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  1. Bought my Tensei AV Blue Tx on eBay, check online retailers w/ customize options to see if you can get a Tx from Titelist.
  2. TM M5 9* Ventus Velo Blus 6s Tipped 1" TM M6 Tour Issue 14.6* Tensei AV Blue Tx Mizuno Clk 19 Speeder HB 85s Callaway X-Forged '18 ProjectX 6.0 4-PW Titles SM7 Blue Slate 50d, 54s, 60d Nippon 125s Spider Red 34" w/ 12g plugs
  3. Forgot to mention, I hit the white in TSi3 fairway, definitely more driver profile, couldn’t get it in the air w/ enough spin for 3w, blue was perfect in the tsi3, but it was stock 65s. Tx was 1g more than X w/ slightly larger diameter butt section, should be the one. Will advise.
  4. I’m about to build a tour issue M6 3w head w Tensei AV Blue Tx (not planning to tip the 1/2” spec recco to get the ball up more off the turf). Both components arrived last week, can reply back with feedback shortly. Went w the combo based on similar forum feedback, hope it’s the right call, live testing has been hard to do this year.
  5. Tensei Av Blue, raw or prior version. I’m looking at 75TX for 3 wood. Curious for feedback.
  6. Slyter00

    Aldila RIP

    Had it/have it in my R11s 3 wood, still trying to kick this club out of my bag, it just give me that call shot feel, left/right, high/low, but it is better off the tee then turf for me and I feel like the head is missing a few yards now. My buddy still plays it in his fairway, solid shaft, can’t tell if Adila improved it, if so, what newer Aldila mode matches most closely?
  7. Royal Oaks consistently has the best greens I’ve played anywhere. It’s a true player course and membership. Best in Vancouver, can’t speak to CECC or Riverside.
  8. Cross water might be the private gem, tough but the best at SR by far. We got married at Tetherow, not private and some love it, others don’t, but it’s got that Brandon/Gamble feel in the high desert. I’ve heard Aubrey Glen is a solid older private track, worth checking it out as well. Good luck w the transfer, def retiring in Bend.
  9. I can’t get into the red shaft, even with that gorgeous TSi3. It does hit it low, red profile might be the ticket, would love it in black w red bands.
  10. Has anyone picked up a set? If so, what’s the consensus on mixing the set and why club is beat to go from zx5 to zx7 (6i?). How’s the turf interaction, as good as they say at TXG (can’t get enough). Love no up charge for shaft and grip to spec. Waiting till March for a demo day, it’s monsoon season in the PNW.
  11. I’m loving the black w/o color accents, almost PXF like but cleaner. The 3 dots vs. the turbs are a big improvement IMO. Excited to hit the Hybrid ASAP. I’m not an across fan yet, what’s the real value to the player, esp if yours going to regrip it anyway?
  12. I’m loving the looks of the new G425 Hybrid. Early TXG reviews looks promising. I’m looking for the most stable mid launch shaft options ping offers, with the no up charge or up charge options. I haven’t tried the Tensei Orange hybrid shaft yet, curious for feedback. Also is the Graphite Deign worth it? I see lots of hybrids & long irons with them in play, but the driver and fairway test w GD always felt boardy. Looking to attack more par 5s this year, what do y’all think?
  13. I’m sold on the SIM rescue 19 head, but stuck between the HZRDUS Smoke HY or Tensei Pro White HY shafts. What experiences can y’all share with one or the other? Has anyone Been able to test both for comparison?
  14. HZRDUS smoke black 70g 6.0 in M5 Driver. I’ve gotten a bit faster since and now I seem to be hitting a little too high w/ some unwanted driver spin, probably should have gotten the 6.5. Thanks @joakimpekkari - Been considering the Rogue silver 70x, could be the one for the 3w, but still interested in group opinions and playability feedback.
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