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  1. Same set makeup here, came from Apex Combo. You’ll love them .
  2. I think the profile of the 105 was a little more forgiving of my quick transition ? It’s something I’m working on, however.
  3. Took the new sticks to the range yesterday on a balmy 40* Michigan afternoon, and despite the temps and range rocks, these felt so sweet. Can’t wait to get them out in warmer temps and better balls. The 120 modus feels WAY different than the 105 to me, I feel like I have to be very deliberate with my tempo in order to get the most of it; if I got quick at all, the results were diminished. Will have to see how it goes, otherwise will throw some recoil protos in. I cannot stop staring at the irons. I think Srixon absolutely nailed this release and I hope it does very, very
  4. Mint 921 Combo Set Hot Metal Pro 4i 1* weak Forged 5-Gap All 1* upright standard length Black Nippon Modus 105 Stiff shafts BB&FCo Ferrules MCC + 4 align grips $1000 shipped CONUS OBRO
  5. I ordered on the 9th from Srixon snd received yesterday - were due Monday but FedEx delayed it a day.
  6. So I went 4-5 zx5 and 6-AW Zx7 - bent the 7s 1* strong for gapping. Gap wedge is a beauty
  7. Mine came in yesterday and they are absolutely stunning
  8. Pristine Custom Mavrik 9* with Ventus Blue Velocore 6s - 1/4” under standard - mcc align grip. Includes headcover. Head sold - Shaft only $225 Super clean Ping G410 5w - stock Alta stiff - sold
  9. Anybody with experience in both of these shafts? Always loved the recoil proto feel, but intrigued by MMT. If it feels like steel fiber I want nothing to do with it ...
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