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  1. I used to have a hybrid pin seeker years ago and it got stolen. Decided to splurge on another.
  2. Project X HZRDUS Smoke 6.0. Had good results on the monitor with it. Had to special order it because the only option Dicks had in store and online was the Tensai AV Blue 55 which was way too light for my 105-112 swing.
  3. My special order finally came! Can’t wait to take it out.
  4. They told me they couldn't do that because their inventory comes with specific specs... or something like that.
  5. I demoed the TS2 at Dicks and absolutely loved it, especially with the Project X Smoke 6.0 in it. I compared it to the Epic Flash and M6 and I had the best spin numbers and most consistent distance with the TS2. It was also the best feeling driver of the group. Annoyingly, I ended up having to special order it because they only had one left handed stock shaft option (Tensai AV Blue 55) in store and even online. I am still waiting for it to come so I can try it further. Unfortunately I could not demo the TS3 because Dicks did not have it in Left handed.
  6. I have gone with an almost all Titleist bag this time around with the TS2 driver, hybrid, irons, wedges, balls and putter. I loved the silver look.
  7. Callaway Rogue has been my main driver. I special ordered a Titleist TS2 driver with Project X smoke shaft that should be coming in next week. We shall see if I will be selling the rogue. I really liked the results on the monitor. Best feeling and most consistent driver I have had in a long time.
  8. Last Saturday I special ordered through Dick's Sporting goods a left handed TS2 with the Project X smoke shaft. Today I checked the status of the order and it hasn't shipped yet. It is scheduled to ship on the 29th. Is that a little long to build a simple driver with a stock shaft?
  9. I tried three drivers: TaylorMade M6, Callaway Epic Flash and Titleist TS2. Unfortunately as a Lefty, my options are very limited even when demoing clubs. Titleist TS2 for me was definitely the best feeling and most consistently long driver of the three. I had the best overall spin and speed numbers as well. I simply loved the clean look and how the club sat behind the ball. I tried all 3 drivers with a Project X Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 shaft. My longest drive came with the Epic Flash, but that was one hit and it was not as consistantly long as the TS2. My spin numbers were significantly higher
  10. > @9ironiscash said: > I want hot metal pros. Mizuno is usually decent with LH offerings, but not as of late it seems. They have not been great with LH offerings (at least with the MP line) since the MP68 was out.
  11. The biggest challenege being a lefty is not so much the making of lefty clubs but the availibility of lefty clubs in the golf shops/sporting goods store. It makes things nearly IMPOSSIBLE to demo or try models out. I find myself buying blind and hoping it works out. So far it has worked out the past 2 sets of irons I have purchased have been good. Generally, I only buy from lefty friendly brands like Callaway, Titleist, etc.
  12. I just got the 718 AP3s, got a good deal from golf galaxy. I replaced the 2013 X-forged irons I had before. I wanted something slightly more forgiving and longer, which these fit the bill perfectly. I have had a few range sessions and a few sessions on the course. All I can say is so far I really love them. They are effortless, especially out of the rough. My first 9 holes with them I shot +1, one of my better 9s in a while. They are forgiving but still look good at setup (nice top line). They are also nice to look at in the bag. They feel great as well. All in all, I feel like as I get diale
  13. I try my best to invest my money on companies that are lefty friendly, like Callaway and Titleist. I had the 2013 X-forged irons and now I got the Titleist 718 AP3, which I love greatly. As much as I loved my MP68's, those are the last blades they ever made. It has annoyed me how Mizuno has such limited options (even non-blades) for better lefty players (for a large, international multi-sport company).
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