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  1. I have the MMT 105 shaft in my ZX7 irons and it's a perfect fit for me. In fact, I don't know what iron I'll switch to years down the road but I know the MMT shaft will be the first one I use in the fitting. Additionally, the ZX7 iron feels incredible. I was playing the i210s which I wanted to love but I just didn't. The ZX7 reminds me of my Mizuno JPX900 Forged that I mistakenly sold.
  2. @cubuffsyou now have to pay a monthly to be on the waitlist at Legends? Wow
  3. The M Craft 1 made it through the entire season and definitely earned the starting spot for next year too. The feel is incredible and might pick up a 4 just to have a pair to rotate if needed. Really impressed with the performance and quality of these putters.
  4. I've had the M Craft 1 in the bag all season and it's been great. I never thought I'd be a high toe flow type of putter but this has been a lot of fun and a good fit for my stroke. Someone wrote earlier that the feel is addictive and I'd have to agree. It's just an awesome feeling piece of equipment. I actually want to get a IV this winter and play around with it.
  5. I played PX 5.5 in my Mizunos and got fitted for my current irons now and the fitter recommended the MMT 105S as a first choice and the PX LZ 5.5 as a second. Went with the MMT and I'll be playing this shaft for a long while. It really is an exceptional shaft and I'm surprised more amateurs aren't using something like this. It might be because it looks like a graphite shaft and people don't like the stigma of playing graphite iron shafts when you're not 85 years old. Highly recommend giving the MMT shaft a whirl.
  6. I have about 20 rounds under my belt with the ZX7s. If I had to do it all over again and the golf store gave me a full refund for the ZX7s, I would buy them again in a heartbeat. I have the ZX5 5 iron and it's fantastic too. I had the i210 irons before these and wanted to love them but I just never could get there. One of my favorite things about the Srixons is the way they get through the turf both in the fairway and rough. This is my first set of Srixons and I'm really, really impressed.
  7. I’ve put the Max up against some of the new stuff from Titleist and Callaway this season and the Max has earned its rightful spot in the bag. I even compared the Max to the 425 and hit them the same. The 425 is solid but not necessarily better…IMO.
  8. The 400 Max in the Tour shaft was the same spin (for me) as the 425 in the CB in the same loft.
  9. I went from the 210 to the ZX7. I liked the 210 but it didn't get through the turf like my previous irons (Mizuno). I'm more a digger and the the 210 kind of bounced through the grass which wasn't ideal (for me). The v-sole is a great fit and is very similar to my old Mizuno 900F irons which also had their version of the v-sole. I am also a half club longer with the Srixon irons for whatever reason.
  10. I’ve had mine for around two months and have played 8 rounds with them. Long story short, I’d buy them again if I was given a mulligan. It’s my first Srixon iron and the feel is fantastic and I’m a big fan of the way the irons interact with turf. I've got the ZX5 in a 5 iron and the rest are ZX7. Just a great set of irons. My .02.
  11. I put the Tour S shaft in my MAX and it’s been a really good fit. To me the Tour shafts play like a high-end shaft. Definitely worth the money.
  12. JPX 900Forged. Fortunately, the new Srixon are giving me the same feels.
  13. I’ve got one and nothing has beat it out of the bag even though I try the new stuff each year. It’s low spin and is as long as anything out there.
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