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  1. Hi everybody, I am currently a 13 index and am looking for a hybrid to replace my 4-iron. I already have an old Adams 17° 3-hybrid that I use for shots around 215 to 220. I need something that will go between 190-205 just like my 4-iron. So does anybody have any suggestions on which model or models I should look into given my index level? Thanks in advance!
  2. You need to put on some Crosby Stills and Nash.....Southern Cross. Good for your soul and relaxes the body.
  3. I have always found doing this very hard and hit 95% shanks. I know a lot of the pros do it but their pivots are superior. I just know that if you are coming down with a square face(flexion) you have to pivot correctly to make it work. Any stall flipping and it's smother hook city or shanks. You are far better off with an open face coming down if you tend to stall-flip.
  4. Something I have seen in pros consistently that amateurs do not do is square the face very early in transition with left wrist flexion and right wrist extension. It's very obvious at P6 where the club head is pretty much facing the ball with pros. At that point with amateurs it seems the toe is skyward(face open). It seems at that point the pros just continue rotating through and around whereas the ams stall out,stand up and thrust the right arm to square it. I don't know, there are so many arguments that it's a pivot issue vs the pivot responds to what the arms and hands do. I don't claim to know anything but I do observe on a regular basis that pros square that face early in transition and amateurs do not.
  5. Ah yeah,it's that time again guys.Describe in as much detail as you want about a hole that you are not proud of one bit.A hole that has been played sometime this year...... I'll start, tournament final round Par 5 dogleg left.Treelined all the way around and down most of the way to the green.This is what transpired..... 1. Pull driver into trees left. 2. Attempt to hit a low punch to advance and hit solid bark. 3. Punch shot again into rough to about 120yds from hole. 4. Hit 9i just past green over mound. 5. Flop SW past hole and off green into rough about 4ft from fringe. 6. Putt through rough WAY too hard and go 45ft past hole. 7. Putt way short to about 10ft 8. Miss putt. 9. Hole putt. I was leading my flight going into this 16th hole and after 17(bogey) me and my playing partner were tied for the lead so that made it pretty exciting.I par 18 and he bogies so I got the cheese!!
  6. Anything between 80-100 I've been having real descent success with a left arm parallel(full wrist set) PW making sure to fully release my wrists at the start of the downswing.If I have any kind of handle dragging it is a dead shank!
  7. I keep a handicap so that I can play in tournaments with people right around my skill level and it's always based on net score. I may not always take the correct drop on a penalty shot but the rules of golf are very complicated and I don't have time to be completely educated about them. In tournaments though I always verify with my fellow competitors whenever I have to take a drop or have some other issue(flower beds,etc). I had a guy in one tournament tell me that I committed a penalty for grabbing a used tee off the ground and then after the tee shot I just threw it back on the ground.He said it was me using somebody else's equipment! Frankly,that is laughable but he didn't enforce it on me.....was just letting me know.
  8. I used to take lessons and work pretty hard at what the instructors gave me.One instructors ideas I worked on for almost a decade. Unfortunately for me lessons have never helped or gotten me to the next level. Some people are just not talented enough to get better and no amount of work is going to help. The best thing that has happened to me in all of this is that I can go play golf now and just thoroughly enjoy it.I get up there and put my best into each shot and accept the outcome.I know my swing is very flawed and I depend very much on timing and my eye-hand coordination but that's ok and I'm good with it. Honestly,I would rather enjoy the game everytime I play instead of feeling like a slave to some hopeless desire to have a better swing which is where I was at for some 15 years.Only thing I wish is that I would have started playing when I was a child because I believe what Harvey Pennick said......."nothing can replace learning young".
  9. Great looking swing! One of the things that is very noticeable about "Hogan type" movements is transition. You can see the shaft fall toward the shoulders as the body starts to turn back toward the target. It's an indication that there is no arm pulling or casting going on.Just good body rotation with relaxed hands,wrists and arms.A very similar motion happens in fly fishing.
  10. V, your move is the closest modern swing I've seen to Hogan(Denny Shute was by far the closest but I believe he was before Hogan's time?) but I agree with PF that your whole right side doesn't match up coming down and through the ball. Hogan's right elbow was way closer to his body which automatically pulled his shoulder lower and closer to the ball which also raised his left hip higher. He rotated on that slanted plane and never went into extension until long after impact.Your right shoulder is still pretty high at impact which is related to early releasing and premature extension. All that said I have always loved your swing and admire the hard work and results you've managed to achieve!
  11. Because of the equitable stroke control rule I pick it up if I am causing a delay because the most I can take on a hole is 7 anyway.
  12. I always say that if it weren't for the blowup holes I'd be a 10 index. I'm currently a 13 and it's mainly due to blowup holes/poor ball striking.
  13. Ok,today had 2 blowup holes...... Par 3(135 yds) Lake from tee to green so it's all carry. Pretty good breeze into our face. 1. 7i......chunk into water 3. Drop area 98 yds...... pulled PW left and ends up just off green a few feet 4. Chip to 10ft 5. Putt to about a ft short 6. Hole in for a solid triple(felt great!) Par 4(385 yds) 1. Heel thin pull driver into Creek 3. 165 yds....towering 6i pushed about 20 yds right of green 4. Pitched to 25ft above hole and leave a nasty downhiller with about 6ft of break 5. Hit putt like a wuss and still have a 6 footer downhill 6. Another horrid attempt to about a ft 7. Hole in for another wonderful triple Had a great back 9 going at only 3 over until that 18th hole!
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