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  1. Great looking job. Love a leather grip on a putter.
  2. #homerdroolingmeme Beautiful.
  3. Any putter collection is fine by me. I've got about 50 myself, inc 3 or 4 Scotties. But I mainly collect 8802 variants. Great putters you have there and there's plenty of Scotty boffins around here that can tell you all about them. Enjoy them all.
  4. Yes, Brosnan are a manufacturer of whole club sets here in Australia. Not bad clubs but lower end of the market. Been around at least 30 maybe 40 years. Don't know much about their putters. You can buy the putters on their own at some golf stores, but usually they are sold as a whole package of driver, woods, irons, putter, bag.
  5. I'm a manic collector of 8802 style putters. But this is the one I always play with because it is just se-xy as... Rife Bimini Island Series. Be-ee-ay-youtiful.
  6. bazinoz

    Tad Moore

    I've got a WH003 as in the OP. In minty condition too. Beautiful looking putter. Agree, Tad makes excellent stuff.
  7. Thanks Np. I love it when people can provide these snippets of golfing history. And "better than an 8802" thats a statement. Love my 8802 putters. That's why I climbed all over this one when I saw it in an old set for sale. I'm definitely going to have to give it a go on the course.
  8. Thanks Big Stu. The level of knowledge on these boards never ceases to amaze. And you've answered another question for me. I was wondering whether to re-grip it, and clean it up a bit. I'll definitely be leaving her well alone and use as is. Any guess at a likely age of it?
  9. Hi Guys. Came across this old 8802 style putter and wondering if anyone knows anything about them. There was an old thread (on here I believe) that mentioned the old ones had wooden shafts (this one is steel) and a photo of one also had “original” printed on the sole. I also found out that FJ were made by Golfcraft and were taken over by Titleist (or acushnet?) in late 60’s. So, can anyone tell me what I have here, and a likely vintage. I was guessing probably a 70’s or 80’s putter, but no idea really. TIA.
  10. That's fantastic. Especially all those 8802/Napa styles.
  11. You could ask which of my kids is my favorite :) The best looking and currently in my bag mostly is the Rife Bimini Island Series. Dead set gorgeous and rolls them well for me. Also like my Scotty Napa from mid-90's. Of the older, lighter weight ones, the Old Master W802 is great. I have 2 of them. One polished, one classic aged look.
  12. I only use 8802 styles. Plus some Anser styles. Love them all.
  13. A reserve auction with reserve not met, ended because item no longer for sale. You think he got an offer behind the scenes that he couldn't refuse? Surely that putter would have been worth a motza.
  14. Only 2 of the same? Christ, where do I start....
  15. Excellent putters. I own this beauty. A Walter Hagen WH003 by Tad Moore. Enjoy.
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