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  1. Can we take a moment to recognize the post of the day?
  2. If mentioned, it was as if they didn't exist
  3. What do any of those things have to do with their content and insight? i think most are upset in seeing Matty go and the potential of TXG turning into the same faceless, non-consumer friendly outlet as CC.
  4. Tough ask but looking for the Jordan VI infrared in 10.5
  5. Like new - used indoors a few times, never outdoors - $1500 shipped conus
  6. Zx7 all day. P770 look great in photos, but terrible in hand.
  7. 4 iron is NIP, set is shop new - see pics JPX 921 Forged 4-P PX LZ blackout 6.0 - stock LLL $950 shipped CONUS OBRO- no trades
  8. Really need the laniakea ferrules from yesterday's drop
  9. 921 forged and zx5 are both awesome
  10. Hawaiian Mallet - lightly gamed - sold sealed 8bit slipper - sold sealed ryu - sold 8 bit flipper special - lightly gamed 350 8bit skull - lightly gamed 250 black pink impresses noob - sold usa concentric noob - sold hat noob sold take flipper and 8bit for 500
  11. Txg said more to come on that one. Hopefully soon ?
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