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  1. I'm just glad Wolf didn't win. No legit reason to dislike him. Sometimes you just look at someone and instantly don't the like the cut of their jib
  2. And for the most part they get a little bit worse for the change. Basketball-worse, baseball-way worse, football-worse ( in some ways, better in others) , but starting from a strong position so they have a big margin for error.
  3. And if he figures out how to keep a 48" driver between now and then, the blow back could be spectacular.
  4. I'm not saying he will. Just what if he does?
  5. If he can do something similar at Augusta, he could end up being great for golf......If you're pro-rollback! While simultaneously being bad for golf if you like the direction the game is going. Wouldn't that be a strange twist of irony?
  6. You are not on tour. Why would that matter if your driver wasn't conforming?
  7. Preach Brother Blade. The bifurcation thing is pure Ego/denial that it already happened when the Pro V and big head driver showed up. Ego is the wanting and thinking that we can play the same equipment. Denial is denial. The canned response is "Golf is the only game that ams and pros can play the same equipment and courses" even though the tour equipment, while some is available, has been different for a long time. The gap between the way the game is played between the 2 is getting larger every day.
  8. OrangeGravy

    2020 US Open

    I'd do that now as a very average golfer if I could afford it!
  9. OrangeGravy

    2020 US Open

    I agree. At those speeds, I'd much rather have the height and carry. Opens even more doors than the yardage alone I think
  10. OrangeGravy

    2020 US Open

    Whether you're for or against, THAT ^^^^ is not why they would roll anything back.
  11. OrangeGravy

    2020 US Open

    Oh my! those pants in that last pic are spectacular
  12. I had a similar problem trying out a stroke lab. It almost felt like on longer putts it lost energy/speed. Pace looked good initially and then the ball just hit a wall.
  13. I had a visceral reaction yesterday when the small amount of people were oohing and awing at approach shots/putts on one hole where they had the little back yard scaffolding setup. I hated it. I know I've enjoyed the fanless events so far, but I didn't realize how much I hate the crowds. The idiots yelling stupid stuff is horrible, but I even hate the legitimate cheers.
  14. old thread, but I started hovering just ever so slightly with every club because I was having the dreaded re-gripping issue with driver/3W. When I hover just enough so my hands take all the weight of the club it seats better in my hands and reduces tension a bit. With putter I started doing it to avoid scraping the turf on the way back.
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