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  1. I would say you could try it. I know with driver you don’t want to extend too much, but I think you’d be ok with 2 inches. Anything over that and I may not be comfortable with it.
  2. I'm not too worried about the number of grooves compared to the TM site. I looked at some in person pictures of the clubs and they all have more grooves than what that TM picture shows. They're like the old grooves that Nike used to use. However, that mini top groove on what looks like the 6 iron is a bit concerning to me, it just looks out of place.
  3. Absolutely love it. Feels stable enough for my liking, but not so stiff in the butt section that it feels “boardy.” Never hit the pro white for a comparison, but I’ve played about 5 rounds with it now (plus some range practice) and I have nothing but good things to say.
  4. Really thought the Diamana S+ of last year and the Tensei Blue from earlier were good for most. Tensei Orange can be really good, but I’m surprised they used it as a stock shaft.
  5. What about going to regular S300s? Not sure about another shaft in the 120 range that would make a big difference if you don’t like PX.
  6. Not necessarily. There are some shafts that TM don’t tip, this may be one of them. When building a driver on their site, you can see if you’re able to reduce the tipping in the tipping section. If you can, then they tip it the standard 1”, if not, the shaft is likely untipped.
  7. I was able to play in it for a few years before I was too old, I believe when it was starting up almost 10 years ago. It’s maybe some of the most fun I’ve had playing golf. Most of our team practiced on our own, so we didn’t have many practice sessions but played lots of matches. Had a pretty decent team that made the playoff stuff, but never a super team. I made some friends with guys from other clubs that I would see at tournaments later, so that was always fun.
  8. Depends on how big the spots are. Small scratches might just take nail polish, and car touch up paint pens work well for chipped spots. golfpaint.com is always good if you want an exact match
  9. Pretty interested to see what people say. My guess would be the tip section because it’s the softest part anyway. CG is ultimately what’s causing the deflection, but I don’t see there being a big difference between clubs in that regard. There’s probably a difference in irons vs. driver, but not between brands.
  10. I'd always recommend changing the weights on the head, but maybe not in this case. If you go from 2g to 17g up front you'll see lower launch and lower spin. If you could increase both the front and back weights somewhat equally, then I'd do it. Otherwise, I'd find a place to add some hotmelt. Once hotmelt is added it can't be removed.
  11. I’d say it depends how you want it to feel. The swing weight should be lighter now, and maybe you swing it a bit faster that way? Ping makes their drivers with counterbalanced shafts, but their heads are also a bit heavier. Adding more weight to the head could make it more forgiving and get the swing weight back to normal.
  12. Anyone ever check out proseriesgolf.com? I've noticed they have lots of older shafts and grips, but still looks like you can buy from them. .335 X100, Rifle shafts, and even V55 cord grips. Good prices on them too
  13. Pure Grips are I think, and BestGrips make good leather ones in TX.
  14. I’d check golfworks or billy bob’s golf. Probably going to be hard to find an exact match to the stock one.
  15. I definitely think a wedge. Closet length and lie I can get to my putter, and I think I can keep the face square better than I could with a longer club. Ball won’t jump off the face like a wood/hybrid either.
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