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  1. After reading this post, I am glad that I have had very good experiences with both Bradley and Mack Made (Josey). The communication with both of those companies was/is fantastic. I had 2 problems with my Bradley purchases. Both were handled professionally and quickly, nothing like the story here in this post. I would def buy another putter from either just based on communication alone. I am currently on my 2nd order through Josey. He has been a joy to deal with, even with an awkward situation. My wife and parents are getting me a putter for my birthday. I contacted him, we discussed
  2. I have been struggling terribly as well. I went armlock last year, putted quite well. This year is just bad. I have tried going back to traditional and that has not been any better. Last year I was putting armlock with a claw bottom hand, it was automatic within 10 feet. This year I have been missing 3 footers. So tonight I went and searched for Bryson putting info and ended up the same place you did with the Berkshire video. I feel like there is some good info in there. However there are a couple things that may be different for you, they def are for me. Firstly Bryson uses a very s
  3. 1. I have struggled majorly with putting, dragging down my handicap. Most misses are just slightly off leading me to believe aim is a major component of failure on the green especially on putts within 6 feet. 2. 12.7 3. Baldwinsville, NY 4. mallet. But open to anything at this point. 5. setup is consistent, lag putting is not terrible. 6. semi-private. Very well maintained. 7. yes. Normally play at least 5 days a week. 8. would love to.
  4. Has anyone else heard July release/pre order with an August ship date?
  5. Are you a smooth swinger or more of a hitter?
  6. Mack Made has posted a few ig stories of a new shape...7/tynish. Shape looked fantastic, I will be ordering one.
  7. jpx 921/919 hot metal pro.
  8. Did you compare actual clubs? Jpx 921 tours are 1/4” longer than titleist t100s even though both companies list 37” as a stock 7 iron length. Mizuno measures oddly now, but not sure when that went into effect. The accepted number for length affect on lie angle is 1/2” equates to 1 degree of lie. +1/2”=+1* of lie -1/2”=-1* of lie
  9. I am waiting on my t100s gap wedge to come, I initially only ordered 4-P. I am hoping to be around the same as you with the gap, and maybe 105 with the 54. In my mind I would rather hit a nice easy 1/2-3/4 gap than a full 52. My hope is to just hit more controlled shots with the gap and use it from 125-100 out. Then use the 54 around the green and 100 yds in I wish I had ordered the t100s 2 weak, but I really like them so I am going to stick with them for the entire 2021 season. I had 8 iron sets last year so this will be a tough experiment for me, but I think my game will benefit
  10. I am going with a set of 4-G t100s this year. My plan is to play a 54 and a 60 rather than the 52/56/60 that I have used in the past. I am hoping less choices ends with more confidence around the green. I can see where someone with a strong multi wedge game would struggle with a decision on what to put into the bag though.
  11. Can anyone measure the length of tip to step, if they own 1 that was oem installed? I am wondering if the oem's are tip trimming these or installing straight in and butt trimming only? I have one sitting here to install in a putter but haven't cut it yet, trying to decide what my best option is.
  12. This topic interests me, I have looked into it before without much info out there. It seems like you would be able to just toss it on like a regular carry bag for short walks but for longer walks snap the waist strap and alleviate some stress on the shoulders. I don't really want to go to a push cart but would love less stress on my shoulders/back while walking. The concept is sound but does it translate well to golf? I have kept my eye out for anyone using this bag at a course and have never seen 1 in person.
  13. I had both 921 tours and t100s. I tested the 620cb and mb a few times. The t100s I find far more forgiving. I however, did not think the t100 was much more forgiving while being fitted. It wasn’t until Ihad my fitted set and compared them to my 921t that I realized this. I would think a t100s with the LZ would be an interesting choice. I would go back to the outdoor range and retest the 620cb, 620mb, t100, t100s and the 921 tours. fwiw I was in your basic situation, a bunch of iron sets and shaft switches last year. I ended up ordering t100s though my heart said get 620mb’s. While wa
  14. if I was in a cart all of the time, I feel like a c-130s would be the go to?
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