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  1. Some bought multiples to keep one and flip the others. God bless capitalism
  2. Ping G400 lst. I bought this brand new a few months ago here. Had never touched a ball. It’s now touched maybe 10. Has the Ping Tour 65s. Headcover and wrench. SOLD!! Fuji Ventus velocore blue 6s. 44 1/8” from tip to grip end. Mint condition with a G410/425 adapter SOLD!!
  3. Just confirmed a third TSi3 with no washer. Is that correct the washer is only there to keep the screw from falling out? No to protect the adapter from damage or rattles?
  4. Yes that’s been my experience for years but this screw stays in without the washer.
  5. Can anyone else confirm if their TSi3 has a washer? I called CS today and after a brief hold to check I was told that they still come with the washer/grommet. But there are two of us here that Tsi3’s that came without. Just don’t want to damage anything
  6. Thought so. Thanks hope I have one somewhere
  7. I just got a brand new in plastic TSi3 in today from the bst. I just noticed the adapter screw doesn’t have the rubber washer on it. Is that how they come now? Every driver from every manufacturer I’ve had for years has the washer including past Titleist’s. Thanks in advance
  8. Ping G400 irons. 4-U red dot. In great used shape grooves are mint faces show bag chatter rub marks as these Pings do. 6 and 7 have some scratches on the sole. This set is as I received it I played them once. Winn Dritac mid size grips. All matching serial numbers. SOLD!! Ping G410 3 hybrid. Tensei blue 80 stiff. Face and crown are mint. Sole shows marks from hitting mat. All stock specs and has a Tour velvet +4 grip and headcover SOLD!! TM M6 3 wood. Bought brand new and never took to the course. Mint everywhere with the exception of 2 chips near the toe which is how it came from TM. ATMOS stiff and stock grip and headcover SOLD!! TM M5 3 wood. Good used condition. Crown is mint. Diamana 70 stiff and stock Z grip. Headcover but no wrench SOLD!! Odyssey Stroke Lab 2 ball blade. 34” all stock specs with the Odyssey blue standard grip. Only putts were good on my carpet never been outside. $150.00 obro
  9. Callaway Epic Speed 10.5 mint condition hardly a mark on it. Hzrdus Smoke im10 6.0. Comes with headcover and wrench. SOLD I would be willing to trade for a Titleist TSI2 with a stiff shaft preferably Tensei Raw blue in like condition
  10. TM Sim2 Max 10.5* Bought new in plastic and I hit about 15 Prov1’s in my backyard net. As mint as used can be. No headcover or wrench. I would trade this for a like condition G425 Max 10.5 head only Sold!! Cobra F9 10.5* 2019’s ball speed king in mint condition. Matching headcover. No wrench. Sold!! Odyssey EXO Rossie 33” has a Superstoke traxion 3.0 and matching headcover $135obo
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