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  1. I think its safe to say the "worst" of the Pro's would be about a +6 to +8 (a proper tournament H/C, not calculated with some friends) And on Friday and saturday they were shooting in the 80's, did one pro shoot 92? to suggest a handicap golfer between 5 and 10 breaks 100 is insane and to even think this shows how little you know about how courses are set up for tournaments
  2. Merion in 2013, thought that was a great tournament and course Also 2012 at the Olympic club, just unfortunate Simpson won.
  3. If Fred Couples is in i reckon Reed will get in, i can see them having very similar careers
  4. I bought a Taylormade SLDR 3 and 5 wood, they were terrible fakes and played like it, they were just god awful! If the Cally's played really well how do you know they were fake? though if they werent im sure the seller wouldnt have refunded
  5. Is the girl in your avatar real or is a drawing? :lol: https://www.google.c...iw=1440&bih=736 Impressive! I looked at the link and i still dont know her name!
  6. He went back to the 18th to retake that putt. My god he came soooo close with one of the best rounds ive seen
  7. And its worth mentioning how he got where he is, he didn't just stay in his comfort zone in the US, he wanted to travel the world, play different types of courses, which then gave him experience in different types of conditions. I can see him winning The Open as well at some point
  8. If it was me i would head down Cheshire/Chester way Carden park (2 courses) Portal (2 courses) Sandiway (amazing place) Blundells Hill And a hidden little gem Sutton Hall (but make sure the weather has been good)
  9. Wow a 10 year bump! As far as im aware the only true square groove version is the D276644 OTHERS PEND. Im presuming this is the version Mickelson and Mahan used a few years back, unless they used the radiused version?
  10. I bet 75% of the American players will turn Pro to some level, i bet the GB & I team that will go down to about 10 - 20%
  11. Finally bit the bullet and went from a Bettinardi BB0 to a Tour red (feels like sacrilege!) I used it for the first time on Saturday and for the first 9 i couldn't putt for sh1t! (even worse than normal) But on the second 9 i noticed the back end of the putter was really raised, i moved my hands back a bit at address and putted lights out for the second 9, well for me (23 front, 15 back) And the red feels a lot softer than i was expecting which is nice
  12. Long putters and anchoring shouldn't have been allowed in the first place. But as they were allowed they shouldn't have suddenly just decided "you know what actually where going to ban anchoring now", i actually felt sorry for guys like Bradley and Simpson who had always done it. Should have always had what the maximum length a putter can be and it would have saved a lot of trouble. Watching Langer and Scott at the moment must make other pro's feel uneasy, i know it would me
  13. Nevermind that, he actually suspected they were fake and still bought them!! deserves to get fleeced!
  14. If it looks to good to be true then it is to good to be true Anyone interested in new Miuras surely would know just from the price these aren't real??
  15. If you were a naturally big hitter (driver carry at least 285) had a great short game, were under 30 and your H/C was minimum +3 then you could have a chance i suppose, you would probably have to dedicate your life to practising and have a great coach.
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