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  1. If you have mp-33’s there is no reason to buy the 620mb’s. They are really close to being identical, I almost ordered a set but sat there with my fitter and just kept staring at the fitting head and my mp-33 next to each other and couldn’t pull the trigger. I had a set of jpx 921 tours and t100. They are both really really good iron sets, as is the zx7. Of your choices I’d go t100 or MP-221 or whatever they are being called. You could go t100 with a project X 7.0 for no upcharge.
  2. I got fitted into the Tsi2 and it wasn’t really even close with the 3. It wants to go straight though so I can see where you may have an issue with it. I have noticed a bug difference between different balls as well. I can def still hit draws or fades with it though, I would say give it a few more rounds and just choose a line that the straight ball won’t put you in a bad position.
  3. I’m interested in what you find once you play these a bit. I picked up a set off the BST around a month ago. They are longer than my t100s, with more loft. A few of my friends and I are trying to decide if it is a shaft choice or the actual heads that make them feel so good. I couldn’t be happier with them.
  4. I came here tonight specifically to see if “X” flex shaft options were discussed in any of these threads. Once again WRX doesn’t disappoint.
  5. Up for sale is a basically new set of Titleist. 4,5,9 still in wrapper. 8 unhit out of wrapper. 6,7 around 10 balls on the course, P only hit around 4. Selling to order with a different shaft. Specs: T100S P-7 T200 6-4 Tour Issue X100 +1/4”, 2 flat Z-grip logo down D4 swing weight $1500 shipped USPS priority. Sold!
  6. Up for sale are a few things today. Feel free to make a fair offer on anything. PXG Gen 1 0311 XF Steelfiber i70 regular 1" over Standard loft/lie These are my fathers and are in good condition. There are a few of them that are experiencing some ferrule creep, but clubs themselves are good. He is currently playing Gen 2's and is selling these as he bought a set of Gen 4's. Standard Lamkin PXG Z5 grips. Looking for $650 shipped for all 9 clubs. Sold. PXG Gen 1 0311X 3i Driving Iron. This is fitted with a 85G 6.0 (stiff) Even Flow Blue Small Batch. Ferrule again. 1/2" over. $175 shipped Let me state that I love Mack Made Putters, Josey is fantastic to work with. The only reason I am selling these is my wife took a new job and I need to free up a bit of money for a few weeks. I have personally owned a total of 3 Mack Made putters, a 4th I bought for my father and I love them all. I am keeping the third Mack Made putter I have in my possession and it has been rolling amazing. Mack Made #119 33.5", 2.5 loft, 3 o'clock toe hang, half shaft offset, 70ish lie angle, 375 grams, KBS one-step shaft, Pro Only Blue grip. I do NOT have a MM cover for this putter, I will ship it in a generic cover to protect it. I love this putter, it feels fantastic, sets up nicely, and rolls well. This putter has been gamed but never abused, no gouges/nicks in it. There is a variance in patina on the face, not sure why, but not overly noticeable except in pictures. $525 shipped Mack Made #186 Armlock 42", 7 of loft, mild toe hang, 78 lie, 405ish grams, kbs one-step, jumbo max 21" white/black/silver grip MM cover included. putter is beautiful wide blade with a trinity knot in the bottom, tri sole, torched bumpers. I tried to make armlock work, it just is not for me. $600 shipped. Odyssey Armlock Double Wide Stroke Lab. all specs are standard 42" If you are looking to try out an armlock this putter is in good condition. No dings or gouges. A TINY bit of paint chipping on the rear edge, not noticeable at address. Rolls fantastic if you like insert putters. $150 shipped Sold. Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedges 54, 60. These were gamed for a month or so. They have BB&F RSR ferrules on them. Standard length, loft, lie. $200 shipped.
  7. I took a demo iron to the range today. I loved the look but am unsure if it is a good fit for me. I agree with all the reviews that say straight and high. I have a set of titleist coming this week I will do a comparison with. I don't think I am a fan of the PX LS though right now I am using stiffer version of the regular PX that I love.
  8. First, I choke down a little bit on all my irons. Secondly I measured a stock Titleist iron vs my 1/2" over Mizuno MP-33's and needed to make the Titleist 1/4" over. I based everything off what my MP-33's are...lie angle, length, swing weight. I love them but was looking for a bit more distance and a bit more forgiveness.
  9. I have a set of T100s G-7 and T200 6-4 with Tour Issue X100's, 1/4" long, 2 flat, stock grips on the way. Called yesterday hoping to change my shaft choice but they are already in the build process, supposed to be here Sept. 8th. I will probably just move these along and see what spring brings. I may have to hit the 7 and 6 before I do so though to compare the 100s/200.
  10. I find this intriguing, kinda like pro stock hockey sticks.
  11. Z cords are backordered til at least end of month as well as normal x100, and s400 tour issue. X100 ti are available as of a couple days ago. I changed my order to stock grips, would rather have the clubs and swap grips later. the way the cs rep I spoke to explained it was that your order won’t even go into queue until all components are ready. He told me I was adding 6 weeks to my order by choosing Z-cords. Mind you I put my order in at 10am first day of pre-order. The dummy I am waited a week and a half to check to see if there would be a hold up. I feel like backordered items are to be expected at this point, however I feel like titleist should contact individuals whose hold up is a grip choice. I imagine most would take their irons now rather than wait with a different grip, or grip in box. still excited, but playing my mp33’s right now has me 2nd guessing the t100s/t200 split set.
  12. From what I have heard you can get a shop to order heads only but the price is the same as buying them shafted. Better off buying a stock set and pulling the shafts and trying to make back $150-200. If you order now with a stock shaft and grip option I would assume September at some point? But with the way things have gone, who really knows. I am hoping to get mine before snow flies as I sold my set of t100s tonight.
  13. If you looks at the specs the t200/t100s the 4/5/6 match up perfectly. I assume titleist did this so the split set would make sense. I thought about going 7i t200 as well but after looking at specs I went t200 4-6, t100s 7-G. I however am already having second thoughts about the split set. I am considering adding a 5 and 6 t100s to my order. I guess only time will tell how this experiment will go.
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