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  1. What's similar and what is different between these 2? Other than weight, how do they differ from the original Dynamic Gold? I searched and found some old threads about XP vs original Dynamic, but couldn't find anything that addresses the Dynalite Gold that came stock in the MX-23 irons.
  2. Best analogy I've read on here in quite some time! Brilliant
  3. Oddly for me, it's the opposite. My miss is an over draw/hook and unless I hit it off the extreme toe, my flight has been in the range of 5-10 yd draw to straight. If I push it, it's a straight push to slight cut. I've had one shot that was extreme heel and low. I'm talking only half a ball mark because the other half missed the club face completely and the result was about a 15 yard heel cut started left edge of the fairway and ended up in the middle. The fairway doglegs softly right and I thought I was headed into the pond through the dogleg. Max 9* setup neutral with both Tensei Orang
  4. That's kind of what the tour concepts are. I wasn't sure if the tc's X1 played a tad softer than DG x100. I love the tour concepts, but arthritis is getting noticeable and want to build a set for the future so to speak
  5. Anyone out there play the TC X1 and find a suitable graphite replacement?
  6. I use cut lengths of zip ties at about 6:30/7:00 under cp2 wraps. the face tends to drift open on me over time with round grips. My unicorn grip would be a ribbed version of the cp2 wrap/pro.
  7. If you set it up so those young girls couldn't compete, you'd be eliminating half ( or more? ) the regular field right along with them. That's the difference between the 2 tours relative to their own competition pool.
  8. It's no different than women's tennis in that respect. Although tennis is leveling out some, but both sports typically see players start to phase out of meaningful contention in their early to mid twenties. Physically they should be in their prime, but they just don't hold up against the competition as long in those women's games. My theory is their talent level still isn't as refined as it could be (mostly due to strength when comparing to the men's game skill level). The younger kids come in stronger with more speed and can hit shots that the current players physically can't hit becau
  9. My dad had a buddy with a giant head. He had to tape the old snap back hats together with an inch gap to wear them
  10. I'm with you. I have G25s with tour concept x1s. Love them, but I want to build a graphite set for the near future when 47 ye old joints start talking to me more than they already do now. I look for i210s in my specs which are rare (silver dot). I do see some G25s but used prices are nuts compared to to pre-pandemic. I had i20s with recoil proto 125 f5 a few years ago and didn't like them. I have SF i110s in x that are too much work. Testing graphite is tough. It's not cheap to buy a handful of shafts to test out. Pulls are harder to find when play over length. I wish there was more inventory
  11. Grabbed an mx-23 iron cheap to check out in person. They're about the perfect size to me. Perfectly mid-size. What fairly recent sets are of similar size? Are the maltby's longer blade length?
  12. I don't even think increases in TV contracts have anything to do with sport being especially popular or in demand. If it's a live sporting event/league that meets a minimum level of consistent viewership, it's expensive. It's the live unscripted programming that's more desirable than ever and there's a finite amount of it available that meets that minimum level of interest. There's a ton of it that doesn't. I think Tiger had a lot to do with getting golf over that minimum level of interest hump in the TV people's eyes and it's not immune to dropping below that level. The bigger the tv contract
  13. Like a lot of things, it's been happening for far longer than just recently. As technology advances tracking/noticing increases awareness and sharpens focus. Mics are good these days and having one on every tee picks it all up better than ever. 30 years ago it just didn't come across on the broadcasts like it does now. Add tge social media thing to increase how often it happens and here we are
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