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  1. That's stickum on those socks. You can still buy it btw. Lester is my all time favorite football player and I say that as Seahawk fan who still hates the Raiders from the old AFC west days.
  2. Looking from the outside and having no stats/numbers/distances to backup my feelings, Rickie always seemed to me to be one of those guys who is a really good player who's limited by being on the lower end of the distance spectrum compared to the power players on tour. One of the guys who has to be really precise for an entire week to win. Can't afford any blow up holes because he can't reach every par 5 in 2 type of guy. Every year that passes on tour new guys on tour are longer and their margin for error gets progressively smaller. I'm not sure where he sits with his distance, but guys on the
  3. I just got my Sigma 2 back from Ping after having the black shaft/blackout grip installed and it had me thinking. A full Ping bag complete with i210 stealth, Glide 2.0 stealth, putter as described above along with the G425 that is mostly black. What would you guys who liked the 210s and the 2.0 stealths pay for a stealth set of 210s or even S55s for that matter? Either would be excellent. I'd be tempted to pay way more than is reasonably for my finances.
  4. Same here. I sent off my Sigma 2 to get the adjustable shaft replaced on a Wednesday a couple of weeks ago and got it back a week later. I'm in Washington State
  5. I have the same issue. Really want to try them, but not sure how to tackle this problem
  6. Yes they do make it easy to take a flyer on a product with the return policy.
  7. Anyone tried this yet? This is the first time I noticed it on the site PuttingMat
  8. You happen to know if they were taper tip or parallel? I don't have callipers. Mine must have been in some old Callaways or something with bore through hosel. I trimmed one tip straight and it was extremely loose in a taper tip Ping head.
  9. I'm sure it will be worth it. My main issue was that it was stuck at 32" all the way down and I need it to be 34.5-35". Never really got a chance to experience the wobble/softness issue.
  10. This is a concern for me. I play +1/2 over 38"/5i standard. Do the different weights within the MMT range SW differently like Steelfibers do?
  11. I was afraid it was gonna be something like this. Makes sense why no shaft companies had an answer. I'll have to pay them to reshaft unfortunately. I got the putter used for a good deal, but the adjustable mechanism is mangled at the screw point. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  12. There's a Hawk or something screeching there. Heard it earlier in the coverage.
  13. Does anyone know what hosel size Ping uses in their Sigma 2 line? Looking to re-shaft a Valor (getting rid of the adjustable shaft) and can't get any detailed answers from Ping. I asked them for the shaft specs offset/hosel diameter etc.... and they just emailed me back with, it's a double bend shaft. I asked KBS to find out if I needed .370 or .355 and they didn't know. Also interested to hear if anyone has tips on any diy method of aligning a double bend shaft possibly? THANKS!
  14. I use 2 wraps of the thicker neon green 3m tape. It's not quite midsized and is firmer. Best of both worlds for me. I like the grip of the CP2 and extra wraps minimizes any twisty/torque issues with that squishy of a grip. The green tape is the rough surface texture tape. It's awesome for blown on grips. No slippage.
  15. His movies were some of my favorites back in High School. Had the good fortune to meet him one night on vacation in Chicago on my birthday. He was nice enough to let me take a pic with him. He was sitting at booth in the bar I was at talking to Dennis Rodman. It was a bizarre night to say the least.
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