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  1. it looks like as a swiss i will be able to travel to ireland earlier than to the uk...
  2. moving day only started and i am already cheering about 4-footers. thanks phil!! best major for a long time!
  3. The UK released its Green List Countries and my country Switzerland is not on it. When do you think other countries will be added? And will travelling from green list countries still need a PCR test. Is the UK planning to allow fully vaccinated people to travel without PCR test? From what I know the EU is planning it.
  4. so you like the m grind better than the s grind? @all: thanks, that helps
  5. Can you post the video? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your answers guys. We don't have hard bunkers, more soft with a lot of sand. So in theory more bounce would be better I guess. But I will go with what works for me. And if you say 8 Bounce is kind of mid bounce anyways, then I guess its the right choice. M-Grind always worked well for me. Does someone have experience with both M and S grind? Should I try out S Grind (10 Bounce) in one of the Wedges? Is it a huge difference? Thank you.
  7. I am a 6 hcp with a sweeper style swing and I am in the process of buying new wedges. Is it possible that I play better out of bunkers with low bounce? Is this because I am a sweeper? I like to play my Vokey M Grind 8 Bounce instead of any high bounce club. And we have bunkers with a loft of sand in our club. So in theory high bounce is the right choice, isn't it? I hear everywhere that bounce is your friend and especially out of bunkers bounce gives you help. I am a bad bunker player and tried big bounce clubs the last years. I just hate the look it
  8. Panther Run is boring in my opinion. I loved Old Corkscrew.
  9. may 17th sounds great for the uk. lets see what the restrictions will be. i still dont know if i want to travel whit a positive pcr test, as i dont want to book and need to cancel a day before because of a positive test. i may wait until i am vaccined and plan something in late summer.
  10. I had my fitting yesterday and tested ZX7 and Apex Pro. Both felt very good to me. ZX7 had the 120g stiff shaft and the Apex Pro the 115g stiff shaft in it. With both clubs I had about the same distances, around 1 club longer than my Mizuno MP18 blades. I was impressed by the good feel of both of them and really don't see why I should keep playing blades. I chose a set of Apex Pro, just because perfect shots felt even better and misshits also felt a bit better. So I just liked the feel a bit more, but it was a close call. The v sole of the srixon was no issue for my sweeper swing.
  11. ok thanks. but dont you think that by august the whole of uk (or at least everyone who wants to) should be vaccinated? so what reasons could there be to stop you travel nationaly? mutants?
  12. thanks for the infos. that helps. i am too young to get vaccinated soon. earliest in june/july. so maybe a trip in late august/early autumn will be possible. do you think the open will be without any spectators? or limited to uk people maybe?
  13. What do you UK people think. When will we be able to come over from europe? I won't get vaccine until the end of the year. but maybe with a negative pcr test? Will countries decide by themselfs? Or will the decision be made by the whole of UK? I am missing Scotland so much. First stop after covid: Machrihanish.
  14. Thanks, thats also very helpful. I just still don't get the theory behind lie angle. You say too much of a flat lie angle means the heel is higher than the toe. But wouldn't I just lower my hands to get them on the same level again? And would you not recommend flattening the lie angle to a swing-style like ours? Like I have written in my last post, I tend to shank it now and then. Maybe I should have higher hands to fight my tendencies? Instead of wanting even lower hands to match my swing? I will have a fitting in a week. The thing i
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