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  1. I recently put my s55 irons back in the bag to give my i210s a break. For whatever reason, I get through the turf much better with the s55 iron which gives me better feel. I am a half club shorter with the 55s but I don’t feel like I’m giving up anything from a forgiveness standpoint. I just don’t think the larger sole and more bounce of the 210 is a good fit for my steepish swing.
  2. Picked up an M Craft 1 yesterday after going to the store with a SC Squareback 2 in mind. Really impressed with every aspect of the putter and the feel is fantastic. Can't wait to get it out on the course versus my carpet...this will be the first time I've ever used a milled putter.
  3. I have the same shaft in my Max and just recently dropped it to the small minus and that seems to have flattened the flight out just a touch. It probably reduces the spin 200-300 and that’s been fine. Obviously, the Max is going to spin more than the LST models but the trade off is a little more control with that added spin.
  4. Thinking of going 5/6 with the 5's and the rest of the set with 7's. I've never played Srixon irons but this might be the year.
  5. I play the Max and have not been tempted to try to the 410 since it's release. Someone said earlier on this thread that the 425 Max will have a higher MOI...where did that information come from? The Max and the PXG were supposedly the highest MOI drivers out there so it will be interesting if true. I may lose a touch of distance with my Max compared to my M2 BUT over the course of 10 rounds, I would imagine I hit 10 to 20% more fairways with the Max. It's just an incredibly functional driver. I had heard people gripe about the sound of the driver prior to me getting it late la
  6. I have just recently put my s55 irons back in the bag to give my i210s a breather. The s55 irons are the best feeling iron I’ve ever hit. There’s just something about that iron that makes it different. I have played Mizuno and Ping irons over the years and I’m not sure I’ve ever hit anything better than the s55.
  7. I went from the stock CB stiff to the Tour stiff. In my opinion, the Tour shaft plays like a very expensive shaft at a sensible price. Your experience may be different but the Ping Tour shaft is a quality shaft.
  8. I've owned both and agree with most of the comments. However, I do think there might be a slight edge on performance with the 210s over time due to their improved forgiveness. All things being equal, I probably preferred the feel of the 900Fs but the 210s are as good as you'll find in the cast department IMO. Plus, I like how the 210s show relatively little wear over time versus the forged offerings start to show wear in the center of the irons. Bottom line: The s59s are Pings best feeling iron I've ever hit but the 210s are the most playable (for me).
  9. Just for giggles...here’s the s55 vs the i210 when I was testing them out. Pretty similar but the 210 is a more forgiving club.
  10. I played the i20s for two years and loved them. The forged bug bit me and I played Mizunos for 2 years. Now, I’m 1 year into my i210 experience and it’s been great. They really are just good at everything: performance, forgiveness, looks, etc. I also have a set of s55 irons and those clubs are probably my favorite irons to mess around with but my 210s are what I play when I want to shoot a score.
  11. Agreed. Black Creek is a great option if they will let you guys play.
  12. Seneca GC is a very solid muni at a really fair price.
  13. Don't think it makes too much sense to go from the 400 to the Max or the Max to the 400. They are basically twins with the Max being a little more hefty. The Max may be marginally more forgiving with the 400 sounding better. Either way, these are two exceptional drivers that continue to deliver.
  14. I have the 16 M2 and a PING 400 Max and each time I go out to play, it struggle with which one I want to take with me. I think both of them are GOATs.
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