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  1. Clearing out some extras. All prices are shipped USPS Priority. All items in this listing are brand new. 1. Sugarloaf Double Seve Beanie. $OLD 2. TBC Slow Play Beanie. $ 3. Lamb Crafted x Jones “Electric Lamb” Shag Bag/Cooler. $OLD 4. Play fast towel. $OLD 5. I TBC Towel. $ 6. Sugarloaf red box towel. $OLD 7. Slow players towel. $ 8. Scotty Cameron camo towel. $OLD 9. Crush Berry donut. $OLD 10. Berry White donut. $OLD
  2. This^ I know people like to make assumptions, but please don't attack/slander someone or their business if you don't know them or have never done business with them...
  3. Still have my old pro plat np2 in the rotation. One of the best heads ever made
  4. Man... I have a set of copper mp20 new in the box and you're making me want to take them out. MUST RESIST!!
  5. Has the 2ball been cut or is 34" stock length?
  6. I’d be interested in the 15g weights of putter buyer is not interested. I have a 35” I’m looking to drop down to 34”
  7. Just went back to my messages with him and that doesn't match the way he wrote to me at all. Completely different tone, punctuation, capitalization, and message structure I'm thinking that someone else got into his account
  8. I have sold to him before, didn't have any issues with that transaction. But something is fishy...
  9. I like the idea of something custom Jones Sports did a great job for my buddy's wedding present. Customer service was amazing. We did a stand bag with his name and his favorite NBA team. I like their Ranger shag bag/cooler which can also be customized. Could probably find something in the budget with them Custom headcovers would be awesome. Reach out to Winston Collection, their work is fantastic. Might stretch the budget here though Custom balls would be nice too, I wouldn't be upset if you surprised me with a dozen personalized ProV1 even though I play the
  10. Yup. Carl's is legit. I've had multiple sizing issues with shoes and they are great to deal with.
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