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  1. Winston Collection, Dormie Workshop, Coobs Golf, PushCut Customs, Rawhide Golf. All make extremely high quality stuff. Caleb at Rawhide Golf designed and made me a custom set for less than I had anticipated. Can't go wrong with any of them.
  2. Iomic Grips. I use them on all 14 clubs.
  3. I'm still confused how it cost $40 to ship a shaft... Glad you got it worked out
  4. Never heard of this, I'll have to check it out!
  5. The Tour is acting like Bryson. Trying to "protect the brand" They don't want anyone profiting off the Tour unless they get their cut. I think the stories on the KFT and Minor League Golf Tour are so much more interesting and meaningful. I'd much rather hear about a long time KFT guy breaking through with a win than watch the PGA Tour instagram video of Kevin Na walking in another meaningless 4 footer... The PGA Tour product is not for sicko's like us. It's geared towards the casual viewer.
  6. Dude... I might have to make a spontaneous NC trip for this
  7. You have very good taste!! Only other person using iomic sticky camo green I've ever seen. Those vokeys look very similar to mine
  8. $600 a month and you cant play? Time to look somewhere else.
  9. The Mil Spec, iirc, is the closest off the rack scotty to a circle T... And this is one of the nicest I've ever seen
  10. Ok you've started me down a rabbit hole here. This kind of method screams to a feel player like me. Rebelliongolf.com for those looking. The "Use the Bounce" 1.0 video set is available for free after you make an account!
  11. More Sunday cleaning! All prices include USPS Priority Padded Flat Rate Envelope. All covers are new unless noted. No trades please! 1,2- TBC 2020 US Open “I TBC” Driver+Fairway. Made by Dormie Workshop. Asking 3. TBC 2020 US Open “NYC Coffee Cup Slow Play” Driver cover. Made by Dormie Workshop. Asking 4. TBC 2020 PGA Champ “Dancing San Fran Embroidery” by Winston Collection. Asking 5. Red and Black Dancing TBC Fairway. Made by Winston Collection. Asking 6. Sugarloaf Summer Knit fairway. Made by Fore Ewe. Asking 7. Sugarloaf “Vertical S Arrow” Mallet Cover in red. Made by Winston Collection. Lightly used. Asking 8. TBC “Best of 2020” Mallet cover. Made by EP Headcovers. Asking 9. TBC “Cactus Zac” blade cover. Made by EP Headcovers. Asking 10. Sugarloaf Pimento Cheese blade cover. Made by Winston Collection. Lightly used. Asking
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