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  1. Moving soon! Some more has to go! All prices are shipped and paypal’d Fell free to send offers or questions No trades please 1-4. Adidas Stretch pants size 34x30. These are lightly used, and are some really nice pants. Have a traditional cut and a grip waist. Asking $120 for all 4. 5. Adidas Tour 360 shoes. Black. Used. Size 11.5 M. Asking $50 6. Adidas Tour 360 shoes. White. New w/o box. Size 11.5 M. Asking $OLD 7-9. Oakley stretch shorts. Used. Size 34 with about a 10” inseam. These have a bit of elastic in the waist, and shirt grip. Great shorts. Askin
  2. Who else besides p.reed wears that model?? Cool to see an alt colorway
  3. Man that shipping charge would be something to see.... I wouldn’t mind it but we would have to work out shipping costs
  4. I wanted to keep these, but I gotta let them go. Motivated seller, send me a cash offer, no trades please. Asking $$$ shipped, fully insured (which will probably be signature required) Standard MP20 length loft and lie, Tour Issue DG S400 and Z-Cord grips. Comes with 20 extra matching original BB&F Co. ferrules for rebuilds+wedges These have not seen a ball and really are beautiful. Only 500 sets made and comes with numbered set card please see pictured bit of box damage at the crease Thanks for looking, be well and play well!
  5. Is this the one with the retractable strap?? I still have my high school bag like this one. One of the best hoofers ever made
  6. Interested in a trade? I've got an experiment that I'd trade for your experiment
  7. 1. Cobra SZ EXTREME white 9* with stock 65x smoke yellow. All I did was change the grip and hit this thing maybe 30 times. Comes with cover and wrench. Asking 2. Cobra SZ Pars and Stripes 9* head only. This is the limited head that came out around 4th of July. Has been hit and shows wear on the face from some sandy balls. Comes with matching red white and blue cover. Asking 3. Murdered out tour issued Toulon Las Vegas. 35 1/4" This is a black head with no sight lines, and a T35 weight. Has a Stability Tour shaft with a jumbo iomic grip. I was told this came off the tour truck, but
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