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  1. More commercials in the form of a permanent PIP playing through campaign. It's gonna be awesome. All you need is 10x8 projector screen to see the action
  2. Thats not how sports or entertainment work though or the women would be making the same as men on tour. The money is tied to demand. Low demand, low money. Regular people don't watch golf, no money. Tons of casual fans for team sports, more money. Doesnt matter how good the golfers are these days. These guys are getting paid exactly how much they command 8n the TV market. Comparing golf to other sports is meaningless.
  3. I'm the odd guy on here that actually likes offset. Some of the older blades/cb had a decent amount of offset. Are there any recent models that have offset? Or what are some of the near past models that have some noticeable offset? I've read Epon on the Japanese side carries some. Older Mizunos. The perfect amount for me is in the Mizuno mx 20 neighborhood. Any newish forged stuff in that offset range?
  4. The models since ferrules were added can be bent like any other irons I imagine
  5. Yes. Had a conversation with Popeye about those
  6. I have a 95g test shaft I used a bit prior to recent shoulder surgery. They are really smooth. I love the feel. I'm kind of mid tempo, but put a pretty good load on shafts and they still hold up well. The feel actually helps me keep my tempo from speeding up. Shafts that give you that load feeling help with that, but they usually don't hold up on the downswing. The RT does which is nice. Only thing missing for me is a heavier option in that 115g-125g range and taper tip constantly weight would nice
  7. Nessism, Do you happen to know what criteria golfworks uses to choose replacement shafts when the original is no longer available?
  8. Where'd you find them in black? What are headsize comparables in popular domestic irons to the epon 506/706?
  9. I've read that article. None of the links have elbow fittings or the straight connector fittings. Where did you find those pieces?
  10. Why TF is this so hard for people to comprehend? Are people really this dense or can they not read? Hopefully your explanation ends the useless questions TY
  11. Yeah you guys get snow every winter. We often don't at all or one or two times that doesn't stick around very long. Rarely before January these days.
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