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  1. rory has the look in his eyes... dj better be playing under par.
  2. Wow they both look great!! Definitely on my bucket list now, thanks!
  3. Covid stops us from travelling to the UK, I guess thats the reason that the forum is getting lazy. I really hope I can come back next year. 10 days from Heathrow with 500 GBP for green fees... I would drive to Dorset and play Broadstone, Parkstone, Remedy Oak, Ferndown and Isle of Purbeck. Maybe Isle of Purbeck multiple time because it's the cheapest of the pack and I only have 500 GBP.
  4. Are there only golf fans in the US? Any chance of getting ESPN+ outside the US? I can't find it in my google store. Would that change with a VPN? Thanks.
  5. Enniscrone haven't refunded me. They give you a replay without any time restrictions.
  6. Only 4 days until the next tournament. My life is back...
  7. Great Leaderboard. Rooting for Morikawa, Jordan, Rose and Rory.
  8. we have a trip starting 8th august. we could live without pubs the first days. but we are also hoping that the 14 day quarantine will be dropped soon.
  9. dream of a leaderboard. i'm so excited for the weekend!
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