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  1. I think he is referring to the 'capitate' joint that is the middle joint of three joints that connect the hand to the wrist.
  2. It looks like Quinton dropped the lawsuit after the judge ruled that Quinton 'obfuscated' the origin of the Rotary Swing Tour teaching method. https://www.rotarytruth.com/the-rotary-truth38208018
  3. A course in Castro Valley California has the range where you hit floating range balls into the lake. A guy goes out using a small boat to retrieve the floating golf balls.
  4. I am 66 and fortunate to not have any health related issues. I walk when I play and last month shot 69 which is 3 over my age. My goal is to shoot my age in a couple of years.
  5. The Malaska/Cogorno video regarding hip movement has made my swing more consistent. For my last 5 rounds, I have shot 71, 69, 71, 74, 73.
  6. Based on the following, the judge denied restraining orders for both sides: QUINTON HOLDINGS LLC v. A | Civil Action No. 20... | 20200715f39| Leagle.com
  7. After starting the backswing with both hands so that the club goes over the right shoulder, did anybody else find that resulted in their swing having a quicker tempo than the swing they had prior to following MDLT method?
  8. Manuel's former students are keeping his swing concepts alive: https://www.wisconsin.golf/19th_hole/gary_d_amato/manuel-de-la-torres-former-students-committed-to-keeping-alive-his-simple-concepts-of-the/article_58cb7714-9baa-11ea-b99c-c79f89a574d7.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share&fbclid=IwAR0WxoHU5v0SKN55nIZtGM2ZJpczpy7Xz9zg_UToPxRWpkJgiUlSmCRtA2M
  9. I don't know if Manuel ever used a grass weed cutter as a swing aid like Penick or Bill Mehlhorn, but when I started using one, that allowed me to develop a swinging motion that is much more consistent.
  10. Here is another link about the Kirkland putter: https://golf.com/gear/putters/costco-to-release-kirkland-signature-ks1-golf-putters-june/?utm_campaign=forecast&utm_source=golf.com&utm_medium=email&utm_content=%7Bdate%28&utm_term=Forecast%20Newsletter
  11. I find some of the Tour Striker products to be way overpriced. The Sunhoo Golf Smart ball can be purchased on Amazon for about $13 while the Tour Striker Golf Smart ball is almost $43.
  12. I saw something recently that said the new Q-Star Tour will have the SpinSkin with Serm cover. The article didn't say when the new version will be released.
  13. Somebody asked Ben Hogan why he used a tee for tee shots that he used a short iron. Ben's reply was something like "Because I can"
  14. I can't thank Manuel de la Torre enough for his book and videos. I wish he was still alive so that I could send a thank you note. In the past two months, I haven't had a round above 80. The last round was a 70, making it the smallest differential between my age(65) and score.
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