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  1. Finding this thread pretty late, but was looking at doing the same on my 001. Was wondering what your technique was for it and how you thought it turned out. Can't see any of the old pictures on here.
  2. I always heard that lofts would go stronger because you’re hitting closer to the bottom of the face, and lie angles might tend to go flatter because of toe droop. I had some heavily used wedges checked out one time, and my 56 had gone to 55.5, but that was it. I really don’t think anyone’s going to hit a club enough to notice a difference.
  3. What makes you say the lofts are closer to the stated ones, or how were other ones not? I've always wondered how some tour players have an 8.5 head that is actually 9.0, or something like that, even with loft sleeves set on neutral.
  4. I definitely started spending less time on here when the first update was being implemented, almost none at all really. A couple months ago I got back on and noticed that the forums seemed to be working well, and they had a different look from that first update I remember. I'm glad the site seems better now, hope the action picks back up too.
  5. For those that seem to know about wedges, are the MG2s being replaced or just the Hi Toe? Was thinking about getting some MG2s soon, but I might wait if a new model is coming out.
  6. I've been on almost a year break of not taking my game as seriously as I used to. I've still played regularly, but between school and not having much motivation, my game's suffered. The past few weeks I've really wanted to get back into playing good, and I'm afraid I picked the wrong time of year.
  7. He's definitely picky about what he wears. I was kinda surprised when he started wearing the blade collar shirts. He's worn the same glove for about 10 years I think, wonder how many Nike had to make for him before they stopped retail.
  8. Same thing with the M5/M6 too. Performance will always beat looks, for most people. I’m excited about these, especially if the color customization is true.
  9. Doesn’t seem to be as popular as it used to be, but does anyone know anything about the new TW shoe? Considering we saw it a year ago, I would’ve thought it’d be out by now.
  10. Went a few years ago with a friend and his family. Really enjoyed Old South, and Pinecrest too. They say that Hilton Head National is one of their favorites, but it was booked up when we went. I also think we played one of the courses at Palmetto Dunes, but I'm not sure if it's public or not; it was probably my favorite of the 3.
  11. I think 5 total. I tried it on one club last year with the standard tour velvet cord. It's definitely larger than normal, but still doesn't feel the same as midsize. The grip feels stretched out and firm with extra tape.
  12. Golf Pride® - #1 Grip on Tour®Can pre-order midsize now
  13. The black models are the Vapor ones, and the blue are Vapor Fly. The pro models have a black face, and the regular ones are silver. Pro models look a bit smaller and are designed to be able to work the ball better, but maybe not as forgiving. I played the Vapor Pro for a few years and really loved it; still my favorite driver I've used. I think I hit the Vapor Fly ones when they came out, but I didn't notice much of a difference, at least not enough to upgrade after just one year. The TW model is really cool though. It has a smaller head, and isn't really made for distance or forgiveness, bu
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