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  1. 2021 G425 Irons - 5-U Black Dot - Stock Stiff - Arccos not activated . Used 2 rounds. $775 Shipped CONUS.
  2. Recoil Proto 110 - think the heads should be in this week!
  3. I’m anxiously awaiting my heads to come in - can’t wait to get them on course
  4. I know the t200 is a lower spin / players distance type deal - how are your distances by comparison ?
  5. Both look great, but with you. The new ZITs are so good
  6. They felt totally fine with tour b xs - not soft , but not harsh at all. Really loved that combo.
  7. They are 110 proto f4 , will see how they go. Would prob go to modus 120 if these don’t work in them.
  8. Doesn’t matter what tee you play! Scoring is scoring. Well done
  9. These are out of my league play wise, but wow, the in hand shots. stunning
  10. I’m very very excited to get them in the bag. I’ve tried to make other irons work and I always come back to ping. Not sure why I fight it.
  11. Has anyone paired the i210 with recoil proto 110s? Thoughts? Have some heads coming and was going to throw the recoils in...
  12. It’s a much better shoe, may get another colorway or two, as well. Awesome comfort and feels like we were maybe beta testers last year ?
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