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  1. I am trying to look at this with no bias, but here is my issue with the situation. Let's say that Thor swung the club and so much pressure was created inside the head that it blew the back of the club out. The second picture shows the carbon fiber being broken inward, not outward. I can only come to the conclusion that the club was subjected to some form of impact from the outside inward. Smashing on ground into tee marker, into a tree, etc... but this is just my opinion.
  2. Went for a fitting tonight at a Titleist demo day. I came in with a Cobra F9 with a Ventus VC blue 6x and a f9 tour 3 wood with a Ventus VC blue 8x. I started with my current driver and was seeing around a 1.41 smash factor and around a 105 swing speed. I have a VERY aggressive transition, violent if you will, and very steep. I also never get numbers as good as I get outdoors when I am swinging driver inside, something about the confined space it seems. Let me also state that I did not plan on purchasing a driver, right now, but I will be. In the past 2 years i have played/tested a
  3. I am currently trying to decide on a purchase of a set of MP-20's to replace my MP-33's. I feel like the MP-20's may be a bit more consistent for me, they were within a yard every swing at a fitting the other day. They also felt amazing, but that may just be because they were something new. I have very short honeymoon phase of greatness, I should prob just stick with the 33's.
  4. I just dropped my set of MP-33's back in my bag as well. Recently reshafted with a set of X100's, completely changed them. I did have a rather good fitting session with a set of MP-20 mb's though, might be the next contender.
  5. I bought a set off the BST on a whim, they knocked everything out of my bag. I just sold my z-forged/785 combo, a set of 919 hmp’s and a set of 919 tours. I love my set, can’t wait to see the next gen when released. I do however feel that they actually go quite a long way for the lofts, as long as my hot metal pro’s.
  6. any ideas where to find Wolff’s sweatshirt, crewneck, whatever you want to refer to it as?
  7. I just started putting a package of Ritz pre-made peanut butter crackers in my bag this past week when I plan on walking 18 or more. It seemed to really make a difference on the back 9 for me. Though my course is extremely hilly so that may play a part in the need to eat something.
  8. Since some stores are doing 150% trade in on Ping, I went to the store today assuming i'd walk out with a Sigma tyne. I tried the Heppler Tyne as well but I was not a fan at all, I felt that it wanted to kick open when soled. Through trial of about 15 putters, I thought the Sigma Tyne felt much better than the Heppler Tyne but not as good as the Tomcat. The Tomcat was not even on my radar...at all...not one bit. When I saw it, it seemed large, had a bunch of dots but, I was making everything with it. It may be a little busy but it lines up very very well for me. I am looking forward to getting
  9. Sfd732

    Driving irons

    I just put a TEE TI-utility into play this week and can't say enough good things about it. It is a 19* 3I and I am hitting it fantastically. Even though I am hitting it down the middle every time off the tee, getting good distance, and loving it. I am questioning whether or not to try a 17* 2i version of the club. I am scared that it may be a waste of money due to launch angle/lack of control with the lower loft actually ending up going shorter.
  10. I am clearing it all out. All prices are shipped in Lower 48 919 Tours 4-P, 1 up, these were built modern lofted by mizuno, so they are like 2 strong. Selling heads only now. $485 shipped. SOLD SOLD Mizuno ST190G 9* $135 SOLD SOLD RIP-X shaft. 65g X-stiff. Plays 45" in the 190G $150 SOLD SOLD this is very nice, nothing on crown, only swung a little before I got st200g, head cover included 545’s SOLD SOLD headed to AZ Srixon 545 heads 4-P. Purchased these off here a month or so ago. They are in beautiful shape. $190 shipped. SOLD SOLD 2 are shafted at present will be pulled unless y
  11. I tried to resist, but a trio of ventus on the way, at least I took The forge tecs out of the cart.
  12. I'll get the measurements for you later today, unless someone beats me to it.
  13. Have a few things up for sale today. Drivers are both failed experiments. Have been swung minimally by myself. Bettinardi green wizard shirt. XXL. Fits like a XL. $50 shipped firm. Cobra Speedzone Xtreme. 9 degree. Matte/white. Fitted from factory with a Graphite design AD-DI 7x. Plays 45.25 to end of connect grip. Has hit maybe 30 balls. 20 at fitter, 10 during a round yesterday. Excellent condition. !!!!!!!!!!Traded!!!!!!!!!!shipped to lower 48. can include a 14g cobra sz weight for additional $!!!!!!!traded!!!!!! i have $38 into the weight, crazy. Titleist TS3 8.5 degree. Evenflow white 6
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