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  1. no contractual obligations .. no hat .. cameron 009 .. nike shoes .. it'd be interesting to see him go free agent style
  2. Ditto with the desired weight
  3. I'd avoid the NSAIDs. consider graphite shafts. and truly only rest for an extended period of time, ie no golf no hitting balls nothing .. will help with the discomfort really going away.. i'd say 6-8 weeks minimum. stretching and strengthening might help but it won't be significant on their own.
  4. I'll second that. I could see how some might see their product as obnoxious but their shoes are some of the best I've worn in years for comfort and quality of materials
  5. Naomi Osaka seems to be pretty popular in Japan. Popular enough to represent them for the Olympics. I think times are changing. And now I’m reading she’s getting “blacklash” for it here in the states Morikawa will have to fight Hideki for press. That’s gonna be tough
  6. Excellent shoes. I did size down. Fit, finish and stability are top shelf in this category. The only other shoes that compare for me are the G/Fore MG4+ (the most comfortable shoe I’ve worn in a long time). Both are on another level compared with the usual suspects, nike adidas puma etc.
  7. I’ve said this before. Watch a european tour event to see how it should be.
  8. He won it without a driving iron in the bag. Was paddy the last winner that relied on a 5 wood as well?
  9. Morikawa has won two lucky majors in his first 8 attempts. Bettering YJS BY 2...
  10. Some of y’all got some crow to eat
  11. Rickie no more. Rick Fowler it is
  12. brooks had a point .. course on TV is very meh
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