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  1. Maybe the iblades were too spinny in the short irons for him? It was one or the other I remembering hearing when he first came out
  2. I don't think they've spent all of the money they made the last 100 years yet. I could be wrong though, but probably not
  3. There is no logical reason to defend the PGA in this unless you think it would destroy golf and we'd never get to watch it TV again. There are only selfish emotional reasons. I don't why any fan would care where these players conglomerate and play. Maybe, maybe I could see being against it if you attend a specific tournament in person every year or many tournaments every year and you fear top level pro golf will be essentially taken away from US soil for good if this or something similar happens. US sports fans (of which I am one) typically don't care for overseas leagues even if it's a sport
  4. No tangle when bag is standing straight up. The tangle comes from the stand mechanism when the legs are extended and the bottom bends
  5. Never had one break there. I did have on snap at the handle between my hands when I started my down swing the other day. Strangest thing ever. Thought I got too close to an overhanging branch or something.
  6. Throw some Hummus in there and that might be my favorite meal
  7. 2nd Swing has some NOS stealth's in black dot. I almost purchased a handful from their Scottsdale brick and morter just because. I'm a white dot guy, but they were pretty cheap and I could get them bent. They just didn't have the 54* I wanted.
  8. 7/8" sounds like the arbor size not the thickness. I can't imagine a disc almost an inch thick
  9. Has anyone played both? I feel like they should be fairly close to each other. CFS is a tad soft to flex compared to regular DG and some think DG 120 is a hair softer than normal DG as well? Is this accurate? Weight should be somewhat close with the exception of CFS being descending weight. My thinking is CFS X could be a cheap substitute for the DG 120
  10. In my part of PNW, fairways rollout just about all year long. The PNW desert is perfect for golf
  11. Settled on the Black '21 Hoofer. Didn't like any of the other colors. Decided to alter it a bit. Still working on something for the ball pocket.
  12. I scored a Blue 7x with a Ping tip for $80. There was one photo on the auction list that didn't show the velocore label. I figured with a Ping tip there was a good chance. Got lucky when it showed up at the door. The end of the tube I opened had the tip end first. I slowly slid the shaft out to a nice surprise. Waiting for my G425 Max to get here so I can try it out. The X might be a bit too stout, but for $80, it's worth the experiment
  13. No way that would happen. Golf a game played by the purest and most honest sportsman in all of sportsman, so I've read many times over and over and over.
  14. I'm looking at picking up a used set of one or a couple of those sets. All 3 if I find the older 2 cheap enough. I'll most likely have to buy with undesirable shafts to get the best price for me. Thanks
  15. Thanks @Howard_Jonesand @Nessism I always look for extra long pulls, but sometimes they aren't out there. The really problem is my patience or lack there of! I SHOULD wait until I have the heads in hand, but I love scouring online for deals. A better, more specific question, would be do either of you know what the BBTG is for Ping i210, 2013 anser, and s55 irons are?
  16. Is there a "general" range of measurement typically for most irons these days? For example, most will fall between 1"-1.25"?
  17. That looks promising. I'm gonna contact the High School metal shop teacher. These are the perfect projects to farm out to the students!
  18. The Wife usually helps, but she conveniently went on a girl's trip to our wine country for the day ( 2 Walla's )
  19. 1 extra wrap on the bottom, soft Winn grip to increase stamina.
  20. haha. I have a small and medium/small dog. When it's dry it gets a bit spinny and balloons in the breeze from shovel to can!
  21. OT, but I noticed in your signature that you play the HZRDUS Yellow in your driver. What other shafts do you get along with in driver? Not to derail the thread hopefully. Just ordered the G425 Max with the Orange. Looking to get a couple of other shafts to test out with it and I have a yellow already. If you don't mind shooting me a PM, I would be greatful
  22. I have a Modus 125 X shaft I purchased a few years ago to test out in a 7 iron due to the same reputation of being very DG like. Good option. I've been wanting to try out the DG 120, but might have to glue a head on that modus shaft and give it a go. I don't remember how it played
  23. Is there any resource that lists the bottom bore to ground measurements for irons? Either by the specific manufacturer or some other outside resource? I would guess the only way to know is have a head in hand to measure. I'm a miser always looking for a deal and it really makes buying shaft pulls to test dicey.
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