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  1. Good morning all! Pretty straightforward sale here, not much to say. All prices are shipped and PP’ed. Feel free to ask any questions. SCSS headcover… just picked up a Newport in the BST and decided I’ll just game my beat up club Cameron, no need to have it laying around SOLD SM5 Vokey I stripped and rusted out, ton of life left $50 shipped RBZ stage 2, 19 degree hybrid with rocketduel stiff shaft, HC included $60
  2. Loved this set, but just got fitted, so these are on their way out. Strongly preferring to sell this as a whole set. Price is OBO 718 AP1 4-48, standard LL as far as I know. Stock amt stiff shaft with Lamkin grips $625 SM6 52, 56, 60 wedge flex, 56 has a grip that is nearing end of life. 52 has a midsize MCC+4 on it. $200 $825 OBO shipped and PP’ed for the whole setup. please let me know if any questions.
  3. Hello all, I think I've found my bag set up after my fitting so looking to move some things. 19* hybrid is about the only spot in my bag that I might be open to switching, so I'm open to trades for that. M4 Driver 10.5* w/ hc Atmos 5S Fujikura stiff shaft, stock standard grip SOLD M4 5 wood, 18* w/ hc... in the picture it looks like a nick on the top, but I assure you it is from the camera, I can take another pic if needed Atmos 6s Fujikura stiff shaft, MCC +4 stanard grip SOLD 915F 16.5* w/ hc Diamana S+70 stiff shaft, standard tour velvet grip $110 816H1 21*, w/ hc Diamana S+70 stiff shaft, standard tour velvet grip $90
  4. 0311P Gen 3 are as forgiving as the 718 AP1 I came from, all while looking like a “players club”. Best iron I’ve ever hit
  5. You both make a really good point on the distance/dispersion point. I too often think people think of forgiveness as distance (I have as well). But found my misses to have right groupings as well. I hope this translates to the course! St Jimmy, feel wise, how would you compare 0311 to the Miura?
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