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  1. Thanks for that ProjectX. I wasn't really sold on Hogan anyway, but wanted to keep my options open. Sub 70 will not ship heads, but I hear if you do all the leg work ahead of time yourself and ship them your shafts/ferrules/grips you want they are open to installing them for you, for a hefty cost. Too much work for me for the price, after I do all the sourcing, and could build them myself anyway for much less.
  2. I'm about to move about 5 hours away from home in OH to IN, but family is staying home so I'll be traveling back and forth every few weeks. I don't look forward to packing up the clubs and traveling with them every time, so looking for another set in IND. I currently play the older model TM 770's and love them. I could build a "replica set" in IN, but want to expand my horizons. Looking for opinions on New Level vs Sub 70 vs Hogan, or any other recommendations for DTC companies. The New Level 902s look pretty sexy, and I can get them in "Heads Only" but with limited time I'll
  3. Thanks Bob Cat, very useful info. By the way, do you have any "connections" that could still get me a SLDR C? I'll be starting over from scratch when I start building my IND set, and will start at the top of the bag.
  4. I actually had a tee time scheduled for Eagle Creek as a single first or second off on a Saturday when I was over there in June, but it was raining sideways all weekend so I just bagged the whole thing. I've read online they have a good practice facility with somewhat decent range balls - can anyone confirm? I'll bring my own sticks this fall, but won't be traveling back and forth with them every time I go home. I have my "Akron" bag set, and will need and "Indy" set that I accumulate over the winter - will need some quality range time to do some testing. Good news is I get to
  5. Thanks for the welcome/info everyone. Is Eagle Creek probably my best bet to get in a quick 9 after work giving that I'll be working on W 74th between Zionsville and Georgetown Rd?
  6. To put that last part in perspective, I have a buddy from Akron who now lives in Elkhart. When I was in IND in June I asked him about getting together to play, but I was not getting up 4:30am to make the 3 hour drive for an 8:00 tee time, and only play for $5/$5/$5, then have a 3 hour drive back to my hotel. I like to have something on the line in other words. Not crazy $, but not just a few dollars either. I'm not a hustler or sandbagger, but like to play for some coin.
  7. Hello everyone. I haven't read through every page of this thread yet, but was directed here by HoosierHacker89. I'll be relocating to IND around first of Oct and should most of my weekends free since my family is staying back in OH. Hopefully I can get in some fall rounds at some of the most recommended courses in this thread as I have time to read through it before the snow falls! I'll be staying on the North side near 86th and Payne just inside the beltway, so what are my best options to start from that point, and approx. drive times and tee time availability for a
  8. I'm relocating from AKR to IND around the first of Oct. and have rented an apartment near Payne/86th on the inside of 465, so I think I'm within reasonable distance of all courses mentioned above (other than maybe the Purdue tracks). I'll probably play them all eventually, but what would be your recommendations for an "every weekend" course for the limited time I'll have left this fall? I don't care what tee-time is, as long as it's not a 5 hour round. I'd ideally like to hook up with a group of guys who all have legit HDCPs and don't mind wagering a few Pesos? I realize this is more likely
  9. Sorry for your loss, but one less bidder I have to compete with when looking for BNIP items at a discount!!! Their sh*t is legit, they have super fast shipping, great pricing, and what you actually receive is usually in better shape than you expect for what you paid.
  10. Dunlop Tour Fire and Maxfli Black for me.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up. I got the emails myself but hadn't really read them too close. I'm running low on balls since the course where I work and get a discount has been closed and I've been trying to hold off. Was able to get the 4 dozen TM TP5x that is originally $180 but is on sale for $134, with the 20% off and a $10 Scorecard Reward I already had was able to get them for $105.
  12. I hate 2nd Swing, but that's just my opinion and not related to their eBay store at all. Would never buy from them ever, but that's just me. I wouldn't however start a negative thread about them if I had a bad deal and hadn't given them the chance to correct it.
  13. You can take a 1 to 1 plunger and make it into a 2 to 1 plunger with a box cutter, just shave one side down a little until it fits. And I disagree with Socrates, I think the difference is on the dispensing end, not the plunging end, as long as both sides are pressed the same amount. How is pressing the 2mm plunger going to dispense any more than the 1mm if the holes are the same size?
  14. I think the Black Nitride or DBM finish is about as durable as it comes, at least every bit as durable as chrome. If you're not familiar with it, it is not a like your typical surface plating (chrome/black oxide/PVD etc...) that adheres to the surface. During the DBM process heat is introduced that actually impregnates the "finish" into the outer few layers of the steel itself, but only by a few microns thick. Because of this, it really doesn't wear away unless you actually wear away the outer layers of the steel itself. It will turn to a slightly "silvery black" look on the soles/face wit
  15. The chrome is only going to high gloss if you polish the heads to high gloss prior to plating. If you or your plater of choice hit them with some glass beads prior to plating you'll end up with more of a satin chrome finish. I've found that to be true for most all coating/plating options I've experimented with, including raw black oxide, Black Nitride (DBM), and chrome.
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