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  1. I tried a 34” Odyssey 350g head with a P2 react grip and I thought it felt horrible
  2. I like the pistol gt tour. Justin Thomas probably the most famous using it.
  3. Before the Toulon I had the Exo 7s and the SL 7s. My Toulon I used for 2years and when I purchased the RSX I thought the double bend would cause a left miss but it didn’t.
  4. Purchased the RSX 7, and decided it was to go in the never sell collection with my Las Vegas H7. Liked it so much when the RSX v-line came on marketplace for $160cnd in great shape I decided I needed that too. Now the fang collection begins
  5. I changed mine too. Went with the red stroke lab shaft so I changed out all the green parts to cherry red. Looks way better
  6. Toulon/Odyssey fan here. #7 fang styles grew on me
  7. More frequently than I buy underwear.,..,
  8. Did the owner have a few too many 3 putts and drag it behind the golf cart on the paved path for a round or 2?
  9. I do like the shape of the gt tour. What would be similar shape but a bit firmer, more tacky, and more durable?
  10. I got this weight kit recently when I purchased a odyssey mallet headcover and the unused weight kit was in the cover. I have no putter that uses these weights
  11. Could be the paint is thinner and appears darker on the swirl? I would think if one were to fake a putter the paint Color match would be the easiest part. To match the font, milling, texture of the insert etc would be much harder to fake.
  12. I had one and sold it….this looks legit to me. Good fake if it is one.
  13. I think the 7s OG is the perfect size, same size as the Toulon Las Vegas H7. I owned both and liked both….sold the OG because I liked the Toulon feel slightly more.
  14. 33.75” is my length as well. I have a 34” backup and don’t mind choking down 1/4”.
  15. Questions regarding real or fake are allowed. Questions on value “what’s it worth?” are not allowed.
  16. I always worried about the Bettinardi honeycomb milling being rounded contacting like this and being offline.
  17. I agree with this comparison with the RSX 7 and the Las Vegas. I really like them both.
  18. I believe my 34” stroke lab 7 putter stock from factory with standard stock grip the swingweight was D5. A grip lighter than 75g will increase swingweight provided you leave the weight in shaft. A heavier grip will decrease swingweight
  19. Depends on the grip installed. The oversized grips are 65g with a 40g weight installed in shaft. The regular pistol grips are 75g with a 30g weight installed in shaft.
  20. You won’t be disappointed. Right now the RSX will be the backup to my Las Vegas H7. But….the RSX forces my stroke to not be as arched and more pendulum like. So when I practice with the RSX and go back to my LV my stroke is even better with the LV. Great practice putter
  21. Research this forum and pull the trigger. Anytime is a good time to buy
  22. Count me in too if a JDM type LV comes about would definitely buy. Wouldn’t sell my current LV…would just start collecting #7 fang styles
  23. Finally got to give the 7 a run on a real green instead of indoors. I have bought and sold dozens of putters and I think this one will be on the never sell list along with the Toulon Las Vegas H7. Everything feels perfect.
  24. I have been putting well with my Las Vegas H7 for 2 years. The LV has quite a bit of toe hang. The RSX 7 the way it’s set up with the double bend has about 5degrees of toe hang. I remember posts where a few WRXers were looking for a little bit of toe hang. I seem to put similar with the RSX doublebend as I do the LV. No consistent noticeable miss one way or the other. Could be a backup when my stroke gets slightly more upright
  25. I have one coming through a connection. I’m more of a Odyssey/Toulon guy but will check it out blindly.
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