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  1. Wish the app had alerted me that I had early access to the V
  2. Hi gang - if I’m comfortable with an 11 in AM270 and ZIT, would you stick with 11 in the Jordan V low? I have some 10.5 in last years ADG and they fit well. Really want the Wonted Foot ones, just don’t know which size to go with
  3. Lightly gamed Fuji Ventus Red 7s Velocore FW shaft - 41” - new TV 360 grip, tip is prepped. $200 shipped conus
  4. scored at 11 - first time on this kind of drop. Hope they fit
  5. Do Jordan V’s run small? I find I’m 11 in most nikes lately vs my normal 10.5
  6. Got compliments from other members, the pros, and the grounds crew. Guess everyone loves the 270. I think I still have to break them in a bit, but overall I love them. Super stable.
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