take in public opinion and give people what they want
  3. Edit your post and don't ask about "worth" or "value"
  4. I would follow this statement ahead of what CURE has to say. I would take face tech help (grooves, DLT), feel and appearance, over any MOI numbers offered.
  5. All my irons and wedges have steelfiber i95s. I would say they perform even better in the wedges than the irons
  6. Too much of anything is bad...but too many putters is barely enough
  7. I only use tour issue white wooden tees....paint is more durable and less friction. Not only more yards but no marks on the face
  8. I think until you absolutely know you want shorter, don’t cut it shorter. I started with a 35” putter and found choking down 1” was best. Then I only used 34” from that point forward.
  9. Toulon Las Vegas 34” stock grip, handle weight and head weight. D5
  10. The Seattle is bigger. Across the face about 1/2” bigger. Seattle is softer. Atlanta firmer.
  11. The newport is a blade, the other is a mallet. Maybe before looking at face balanced vs toe hang, look at blade vs mallet (maybe you line up mallets better?). The mallet is a junior club (12yo bag)? Maybe look at total weight and swingweight that you are putting well with. After deciding on putter type, weight, and swingweight, fine tune how much toe hang you want in a particular style.
  12. Your Atlanta has a steel shaft and not a graphite stroke lab shaft. That would make it feel different. All my putters are stroke lab shafts and the Atlanta is definitely firmer than the LV on sweet spot strikes
  13. I have a Las Vegas H7, Atlanta and Seattle. The Las Vegas blade length in right in the middle. Larger than Atlanta and smaller than the Seattle. Off the face feel it’s in the middle too. Softer than Atlanta and former than Seattle. The lines on the LV are so clean, frame the ball perfect, and so easy to line up. Started 2020 with the Las Vegas and have no plans to game the other 2.
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