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  1. Great seller here. I’m stocked up or I’d be all over this
  2. I’ve fallen back into a medium so these need to go. These are mostly used, but in good condition. 1. Pink performance stretch. New with Tags. Asking $OLD 2. Grey/black traditional polo. No stretch. Asking $OLD 3. Blue/greenish stripes. Performance stretch. Asking $OLD 4. Pale blue. Performance stretch. Asking $OLD 5. blue/white stripes. Performance stretch. Asking $OLD 6. blue-green color. cotton stretch. This has a small stain on the belly. Can be seen in the photo. Asking $OLD 7. thick blue/dark blue stripes. Cotton stretch. New with Tags. Asking $OLD 8. blue with s
  3. TEE Bombers is right!!! Man if I was in the market, I'd be all over these. If you haven't tried a TEE metal, you should.
  4. What’s up with sizing? I’m typically an 11.5 but I’ve been having lots of problems ordering shoes lately
  5. Looking to try the mmt’s. Looking for a set of 125tx. Thanks in advance!
  6. Lost some weight and these have to go! All prices are shipped USPS Priority and paypal’d 1,2,3,4- Bonobos Highland Tour Golf Shorts. 35” waist with the shorter 8” inseam. These were worn a handful of times. Asking $6 5- Peter millar performance shorts. worn a handful of times. 36” waist with ~10” inseam. Asking $ 6- j. Crew stretch shorts. Worn a handful of times. 36” waist ~10” inseam. Asking $ •••take both 36” and I’ll throw in a 3rd pair of 36” j crew shorts fo free!••• 7,8,9,10- Adidas stretch pants. 34x30. Worn sparingly in this Florida
  7. Wow.... You've got my attention... Any trade interest?
  8. Some of the stash has to go. All prices are shipped USPS Priority (except Mizunos) and paypal’d. No trades please. I’m open to any reasonable cash offer and I will gladly combine shipping on multiples. The goods: 1. Limited Run Mizuno MP-20 Copper 3-P. These are brand new, never seen a ball. Only 500 sets made. Comes with numbered set card and 20 extra matching BB&F Co. ferrules for rebuilds/wedges. Z cords and tour issue S400. These are incredible. Asking $ 2. M5 3w with Graphite Design ADDI 7X. Used. Really really solid club, I just went back to an ole reliable. Askin
  9. Great prices on some cool stuff. Shouldn't last long! GLWS!
  10. Can you give any descriptions as to the feel of this thing? I've seen a few testing videos and I'm very very curious
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