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  1. TSI2 didn't work at all for me. Currently this shaft has been a pretty big disappointment. I am a smooth swinger and I just feel like I am fighting this thing with the self fit. I also think you have to play this thing on a golf course. Smooth swing indoors is one thing, but when you get jumpy on the tee...this thing does not like being used any way but smooth tempo (for me). However my bigger takeaway is I'd play this thing at a length you're used to. I understand for selling purposes it's scary to cut it but I think there's no choice here for many of us.
  2. Ordered two Cleveland wedges with non-exotic but non stock shafts 11 days ago. Had one bent a degree weak. They sent them separately, first one got to me on the east coast yesterday, the one that needs a degree weak bent hasn't shipped yet. Kicking myself for making the tweak - store could do it in 5 minutes and god knows how long I'll be waiting for the second wedge. On me, though.
  3. 9g in mine, and I think I've read it other places.
  4. I am going to have the tip pulled this weekend- waiting for my high end club guy to get back in town. Can't let pga superstore handle this one. Even though he won't turn it around for a week most likely
  5. I used the TSI2 at stock (I think around 198) and then -6 (around 192) and it really didn't improve things much for me. I think the high launch head is the issue, this shaft pairs best with something lower launch because it already increases launch so much. Only my mileage however.
  6. Sim 2 max was significantly longer for me loft for loft. Not sure why but had to bag it for that reason. Slightly less forgiving than my tour edge but legitimately 7-10 yards longer. Allowed me different and frankly better gapping in the bag
  7. I ordered first week of February and looks like last week of April, so not feeling great about the purchase.
  8. I think if you listened to Ian from TXG who is as much of an expert as anyone, that shaft/head combinations are not plug and play. I think this shaft is unique however in the disparities between good fits and poor ones. As Ive said above, TSI2 should be added to TSI3 as heads that just don't pair well. I think right now Cobra, TM, and Ping seem to be the best fits.
  9. Its just launching and spinning pretty high, even turned down.
  10. Theres a good TXG video with Ronnie from last week where they show Ian pairing the Autoflex with the Ping SFT and it's all over the place and then switching to MAX and it comes alive. I do think there is a certain marriage between driver head and the Autoflex. It's not a great pairing for the TSI2 as I have experienced, so I am hopeful my switch to Radspeed is what I need. My problem is my high end club guy is away for a couple weeks and I'm not letting a big box do a shaft pull on a shaft this expensive, so gotta wait a bit.
  11. Ive been playing it in the TSI2 and the switch to Radspeed will need to happen. This shaft in a high launch head isn't a great pairing. Still optimistic long term. Or it will go on the market (may happen).
  12. Like I said, I think when you get quick with this driver it can kick all over the place. Indoors its just easier to keep tempo than when you've got a narrow fairway and bunkers and stuff. I think #1, needs a light head. #2, you need to figure out how much true additional on course distance you're getting for what I consider to be some increased risk of left to right instability. That's my project right now. Im comforted that there's a market to buy these if it doesn't work for me - but I do believe there's increased yardage if I dial it in.
  13. I have never thought to weigh the adapter, probably makes sense to have folks keep them all in the same place in a pinned thread. Hell, I'd guess the ferrule/collar would affect things as well come to think of it
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